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Harrowing photos show herds of hippos, cows and horses dying in Botswana’s worst drought in decades

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOTSWANA: ‘Emotionally shattering’ photos show exhausted, parched animals draw their final breaths as their only source of water evaporates in what is said to be one of the MOST SEVERE DROUGHTS in DECADES. The devastating photos taken last week at Lake Ngami - in the southern portion of the Okavango delta of Botswana – show herds of animals dying of dehydration as a severe drought ravages the region. Tragic photos show a bloat of malnourished hippos crowded together in one of the very few remaining mud pools as fisherman collect the final few catfish in the background; a dying horse attempting to kick his way through the crusty mud in a vain search for water; and a forlorn cow caked and trapped in the bog awaiting its grisly fate.

Chinese triplet brothers get married on the same day 10 years after achieving high scores in gaokao and reported as inspiring example

***EXCLUSIVE*** The triplet brothers held a collectivce wedding ceremony to marry their wives on the same day on Wednesday (18 September 2019) in the eastern Chinese city of Gaomi. Ten years ago, Zhao Lingxiao, Zhao Linghan and Zhao Lingyun had public attention through reports by major media that the three brothers from a small village had achived high scores in China's annual National College Entrance Exam, also known as gaokao, in 2009 and had enrolled China University of Petroleum (Huadong) in Qingdao, which was regarded as an inspiring and encouraging story and example.

Brain tumour patient, 33, accuses her doctors of 'not paying attention' after she was diagnosed with another mass following two years of 'clear' scans

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman felt like her surgeon WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION after she discovered the brain tumour he removed had been RE-GROWING for almost TWO YEARS – even though she had been having regular MRI scans and check-ups with him. Marketing director for a yacht company Kelsey Parigian Taveira (33) originally from California, Redondo Beach, USA, who now lives in Portimao, Portugal, with her husband Philip (39), suffered a seizure and collapsed in a restaurant in January 2016 before being rushed to hospital where doctors located a large mass on her brain. A lemon-sized tumour had grown on the right side of Kelsey’s brain and it was suggested that Kelsey undergo surgery just three days later to remove it. When it was removed, the tumour was biopsied and diagnosed as stage two oligodendroglioma, a rare type of brain tumour. Kelsey spent 11 days in hospital recovering from surgery but was told she didn’t need to go through with any chemotherapy or radiation because all the cancer had been removed. Although she attended MRI scans every three months, Kelsey was told that she didn’t need to amend her lifestyle in any way and that her scans were repeatedly coming back free of any tumour regrowth. In November 2017, at an MRI scan, her oncologist revealed that Kelsey’s tumour had returned. Kelsey was incredibly shocked as she had repeatedly been told her scans were clear, so before going ahead with surgery or treatments, she sought the opinions of other doctors. Unfortunately, Kelsey wasn’t expecting to be told that her scans had shown tumour regrowth for almost the entire two years, but it wasn’t noticed by the radiologists who ‘weren’t paying attention’. As the tumour had been growing unnoticed for so long, Kelsey had a second surgery to remove it in January 2018, two years after her first tumour was removed. Once it had been removed, the second tumour, which was larger than the first, was biopsied and found to be a different type of tumour – a grade three anaplastic astrocytoma. Kelsey then learned that she would need chemotherapy and radiation to prevent the tumour from returning.

Woman, 26 and fiancé, 49, to launch age gap dating app to break negative stigma

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: Meet the businessman and woman with a TWENTY-THREE-YEAR age gap whose FAIRYTALE romance inspired them to create an AGE GAP DATING APP which they hope will BREAK negative stigma around age gap love and rival apps like TINDER. CEO, Sheldon Owen (49) and professional digital marketer, Shanice Rivers (26) from California, USA, met in 2016 at a restaurant in Marina Del Rey where she was visiting. Their instant connection meant that it was love at first sight for them and they quickly had their first date just 24 hours later. They soon became exclusive and while planning their future, they got engaged in 2019. Despite their families feeling sceptical in the beginning, they have witnessed the love between them and have given their blessings. With a whirlwind engagement, they are now planning on getting married in 2020 and have already decided to get pregnant soon after their wedding. In summer 2019, after talking to different people looking for ‘real love’ who were tired of hook-up apps like Tinder, they came up with the idea of launching a dating app targeted specifically for age gap couples like themselves. They have now set up an Instagram account based on their app and a website. After doing thorough research on various successful relationships and discovering that age gap relationships have a high success rate, they decided to give the people what they want. Through Sheldon’s connection with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, they have managed to raise over £80,300 ($100,000,000) in funds to make the venture happen.

Gay man reveals how he became an ALCOHOLIC after turning to drink at 15 to 'quiet his homosexual thoughts' before realizing he had hit rock bottom when he almost DROWNED himself

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSOURI, USA: Struggling to accept his sexuality saw this man spiral into alcoholism which he says helped ‘quiet his homosexual thoughts’ and he even considered DROWNING HIMSELF in the bath – but he now embraces who he is after being sober for three-years and wants to help others do the same. Sales manager, Samuel Gegen (32) from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, grew up in a catholic background where he attended church regularly and felt pressure to fit in. At six-years-old Samuel knew he was different and didn’t like girls in the way other boys seemed to and would pray that he would one day be ‘normal’ and like them too. Samuel supressed his sexuality into his teenage years and when he first tried alcohol at 15, it turned into an escape for him. Over time Samuel became reliant on booze as it left him feeling free and meant that he was in a state where he no longer cared about being gay but after weekends bingeing, he’d be left in a state of depression in the days that followed. His dependence on alcohol grew worse into his twenties when Samuel started to drink on his own, at work, first thing in the morning without eating and was embarrassed by the fact that the local off-licences knew his name. The depression that accompanied Samuel’s addiction to alcohol left him feeling hopeless to the point where he considered taking his own life. In June 2012 Samuel had been casually seeing a guy but his sexuality was still a secret, at a house party someone told him that they knew he was gay but Samuel denied it and continued to drink with his friends. Later, he went to the bathroom, filled the bath and tried to drown himself as he couldn’t bear to tell his loved ones the truth. Thankfully, thinking of his family Samuel couldn’t go through with it and saved himself. At 25, Samuel came out to his parents in a letter he had left for them before downing a bottle of vodka and was overwhelmed when they accepted and supported him for who he truly was after hiding his identity for so long.  Three years ago he decided to ditch alcohol for good and hasn’t looked back since. He’s been able to buy a house, pay off student debt and work towards his fitness goals, and is now in a loving relationship with his boyfriend, Adam Everson, who his family have welcomed with open arms. Samuel has shared his recovery from alcoholism on Instagram and has made it his mission to provide support and raise awareness to those within the LGBTQ community who may also be struggling with addiction.

Titanic reborn in China

***EXCLUSIVE*** A duplicate Titanic of the original size resumes construction, after being shut down for several months, in Daying county, Suining city, southwest China's Sichuan province. It is designed to be a part of larger resort aiming at the rich. However, the 'Titanic' has been under construction for three years in spite of its original planned launch time of the end of 2019.

A group of kids have been hailed as heroes for raising the alarm when a toddler climbed out of a third-floor window and creating a human chain to cushion his fall

***EXCLUSIVE*** Preston Blight, Henley Webb, Kaci Hutchinson and Abi Downton, all aged 11, and 10-year-old Tyler Sloan, sprung into action after seeing the tot in trouble.  They dialled 999 and then stood with their arms out in case the young boy fell after he was spotted crawling out of a high window.  Devon and Cornwall Police have now praised the actions of the four youngsters following the rescue in Plymouth, Devon.

Woman’s £350k four-bed home turns into nightmare after she found 245 faults – and was offered just £250 compo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has condemned developers after her dream property turned into a nightmare with hundreds of 'snagging' issues in the £350,000 new-build home. Mother-of-two Carol Ritson, 54, could not wait to get the keys to the four-bed, detached property. But she was left devastated when she arrived to find it far from finished, with a team of tradesmen, still working on the interior. She commissioned a surveyor who identified 245 'defects' in the snagging report including the news the house was “heavily infected” with radon - a radioactive gas which can cause lung cancer.

Size 8 dancer who overcame eating disorder 'sacked for being "too fat"'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A size eight dancer who overcame an eating disorder has told of her fury at being sacked from her job -- for being "too fat". Elena Smith, 23, was excited to take up a job doing dance sets at events at a hotel in Marrakesh. But the 9st dancer was devastated when her manager told her bosses thought she was "too fat" - and then fired her over her size a week later, she claims. Despite sacking her, the hotel still currently has photos of Elena on their website advertising the hotel's shows and facilities, both in costume and in a bikini.

A group of quick thinking kayakers who got into trouble due to an incoming tide were rescued - after writing 'we're stuck' in the sand

***EXCLUSIVE*** The message, written in huge letters on a beach, was spotted by a passer-by who called 999 and the RNLI were sent. Volunteers for Padstow Coastguard in Cornwall were dispatched to the scene at around 4.40pm on Tuesday and found a group of five kayakers sheltering on the beach. The kayakers were rescued by the lifeboat crew from the beach at Butterhole, Cornwall, and returned to the Padstow lifeboat station.

Daring toad on crocodile's head

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unsuspecting toad climbs aboard a young crocodile’s snout. Seemingly believing the saltwater crocodile was simply a harmless rock, the toad sat just inches from the predator's fearsome jaws. Saltwater crocodiles are one of the most aggressive species of crocodile, and will feast on almost anything they can get within their jaws, including toads. However, this crocodile, which is around 2ft long but will grow to 16ft, seemed completely uninterested in its next meal as it spent 15 minutes with the fortunate toad on its head.

Worker amongst colourful incense sticks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Hai Nguyen Vu was visiting the Quang Phu Cau incense village, 40 kilometres away from Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, when he spotted this incense stick maker. Hai said: “As a Buddhist country, we have so many festivals to celebrate around the year. Therefore they produce incense sticks continuously.” “There is a time when the workers take a break and this is during mid summer, the stormy season, when they can’t dry the sticks because there isn’t enough sunshine.” A pack of about thirty incense sticks varies in price from 8,000 to 100,000 Vietnamese dong, approximately 28p to £3.46 (GBP).