Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A mother-of-two who spent almost 20 years hiding her amputated right leg has decided to bare all - and is even now confident enough to wear dresses and BIKINIS in public

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teaching assistant Lianne Forrest, 36, decided to embrace her “unique” look after being fitted with a robotic leg 12 months ago.  She was born with spina bifida but made the brave decision to have her leg amputated below the knee aged just nine following name calling including ‘squint foot’.  Lianne struggled to come to terms with the fact she was now an amputee and would hide her leg from view, wearing long skirts and knee-high socks.  Her anguish was further compounded when she developed osteomyelitis - a rare but serious infection of the bone - and later had her right leg amputated above the knee aged 18.  Lianne, who lives in Tarleton near Preston, Lancs., has worn prosthetics from the NHS for most of her life but still hated looking in the mirror and felt embarrassed by her leg.

A man who got a painful erection for 36 HOURS had to undergo surgery - to prevent his manhood from 'dying'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elliott Rossiter, 41, was visiting friends in France when he got a 'non-sexual' erection as a result of medication he was taking. The occupational therapist, from Bristol, visited GPs who injected his appendage with steroids - but it still refused to go down. After an agonising 26 hours he was admitted to the hospital where surgeons warned his penis could 'die' and he would be unable to get an erection again if he didn't have surgery.

Futuristic re-imagination of the first ever Mercedes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mercedes-Benz has celebrated the launch of its new design center in Nice by looking back at its design sensibilities of the early 1900s and creating a futuristic re-imagination of the first ever car to carry the Mercedes name: the 1901 35 PS. Unlike the original, of course, the new concept's four outboard wheels are powered by four electric motors.