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Toddler was born with a skin condition which makes her look like she is wearing as superhero mask - is heading to Russia to receive life changing treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** An American toddler battling a rare skin condition that makes her look like a superhero is heading to Russia for treatment, after hitting international headlines earlier this year.  The six-month-old Luna will head to Krasnodar in southern Russia with her mother Carol Fenner, 35, of South Florida, USA, to gain medical attention that could change her life. „They have technology there that isn’t available in the US yet, in the US it would take four years for Luna to be treated, but in Russia I’m told it will be 18 months” said Carol, a full-time mom. The doctors in the US kept giving me different advice, I felt so lost, and didn’t know what to do.”

A teenager has been left battling with four-hour long seizures and debilitating uncontrollable outbursts of tears and laughter -- caused by a sore throat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lee Wilson, 15, was fit and healthy before he got a throat infection in June - but within weeks he was having fits and making involuntary movements and sounds. It was so out of character, mum Lisa Bullen, 36, even made her son promise he wasn't taking drugs, and doctors tried to have him admitted to a psychiatric unit. But after two months of countless hospital visits over body twitching and random outbursts he was eventually diagnosed with an unusual condition called PANDAS.

A kickboxing grandma with arthritis and two knee replacements is preparing for her first bout in the ring

***EXCLUSIVE** Jean McKenzie Baldwin, 76, from Derbyshire, was encouraged to take up the combat sport by her son and says it has given her “a new lease of life”.  However, she is now training hard for her first fight against a woman in her 60s.  Jamie Fearn is the co-owner of Martial Sports Gym in Swadlincote, where Jean trains regularly.   He said: “I say she goes into ‘Beast Mode’ She's so nice, but she does not stop. If I say to her, ‘don’t do this it’s too hard for you’ she’ll say ‘no, I’m going to do it’. On her remarkable energy at the age of 76, she says it is simply down to “Willpower. And pride actually.