Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Man who spent £50,000 on body modification now planning giant full-body inking

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW DELHI, INDIA: This man has spent more than £50K on tattoos after having his first when he was just thirteen and is now planning on having his entire body tattooed completely BLACK after inking his eyeballs last year. Incredible photographs show tattoo artist, Karan Sidhu (29) known as Tattoographer Karan from New Delhi, India, who has his eyeballs inked completely black, metal teeth implants and a split tongue and piercings through his nose and ears stretched. In contrast, other shots show Karan, who had his first tattoo when he was just 13, before his eyeballs and face were inked and with just a few inkings down his arms and an art free chest. Karan described the sensation of getting his eyeballs tattooed as having a “red hot needle” repeatedly enter the eye but said his teeth implants were more painful and took two-and-a-half-months to complete with him surviving on a liquid diet throughout this time. Now, he is planning on having a full body suit tattoo from head to toe, front to back to become the first Indian to get his full body inked.

Incredible £16million gold superyacht with spa, pool and glass waterfall arrives in London

***EXCLUSIVE*** The streets of London may not be paved with gold but a £16million superyacht has come to the capital seeking a gilded fortune. Passersby were left stunned as they saw sailboat Bellami being wrapped in sheets of golden chrome while docked at Canary Wharf. The luxury ship was being glammed up before it hosts fashion and beauty influencers for London Fashion Week - who will have use of a fully-stocked hair salon. The imposing vessel can sleep 12 guests in six staterooms, and boasts a large pool, a spa and a glass waterfall. For those who want even more bling, the yacht also comes complete with a large Jacuzzi, sun loungers and matching gold jet-skis. Wrapping with vinyl is a popular way for car and small boat lovers to glam up their vehicle's appearance, as it is far cheaper and easier than paint.

Toddler has life-changing surgery to straighten the 90° curve in his spine after it crushed his lung and left the two-year-old struggling to swallow

***EXCLUSIVE*** EBBW VALE GWENT, SOUTH WALES, UK: A rare condition meant that this little boy’s spine rapidly curved at a NINETY-DEGREE angle which CRUSHED HIS LUNG and left him struggling to SWALLOW. Accountant, Melissa Llewellyn (39) from South Wales, UK, immediately noticed something was not right about her son, Osian (2), when he was born in 2016. When she picked him up it was like ‘holding a bag of water’, which was the first sign he had hypotonia, floppiness caused by weak muscles, which meant that he didn’t have a full range of movement, a weak cry and poor reflexes meaning that he can’t suck. Osian had lost 15 per cent of his body weight at birth in just five days. Melissa and her husband, Craig (37), fought to get answers from doctors about their son. He had genetic blood tests done when he was two and a half years old and five months later they received the results which concluded that Osian has Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition which causes a wide range of physical symptoms including excessive hunger, restricted growth and hypotonia. His floppy muscles caused his spine to curve at a 90-degree angle which in turn crushed his right lung causing him to struggle to swallow. Melissa and Craig were devastated when they heard the news but their son was taken into surgery in April 2019 and will continue to have surgery to adjust the titanium rods every six months as he grows older. Osian has developed anxiety and has had meltdowns following the extreme changes in his life; due to problems with his lung and with the rods being fitted, he cannot bend and Melissa and Craig have to be careful when picking him up or changing him. They now want to raise awareness of his journey and condition by setting up an Instagram page illustrating his recovery process.

I imagined stabbing my friend’s baby after my OCD left me wanting to kill

***EXCLUSIVE*** PONTYPRIDD, WALES, UK: Meet the inspiring student who was so consumed with violent intrusive thoughts of being a KILLER due to Pure OCD that she barricaded herself in her own home for over THREE MONTHS – but now she wants to show that recovery is possible after attending therapy sessions over Skype. Barbering student, Shauna-Leigh Davies (19) from Pontypridd, Wales, UK, began experiencing traumatic and intrusive thoughts in May 2016 when she was just 16 years old that started when she thought about stabbing her friend’s baby. The uncontrollable thought led her to be consumed with constant guilt and anxiety with the feeling that she should be locked up and that she would turn into a killer. For years these intrusive thoughts continued, and she ended up barricading herself in her house for three to four months to avoid social interaction due to her anxiety. When she first met her boyfriend, Bartlomiej (19), in 2018, she told him everything about her journey as she didn’t want to face the guilt of keeping it to herself. Despite telling him she understands if he wanted to break up with her, he has been a consistent support ever since. During the last two years she has done prodigious research on her symptoms and discovered she has Pure OCD, also known as Pure O, a type of OCD in which a sufferer engages in hidden compulsions. She began therapy sessions in early August 2019 over Skype, which she says has helped her significantly. She is given ‘homework’ to help her combat her illness by encouraging her to go out and socialise, daily hygiene, sexual activity and to change her perception of Pure OCD and instead of reacting to her intrusive thoughts, she is taught to ignore them and accept it for what it is. To support her through her journey, Shauna’s boyfriend takes care of the cooking, chores and food shopping.

A carriage quite literally fit for a Queen is to be sold off next month - when HRH's former Daimler saloon car - including a bespoke corgis seat - appears at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bottle-green "Double Six" saloon was delivered new to Buckingham Palace in October 1984 for the personal use of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty used the car, which was manufactured at Jaguar's Coventry facility, for three years for engagements, racking up some 12,000 miles in that time. It is being sold in its original condition, equipped with all the bespoke items - including a full-length back seat cushion in lieu of the standard twin cushion - to allow the Queen's three corgis to ride more securely and comfortably.

Hairstylist who couldn't keep up with her kids sheds seven stone on diet plan

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman didn’t care about being overweight until she had her first child and realised she couldn’t keep up with her – so in a bid to be a BETTER MUM she lost over SEVEN STONE. Hairstylist, makeup artist and mother of two, Ali Bruch (27) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA has always been overweight. Even when she was in middle school, she was obese and would binge eat. Ali was confident growing up and didn’t let her weight bother her. It wasn’t until she saw photos of herself that she was shocked at how large she actually was. But, at the time, Ali wasn’t prepared for the hard work that comes with losing weight. Ali and her husband Jacob Bruch (30) have two children Myra (5) and Mackston (1). With her first born, because Ali was 19st 4lb and a dress size 22, she was unable to physically keep up with her daughter. By 2017 Ali decided she had to make big changes and drop the pounds so she could be active with her child. Ali adopted a keto diet which means she mostly eats fat and protein and keeps her carbohydrate intake under 20g per day as a way for her body to burn fat at an exceled rate. She also incorporated intermittent fasting, so she only eats her meals between 12:00 and 18:00. After 15 months she managed to bring her weight down to 12st 1lb and a dress size eight.

Two cans of pale ale pre-dating the Second World War are thought to have become the most expensive ever - after selling at auction for more than £2000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two cans of pale ale pre-dating the Second World War are thought to have become the most expensive ever - after selling at auction for more than £2000. The winning bidder was Philip Lewis, the managing director of the Welsh brewery where the ale was first canned in 1936. Miraculously, one of the cans is still full of beer, while the ancient brew is slowly evaporating out of the other’s slightly damaged seal. Produced by Felinfoel, the first UK brewery to start canning beer, the brews were intended to be shipped to North Africa in support of „Monty’s” troops.

A teddy bear that had the same owner for 99 years until her death at the age of 101 in 2015 is set to reach £100 at auction when it goes under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 104-year-old teddy bear who stayed with the same loving owner for 99 years is set to reach £100 at auction. The cuddly toy, simply named „Bear”, was given to Ida Goring when she was three years old in 1916. The pair remained together for almost a century until Ida's death in 2015 at the age of 101. Ida and Bear remained side by side during an intense century of historical events which included two world wars, the invention of an electronic television in 1927 and the first moon landing in 1969.