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Woman's doll collection has worldwide following

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of over 100 dolls have gained a mass popularity after pictures trending on Instagram, show them all travelling over the globe and staged in quirky poses. The peculiar dolls, known as 'The Little Mischiefs', travel the world and have even been pictured standing on the Great Wall of China.  Eileen Lam is the proud owner of Dolly Treasures: the Instagram page that records her world-wide travels and shenanigans with her collection of dolls.

‘Diehard’ sunbed addict shocked when white spot on her nose turns out to be skin cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** MORRISON, OKLAHOMA, USA: This mum described herself as a ‘DIEHARD’ tanner and used tanning beds up to SIX TIMES A WEEK but what she thought was an innocent spot on her nose turned out to be SKIN CANCER that left her with a HOLE IN HER SNOUT. When teacher, Rebekah Rupp (41) from Morrison, Oklahoma, USA, was in her teens and twenties, she loved the confidence that being tanned gave her and used tanning beds anywhere up to six times a week to achieve a healthy glow, despite people warning her of the dangers. As well as this, she rarely took care of her face and just used wipes and pads to cleanse her skin. It wasn’t until five years ago when Rebekah started to work for a skin care company to earn some extra money that she discovered the importance of using an SPF. In August 2018 Rebekah noticed that a dark spot had appeared on her cheek, so she went to her dermatologist on December 20, to get it checked out. Whilst there, the dermatologist noticed a white spot, which Rebekah had assumed was innocent, on the tip of her nose which he removed immediately and sent off for testing. Rebekah was told that she had basal cell carcinoma skin cancer and she underwent Mohs surgery on June 10, 2019, to remove the affected layers of skin which left her with a hole in her nose which was repaired via a forehead flap, where a vein from the forehead is attached to the nose, the following day. She wore the flap for four weeks before having her final reconstructive surgery on July 9, 2019. Since her surgery and skin cancer battle, Rebekah takes extra care of her skin, wears sunscreen every day without fail and wears a hat when she’s in the sun. She also makes sure her children are well protected and always have sunscreen in their bags.

Metal detectorist unearths a stash of 99 immaculately preserved Anglo-Saxon coins worth up to £50,000 dating back to the reign of Ethelred the Unready 1,000 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** A builder is celebrating today after unearthing an enormous hoard of silver coins worth £50,000. Don Crawley was searching Suffolk farmland with his metal detector when he stumbled upon the buried treasure. He dug up 99 silver coins - 81 pennies and 18 cut halfpennies - all dating back to Anglo Saxon England and the reign of King Ethelred II from 978-1016AD.

18th century vase sells for £1.6 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** An old vase a woman carried into an auction house because she thought it was of little value has now sold - for £1.6m. The unnamed middle-aged woman owned the 15ins tall porcelain vase for over 20 years until she decided to part with it along with other antiques in her home. She drove to local auctioneers Andrew Smith & Son and walked in the door with the delicate item in her arms. Experts there immediately spotted the mark of 18th century Chinese Emperor Yongzheng.

Suffrajitsu! Incredible photographs show how suffragettes learned martial arts to defend themselves against policemen and male vigilantes

***EXCLUSIVE*** How can a 4ft 11inch woman, overcome a 6ft plus burly policeman? That was the question posed to suffragettes as they attempted to secure equal voting rights in the early 20th century. As their struggle became violent, the woman realised they had to defend themselves against gropers, attackers and even the police themselves. Step forward Ju-Jitsu, a centuries-old martial art form that enables a smaller person to prevail over a bigger and stronger attacker. The concept is to manipulate the opponent’s force against himself rather than trying to overpower him with your own force – perfect for the suffragette movement. In November 1910, the women’s movement took a dark turn when a group of around 300 suffragettes protesting outside Parliament were assaulted by both police and male vigilantes – two women died as a result. Many of the women said they had been groped by the police and male bystanders. After this, they realised they had to be better prepared when going to such demonstrations. Some women began carrying clubs and putting cardboard over their ribs for protection. However, at some point the women discovered ju-jitsu as a form of self-defence. This was made possible by two women who were among the very first female martial art instructors in the Western world.

A DISCO BATHROOM is bringing toddler restbite from her debilitating condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** A little girl with a genetic disorder which means she cannot speak or play with toys has found joy with a DISCO bathroom. Ailey Wales, aged five, was born with a rare genetic condition, Wolf- Hirschhorn Syndrome, with only around 1,200 to 1,500 cases have been diagnosed around the world. The smiley little girl cannot communicate verbally, but joins in with conversations by making noises. The rare condition means she cannot walk, and cognitive delays mean she cannot comprehend what toys are for, and she struggles to hold them.

Abandoned deer fawn becomes family friend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animal Magic - Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst has hand reared fallow deer buck 'Inchy' after she was abandoned by her mother shortly after being born five years ago. The beautiful animal now leads a dual life, living with the rest of its herd on the Hervey-Bathurst estate near Basingstoke most of the time, but still perfectly tame and friendly with law student Eleanor and the family terrier Greta.

£2200 for old beer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of 80-year-old beer cans - one of which is still full of pale ale - have sold at auction for a staggering £2,300. The two tins date back to 1936 and were made by the Felinfoel Brewery in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. Remarkably the brewery, which has been running since 1878, has bought back the cans in a bid to 'maintain their heritage'.

An E-Type Jaguar that appeared in the cult 1960s series 'The Avengers' has emerged for sale for £85,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The classic sports car belonged to screenwriter and TV producer Brian Clemens, who also worked on The Persuaders which starred Roger Moore. Among his earlier creations was The Avengers which followed the activities of spy John Steed and his various assistants.

Ruby sells for almost half a million pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge ruby ring has sold at auction for almost £500,000 - more than 18 times it's estimate. The precious band had a blood-red gemstone of a 10.51 carat weight, which is almost unheard of. The ring had been expected to fetch around £25,000 but bidding took off and it was eventually bought by an international telephone bidder for £462,500.

Leica and Fender made limited edition items

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leica and Fender have joined The Police guitarist and avid photographer Andy Summers to create a limited edition camera and guitar showcasing some of the artist's best work. The camera comes in the form of an M Monochrom “Signature” model custom-wrapped in a leatherette collage of Summers' black-and-white photos. Second in the collaboration is a Fender Custom Shop Andy Summers Monochrome Stratocaster built by none other than the brand's master builder Dennis Galuszka himself.