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Woman, 26, falls in love with her wedding DJ, 49, just two years after getting married - because her husband made her feel 'neglected'

***EXCLUSIVE*** BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, USA: This woman divorced her husband less than TWO YEARS after getting hitched because he didn’t give her ‘what she needed’ and then romance blossomed for her and her WEDDING DJ despite their TWENTY-THREE-YEAR AGE GAP. Nanny and Arbonne consultant, Megan Willis (26) from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, first met her current partner, business analysist and DJ, Mark Stone (49) in November 2015 at a local restaurant he was working at after being introduced by her sister, Kristen, whilst she was visiting home from New York. They shared a laugh and Megan’s sister later booked Mark to DJ at Megan’s wedding in July 2016. A year into her marriage, Megan was unhappy and felt neglected in her relationship, so she went back home to visit her sister and they went back to the same restaurant where Mark was a DJ and she found herself opening up to him about her marriage. They became close friends and started to chat every day and Mark confided in Megan about the problems in his 27-year marriage where he was separated from his wife. When Megan filed for divorce, Mark supported her every step of the way and when it was finalised in January 2018, she moved to North Carolina and eight months later, when Mark’s divorce was finalised, he moved to be with her as they had fallen in love. At first Megan had her doubts as to whether their relationship could work due to their 23-year age gap, but the more time the pair spent together, her doubts disappeared. Both Mark’s and Megan’s families were accepting of their relationship and were pleased that they had found happiness together. The pair hope to be able to have children one day once Mark has had his vasectomy reversed and have even picked out their baby names. In the meantime, they are sharing their love on social media under the handle, @wearemarkandmegan to break the stigma surrounding age gap relationships.

A rare Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone hardback is expected to fetch around £20,000 at auction - because it has a spellbinding typo

***EXCLUSIVE*** The typo can be found on the 53rd page - but only in the first issue, first edition copies of the magical saga’s opening novel.  The collectors’ item could fetch more than 2,000 times its original price at auction because only 500 hardbacks of its kind exist.  In a list of equipment the young wizard needs to buy for his first year at Hogwarts, “1 wand” appears twice alongside other shopping items including a cauldron, telescope and a set of brass scales.  Harry and Hogwarts gamekeeper Hagrid use the list on a trip to Diagon Alley, a mesmerising shopping gallery in London selling all a wizard could dream of.

A woman had both legs amputated and spent eight months in hospital fighting serious infection after being bitten by an insect - while gardening

***EXCLUSIVE*** Great-grandmother Susan Buttery, 68, was put in an induced coma for three weeks as doctors fought to save her and were forced doctors to amputate her legs and finger tips. Sue, from Highworth, Wilts., said: "I was quite poorly when I went to hospital and they didn’t know what I had - they thought I was allergic to something. "I had flu-like symptoms and I was vomiting, so my husband Richard rushed me to the hospital where they were supposed to keep me on overnight.

Mum who shed nine stone is then ditched by pal in a very cruel way

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman never dreamt that losing weight would mean losing friends, but cutting nine stone from her whopping TWENTY THREE STONE did just that - with one saying she was only friends with her because she was ‘ANOTHER FAT GIRL’. Stay at home mum, Krystal Wall (33) from Toccoa, Georgia, USA, comes from a family that has always struggled with obesity. Even as a young child she would sneak food and overeat and even weighed a sizeable 14st 4lb when she was just 11.  As a teenager Krystal was called ‘thunder thighs’ but the most hurtful experiences have been since becoming an adult being told she’d never find a man while big then one person ditched their friendship because she was no longer ‘another fat girl’. Krystal actually married her husband Grant Wall (36) when she was 19 and on their honeymoon her partner wanted to ride horses but she knew she was over the weight limit and didn’t want him to know how big she was so she pretended she was scared of horses. In one day she was eating between 3,000 to 5,000 calories. For breakfast she would eat two big bowls of cereal, for lunch she would have a big plate of pasta with cheese and dinner would be something like a cheeseburger and fries and she would snack on cookies, brownies, ice cream and chocolate throughout the day. Krystal was miserable and depressed and at her biggest weight she was 23st 11lb and a dress size 26 and she couldn’t stop comparing herself to everyone else around her. Fed up of missing out on life, in 2016 Krystal’s doctor recommended bariatric surgery but she ultimately decided to lose the weight on her own. Krystal starting counting calories and was exercising daily and then in December 2018 she started a keto diet. Now she fasts for breakfast and has a salad with chicken, tuna or beef for lunch, then for dinner she has meat and vegetables and snacks on nuts. She now eats just 1,300 to 1,600 calories. She also goes to the gym every morning at 5am and does 60 to 80 minutes cardio. On top of this she sometimes hikes, cycles, walks or swims. With a healthy diet and exercise regime she has managed to lose an amazing 8st 13lb and now weighs a much lighter 14st 12lb which brought her dress size down to a 12.

A nature photographer has told how he was saved from the brink of suicide by taking these pictures of insects which were picked up by National Geographic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Matt Doogue, 34, attempted suicide nine years ago after hitting 'rock bottom', unable to leave his house. Determined to make a change the dad-of-two decided to join a photography club and found a passion for snapping pictures of insects. Mr Doogue, who has two daughters, said nature photography had a 'calming effect' and slowly he began to feel more like himself again.