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Woman trolled over plus-size figure posts 'powerful' lingerie snaps on Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRECON, WALES, UK: Online trolls told this woman that she DESERVED TO DIE YOUNG because of her plus-sized figure but she isn’t letting it bother her and is flaunting her lingerie clad figure for all to see – which she admits makes her feel empowered. Receptionist, Laura Walsh (31) from Brecon, Wales, UK, was a small size 10 to 12 when she was in her teens, however, she began putting on weight in her early twenties increasing her weight to 16st and UK size 22. This prompted her to visit the doctor who kept telling her to just eat less and exercise more with no explanation as to her sudden weight gain. Her confidence was knocked down and she began to feel insecure about her appearance. Despite always feeling happy in her own skin, not knowing what was going on with her body made her feel frustrated. It wasn’t until she was 25 years old that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries function. She experienced a rapid progression of symptoms including excess facial hair, constant low moods and irregular periods. After a lot of research on PCOS, she also found many accounts on Instagram of women who share her condition embracing their bodies and it inspired her to share her own journey. While initially she faced a lot of negative criticism from online trolls who would call her ‘fat’, ‘unhealthy’ and even tell her that she deserves to ‘die young’, she has learned to grow a thick skin and refuses to let them control what she does. She now boasts an impressive 50K followers on Instagram and continues to upload body positive posts of her dressed in bikinis and lingerie. She says that they make her feel powerful.

Woman with ‘WiFi allergy’ sleeps in copper sleeping bag and avoids big towns

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who has spent thousands of pounds protecting herself against radiation from WiFi now fears for her health - due to the rollout of 5G. Rosi Gladwell, 70, believes that electromagnetic radiation from WiFi leaves her feeling weak, short of breath, and with pins and needles in her face. She sleeps in a £400 sleeping bag woven with silver and copper has a protective sheet she wraps around her body and a £200 hand-held radiation detector. Self-diagnosed radiation sufferer Rosi is now deeply concerned as the rollout of 5G gets underway.

No mail today, I'm a bit tied up! Postman gets a cheeky surprise as artist installs 'twisted' pillar boxes across UK

Postboxes across the country appear to have tied themselves in knots. Twisted postbox sculptures have sprung up around England, in the latest project by artist Alex Chinneck – known for his public artworks that transform everyday items. The installations, called Alphabetti Spaghetti, appeared in London, Margate in Kent and Tinsley in Sheffield. Each of the three places were chosen for the connection to the artist, with previous sculptures including a sliding house with curving bricks and an upside down car.

A man whose Victorian ancestors buried a stunning fossil because it threatened their religious beliefs has had it dug up and put it on display for the first time ever

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cider brandy maker Julian Temperley knew that a 90 million-year-old ichthyosaurus fossil was buried in the garden at his family's home in Thorney, Somerset. His god-fearing ancestors had kept it hidden away for years after its discovery in 1850, worried they would be 'denying God' by flashing it around. But flooding forced Julian to dig it up for good recently and after paying £3,000 for it to be cleaned he's now having its image printed on his bottles of cider brandy.

Mysterious cloud ‘shaped like Tinker Bell from Peter Pan’ spotted in the sky

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stuart Curtis, 44, was left stunned by the spell-binding formation which appeared high above on September 23.  The father-of-four first spotted a bizarre-looking cloud while driving to a petrol station on his day off.  But the outline which resembled the familiar fictional fairy from children's classic play Peter Pan then appeared to break away from the main formation.  It prompted Stuart to stop and get out of his Skoda Octavia before snapping a photo on his Samsung Galaxy S9 while standing at the side of the road in Carlisle, Cumbria.

Family devastated as girl, 7, diagnosed with extremely rare terminal cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A little girl was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour just four days after celebrating her seventh birthday. Laia Jenkins had been struggling with her balance, walking into doors and walking on tiptoes, but her parents thought her behaviour might be psychological, after she was devastated by the death of her two pet rabbits. The schoolgirl, who is the baby of the family, was taken to Wishaw General Hospital by her parents Lee, 43, and Lorna, 39, at the end of August. Medics thought she probably had an ear infection and recommended taking her to the GP.

Trout leap out of water to catch dragonflies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Trout jump out of a lake and somersault through the air as they catch dragonflies. The dragonflies hovered just inches above the surface of the quiet water before they were targeted by the fish. Video footage and photographs capture the brown trout suddenly leaping from the lake with their mouths wide open, hoping to catch the insects. The photographs was captured at the Marfield Nature Reserve in Masham, north Yorks, by Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust project manager David Higgins, 50, who was joined by videographer Gary Lawson, 49.

Muskox with rainbow

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Muskox stands atop a mountainous range as a rainbow is cast across the sky. Photographer Alberto Gambarelli captured the incredible scene in the Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella National Park, Norway. The 55 year old from Reggio Emilia, Italy said “I went to photograph the Muskox, and after some brief rain this stunning rainbow appeared.” "Typically you'd find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but on this ocassion I found a Muskox which is the next best thing."