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Mattel launces a collection of non-gender dolls

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mattel launched a new line of gender-nonconforming dolls. The Creatable World dolls come with short hair and a kit with a longer wig and a variety of clothing options, which children can use to customize their toys' gender expression. Mattel promises that children can create more than 100 distinct looks with each set.

Mother, 39, whose breast lump was dismissed by doctors finds out she actually has CANCER six months later while she is pregnant

***EXCLUSIVE*** WINTERS, CALIFORNIA, USA: This mum was told that a lump in her breast was BENIGN but six months later she was diagnosed with CANCER WHILST PREGNANT with her fifth child and had to undergo four rounds of chemotherapy before giving birth - and now she’s urging other women to be their own advocate. In June 2018, small business owner, Michelle McClain (39) from Winters, California, USA, was browsing on the computer when an advert about the importance of checking breasts for changes popped up. Encouraged by the advert, Michelle pressed down on her right breast and was alarmed when she immediately felt a lump. The next day she went to the doctor and had to have a mammogram and ultrasound which came back saying she had fibroadenoma, a benign tumour. Mum-of-four Michelle felt uneasy by the reassuring news as her gut was telling her the lump was more serious, but she was told to come back in six months for a follow up. In December Michelle was pregnant and when her breast was examined she was informed that the lump had doubled in size and at that point she was certain she had cancer and felt like crying and screaming in despair but she had to wait for it to be confirmed through a biopsy. On January 15, 2019, Michelle was 19 weeks pregnant when she received the devastating news that she had stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma triple positive breast cancer. Michelle was terrified about what was going to happen to her unborn child and other children who needed her. Michelle was given four rounds of chemotherapy which she was told would be safe for her baby to shrink the tumour and stop it from spreading so that she could continue with the pregnancy past 34 weeks. Four weeks after her last session, Michelle was induced and gave birth to her daughter Dakota, weighing 4lb 10oz on May 6, 2019. She was initially scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy on May 23, but a mammogram showed that Michelle’s tumour had started growing again so her surgery was cancelled, and she was put on Taxol and Herceptin/Perjeta to block the hormones that her cancer thrives on. A PET scan in August showed that there was no visible malignancy in her right breast and her cancer hadn’t spread to other parts of her body. Michelle is now scheduled for a lumpectomy in September. She will continue having a Herceptin/Perjeta infusion every three weeks until May next year and will take hormone blockers for a minimum of five years. Michelle has been sharing her story on Facebook and Instagram after not having any knowledge of breast cancer before she was diagnosed and says it has helped her stay positive and she hopes she’ll be able to save a life by raising awareness.

A young mum has captured the moment she discovered her triplet toddlers had decided to decorate their room and themselves with Sudocrem

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lyndsey Birrell Palmer, 35, heard her triplets moving around in their room after waking from their nap and went to see what her little girls were up to. The young teacher was shocked by the sight of the bedroom and quickly whipped out her phone to film the warzone she'd entered. Two year olds Indi, Ella and Lexi had got their hands on a full tub of Sudocrem and got to work redecorating the walls of their bedroom and themselves.


A boy who was born with half a heart and underwent three open surgeries within the first three months of his life has miraculously overcome a rare condition - to start school aged four

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Kaleb Lewis was given almost no chance of survival in the womb and his parents Kirsty and Shaun say they never dreamed of being able to take him home from hospital. Within 12 months of entering the world Kaleb had battled a number of life-threatening illnesses resulting in pneumonia, a collapsed lung and nine major operations. His rare heart condition deteriorated so drastically after six months that Kirsty, 37, and Shaun, 29, were given the heartbreaking news that their son had just hours to live.