Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An eccentric taxidermist has divided social media after advertising the kids TOYS he's made from DEAD VERMIN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Devaney, 25, creates mutant playthings by combining the bodies of dead mice with dolls' heads - and wooden blocks with animal ones. The ex-butcher, of Plymouth, Devon, has built a range of so-called 'animalgamations' - from wooden dolls called 'Jameses' to dashboard bobble heads. Jack has removed mice and rat heads and replaced their bodies with oversized doll heads, adding clownish pink shoes and mermaid bras to fit.

A mom who posted a plea on Facebook for breast milk was overwhelmed when six fellow moms donated 200 BAGS of their own milk

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marcy Morgan was devastated when she was prescribed medication for a rare eye condition which prevented her from breastfeeding her baby daughter Savannah, now five months. The mom-of-three immediately posted a plea on Facebook begging fellow mothers to donate any surplus breast milk. Marcy, of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, USA, wrote: “I am looking for any of you who might have an oversupply of frozen breast milk or know of someone trustworthy who has extra milk.

Mooove over Francis Bacon – it’s time for Cow-ravaggio

***EXCLUSIVE*** A team of 12 artists have spent a week on a hillside creating this 70 metre wide cow -  made from MANURE. Heather Jane Wallace, Rebecca Barnard and 10 other artists used 3,000 buckets of cow poo for their masterpiece. The dirty dozen were commissioned to create the giant Friesian cow by Yeo Valley, which wanted to highlight the benefits of organic farming as it celebrates its 25th birthday this week.

Award-winning wildlife photographer Geert Weggen has created these incredibly intimate images of his interactions with red squirrels

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cheeky squirrels have been caught on camera interacting with the 'squirrel whisperer' - who taught them to play chess and even hand over a flower. Award-winning wildlife photographer Geert Weggen (doub corr) spent so long years bonding with red squirrels in woodland near his home that they were happy to get up close and personal with him - and even play a spot of chess. Swedish snapper Geert has lived in his mountainous home for eight years and regularly feeds the squirrels, so they have developed a bond which has led to the hilarious set of images. In order to capture the stunning photos, Geert captured the squirrels in his outdoor studio built entirely of wood, plants and trees on the balcony outside of his kitchen.