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Woman has cooked up the perfect recipe to get women talking about vulvas - using CUPCAKES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Poppy Collier, 26, has launched V Word educational workshops to encourage more women to feel comfortable with their own body parts. From fondant icing labia to chocolate sprinkle pubes, chatting about the female sex organ could potentially save lives. Smear tests are at a 20-year low which has led to more and more women being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Woman, 27, reveals how she met her boyfriend who is TWICE her age on Instagram after he confused her for his friend's NIECE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the fifty-four-year-old man who followed a woman HALF HIS AGE on INSTAGRAM and after a month of FACETIMING each other they had their first date where she travelled over ONE-THOUSAND MILES and have been together ever since. In November 2018, serial entrepreneur and business owner of Sillybandz, Robert Croak (54) from Ohio, USA, came across a young social media influencer, Sophia Spallino (27) from Louisiana, USA, on Instagram who he thought was one of his friends’ niece. He took a screenshot of her picture and sent it to his friend, who told him she wasn’t his niece. So, he followed her on Instagram and sent her a message admiring her efforts as a budding influencer. While Sophia was initially taken aback by him approaching her due to his age, they connected instantly and before they knew it, they were Facetiming each other for hours every day for a month. They both then felt ready to meet up and Sophia travelled over 1,100 miles by plane to his hometown to meet him for their first date. After a successful first date, they became inseparable and are now planning on getting engaged, married and becoming parents within the next two years.

Woman reveals eight stone weight loss transformation after giving up dieting

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was told she’d be pretty IF SHE WAS THIN but it wasn’t enough to stop her making SECRET TRIPS to fast food drive-throughs EVERY NIGHT and hiding the evidence from her husband – but now she’s lost over EIGHT STONE after realising that a thinner person was trapped inside. Podcaster, Amanda Valentine (37) from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, had been obese since she was six years old was already eating adult size clothing from eating processed junk food. Amanda didn’t try to diet until she was 20, but she went from diet to diet and gave up plenty of times in between. Amanda would go between drive throughs on trips and binge on fast food, eating late into the night and hiding the packaging from her husband, under the sink. Although Amanda was yo-yo-dieting, her weight still increased until December 2011 when she climbed onto the scales and they tipped at a hefty 18st 12lb and she was a UK size 28. One day Amanda decided that the woman she saw in the mirror was not her anymore and committed to making real lasting changes for the new year. First Amanda started slowly by replacing energy drinks with water and black coffee and removed fast food from her diet. She then started eating much healthier foods which she prepared at home like shakes, lean meats, lots of vegetables and fruit desserts. She then started walking a lot using podcasts to keep her going and eventually included weight training at the gym four or five times a week. By 2013 Amanda’s hard work had paid off and she’s brought her weight under control to a healthy 10st 7lb and a UK size 10.

Cancer sufferer, 29, reveals she was made to feel like a 'hypochondriac' for three years by her GP who repeatedly dismissed her 'constant thrush', night sweats and armpit pain

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWCASTLE, UK: This woman was made to feel like a HYPOCHONDRIAC by her doctor after being continually turned away for THREE YEARS before she finally had the LUMP on her neck tested and was diagnosed with THYROID CANCER. Criminology PhD student, Rebecca Hetherington (29) from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, started noticing changes to her appetite as early as 2013 as she was eating less and was also regularly coming down with colds. By 2014, Rebecca was convinced there was something wrong, so she visited her GP but was turned away on numerous occasions because they believed she was fine and healthy. After repeatedly having her symptoms played down, Rebecca cried in a handful of her appointments because she felt so confused as to why she was feeling the way she was if there was nothing wrong.  At the end of 2015, Rebecca noticed a small lump in her neck, which she initially thought could be a sign of a throat infection or a virus, but as the months passed and the lump grew, Rebecca’s concerns began to rise. She started to believe it could be lymphoma because she was also experiencing frequent night sweats and pain in her armpit, which she’d read were signs of lymphoma. The night sweats were happening weekly from 2014 but by 2016 they were every night and Rebecca often had to change her pyjamas and bedding as a result. Not wanting to give up, she made another GP appointment for April 23, 2016 and fortunately she was seen by a locum GP that time who acknowledged her concerns and referred her for an ultrasound and fine needle aspiration to diagnose the lump. On May 17, Rebecca was diagnosed with stage two metastatic papillary thyroid cancer, which they estimated she’d had for three years as it had spread to approximately 40 lymph nodes. She underwent a thyroidectomy and neck dissection, before starting the highest dose of radioactive iodine treatment and spending five days in isolation in a lead-lined room as she was dangerously radioactive.

Woman’s staggering 18-STONE weight loss after ditching her 30,000-calorie-a-day diet

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman loved to travel but her THIRTY STONE figure resulting from consuming up to 30,000 CALORIES A DAY meant she always needed to book TWO FLIGHT SEATS and was once even refused a ticket because the agent said she was TOO BIG – but she has since lost a staggering SEVENTEEN STONE. Educator, Norma Dibrell (26) from Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA spent the first 25 years of her life completely obsessed with food. Whether it was a good day, or a bad day Norma would reward herself with as much as 30,000 calories a day consisting of three huge meals and four hefty snacks. At her largest she was 30st 8lb and a dress size 32. Because of her size Norma didn’t see any point in taking up any physical exercise. It wasn’t until she fell in love with travel that things started to change for her. Norma had to book two flight seats as she was unable to fit in one and she couldn’t take part in the many fun activities that others do when travelling such as climbing or jumping off waterfalls or using the ziplines. In December 2017 Norma had a gastric bypass after realising that being over 30st meant she wasn’t fitting into society and had to make some big changes to her life. Through radically reducing her calorie intake and exercising at least five times a week, by December 2018 she had lost 17st 10lb and now weighs 12st 12lb and fits a much more comfortable dress size 12.

These dramatic photos show the miraculous rescue of two male and female orangutans

***EXCLUSIVE*** Orangutans who miraculously survived devastating wildfires have been rescued in the nick of time by plucky conservationists. Two male and female orangutans - named Bara and Arang - by a team led by International Animal Rescue (IAR) after they were found clinging to the last remaining trees after a fire tore through the rainforest in West Borneo, Indonesia. The great apes, both around 20, were discovered clinging to the last trees standing in the middle of a burnt area of rainforest in West Borneo, Indonesia. A team from International Animal Rescue - IAR - found the male and female, named Bara and Arang, during a fire patrol on September 16. Together with the West Kalimantan Conservation Agency, the starving simians were sedated and evacuated to IAR's conservation centre for rehabilitation.

An ex-Para who lost his leg in a Taliban attack is fighting fit after taking up boxing - but couldn't find rivals prepared to be beaten by an amputee

***EXCLUSIVE*** Corporal Michael Lewis, 36, of 2PARA, had his right lower leg blown off and nearly lost his left arm in a 4am skirmish in Afghanistan in 2008. And vowing he "wouldn't go down without a fight" and with the help of a new sports blade prosthetic - called the Challenger - he took up boxing. But he said finding his first opponent for a competitive match in March was tricky, because nobody wanted to beat - or be beaten - by a disabled boxer, he said.

An amateur photographer captured a heavenly shot of a kingfisher in this one-in-a-million angel pose

***EXCLUSIVE*** The remarkable image shows the beautiful bird hovering above the water as it surveys the fish below. Paul Gregory, 57, spent two hours in a cramped hide at Attenborough Nature Reserve, Notts., before capturing the stunning snap last Saturday (14/9).