Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Base jumper, 35, SURVIVES after smashing into cliff face while freefalling before tumbling 180ft down mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sam Percival, 35, miraculously survived the horror fall after his parachute spun, slamming him into the sheer cliff face at speeds of at least 30mph. He was attempting to become the first person to jump off Lord Berkeley’s Seat in An Teallach, in the Scottish Highlands - which has claimed the lives of THREE walkers this year alone. A shocking video shows how while he free-fell 200ft, a gust of wind spun him round into the cliff face, partially deflating his parachute.

Kingdom of dwarves in China

The Kingdom of the Little People is a theme park located near Kunming, Yunnan that features comic performances by people with dwarfism. Supporters of the park claim that it provides employment to people who would otherwise be unable to find work, but it has been criticized for treating dwarfism as a humorous condition. There were over 100 employees whose ages ranged from 19 to 48. The park requires employees to be less than 51 inches (130 cm) tall. The employees live in nearby dormitories which were specifically constructed to be accessible to short people. During the performances, the actors pretend to live in small mushroom shaped houses.

Our Colourful World photo competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wedding photographer Ann Aveyard beat off hundreds of entries from all over the world to bag the top prize in the Our Colourful World competition run by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers. The weaver bird was making its nest when Ann managed to get the picture at Marwell Zoo, near Winchester.

An anti-aging company has invented a pioneering "cleavage pillow" which vows to eradicate chest and neck wrinkles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barcelona-based Sleep & Glow is selling a “pillow bra” designed to “fight skin creases and cleavage wrinkles when sleeping on the side”. When worn the 100 per cent silk pillow-bra is said to prevent the formation of creases and sleep wrinkles.

Touching moment between lion cub and it's father

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lion shares a touching moment with his young cub. The pair play together in a rare moment of gentleness between the male lion and the three-month-old cub. The intimate moment was captured by amateur photographer Limor Bahar, who went looking for lions at a reserve in South Africa.

Fisherman on a boat in among palm trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elderly fisherman navigates his way along a palm-shaded river in the early hours of the morning. He spends three days a week scouring the Tra Khuc River, Vietnam, for small fish and creatures such as shrimp. Much of the river is obscured from view by overhanging palms but he can be seen from above as he rows or pulls his boat into pockets of unshaded water. Photographer Luong Nguyen Anh Trung used a drone to take a series of pictures of the fisherman wading through the water.

A centuries-old clergyman's 'Filofax' has been anonymously returned to the church

***EXCLUSIVE*** A centuries-old clergyman's 'Filofax' dating back to 1532 has been anonymously returned to the church where it was started 486 years ago. The 150-page vellum-covered book is filled with information on births, deaths and marriages made by different curates, who would assist the local priest. Despite being almost 500 years old, the incredible book - which offers a unique glimpse from the Middle Ages through to the English Civil War - remains in remarkable condition. It was handed over to the Reverend David Potterton last weekend after he finished his Sunday service at All Saints church in Minstead in the beautiful New Forest, Hants.