Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

More than 430 Nigels flock to a Worcestershire pub from as far away as California and Texas to celebrate their name amid fears it will die out

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Fleece Inn, Bretforton, Worcester, breaks the world record for the largest ever gathering of Nigels in one place with a total number of 432. A pub landlord has broken the world record for the largest gathering of Nigels in one place, to try and stop the name dying out. Nigel Smith, 56, came up with the idea in 2016 after no new-borns were called Nigel that year. 432 Nigels from all over the world got together at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton, Worcs., for an evening of Nigel-themed refreshment and entertainment.

A young amputee who lost a leg after being crushed by a lorry while cycling has swum the Channel with the paramedic who saved her life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Victoria Lebrec almost died when a lorry ran over her at a busy London crossing five years ago.  She barely had a pulse when air ambulance paramedic Bill Leaning arrived and saved her life by stemming further blood loss.  Victoria, now 28, was put into an induced coma in hospital where medics were forced to amputate her leg just below her hip.  After months spent recovering, Victoria attended the sentencing of the lorry driver who almost killed her at Old Street roundabout in central London.  Paul-loan Mihacea pleaded guilty to careless driving, but Victoria hugged him as a sign of forgiveness.  She was so grateful to the air ambulance team for saving her life that she decided to swim the Channel to raise funds to keep the costly service to keep operating.

Darth Vader's helmet sells for an astronomical £915,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dark side steps into the light - Vader helmet sells for an astonishing £915,000. The black mask and helmet worn by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back sold at auction last night. The distinctive screen-used headpiece was worn by British actor David Prowse in the 1980 Star Wars movie. US auction house Profiles in History described it as the 'Holy Grail' of science fiction artefacts.

Asia’s amazing architecture captured in stunning snaps – from a medieval Japanese castle to Singapore sky-scrapers

***EXCLUSIVE*** The amazing architecture of some of Asia’s most impressive metropolises have been captured by a high-flying British photographer. Stunning shots include a bird’s eye view of the “organised chaos” of Hong Kong; the mystique and wonder of an ancient Japanese castle; and the awe-inspiring state-of-the-art superstructures in Singapore. The remarkable shots were snapped by Lee Mumford, 32, a British pilot who now resides in Hong Kong. Combining his mutual loves of photography, travel, and aviation, Lee has travelled across the world’s largest continent snapping his favourite constructions – often using his flying skills to pilot a drone.

Scootacar, developed in 1957, allegedly because the wife of a company director needed an easier car to park than her Jaguar

***EXCLUSIVE*** With its quirky design, handlebar steering and a top speed of 50mph, it might not be a modern motorist’s first choice. But when it comes to tales of innovation and invention, Leeds very own Scootacar is certainly the wheel deal. The bright blue, three-wheeled wonder arrived at Leeds Industrial Museum and is set to be one of the star attractions in an upcoming exhibition entitled Leeds to Innovation, which will celebrate some of the city’s creative and scientific minds. Their diminutive design was said to be inspired by the wife of one of the company directors, who said she wanted a car that was easier to park than her more bulky Jaguar. Set to the task of creating the ideal conveyance to meet her request, the company’s top minds began working on the tricky task of making an easy-to-park car with a high enough driving position to give the driver a good view of the road. Their typically pragmatic solution to perfecting the design was to get a particularly tall employee to sit on a box against a handy wall, set up dummy controls in front of him, and draw a chalk outline around him. The result was a small but high car, nicknamed the telephone booth, which was produced between 1957 and 1964 with a sale price of around £275. Only around 1,000 were ever made.

This is the adorable moment a tiny baby born just three days after the abortion limit 'graduated' from the intensive care unit after fighting for his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Haris Mockbill was born at 24 weeks and three days weighing just 750g (1lb 10oz) and given almost no chance of survival by doctors. He was born so prematurely his lungs were under developed and had chronic lung disease meaning he was unable to breathe on his own. Doctors wrapped him in bubble wrap to stabilise his temperature, but after fighting to survive for two weeks his devastated parents were told to say their goodbyes.

„Smart shirt” that can accurately measure a person’s breathing could be used to monitor patients with lung disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers have used the shirts, together with a new mobile app, to reliably measure the breathing of healthy people while they carry out a range of everyday activities by sensing movements in the chest and abdomen.  The smart shirts could soon be tested out on patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  If successful, it is hoped that the cutting-edge technology will allow doctors to monitor patients remotely for early signs that their condition is getting worse.  Denise Mann√©e, a technical physician and PhD candidate at Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, presented the research at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.

The ultimate ‘chocolate box cottage’: Charming 16th century home that once featured on a Cadbury’s Milk Tray box and inspired a Lilliput Lane model goes on sale for £495,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A charming thatched cottage which featured on a Cadbury's chocolate box has emerged on to the market. Thatchways, in the picturesque village of Harvington, Worcs, appears on a large, rectangular 1978 Milk Tray box. The 16th century propertyis also believed to be the inspiration for the Strawberry Fields cottage by model maker Lilliput Lane.

Gourd help us! - Autumn's here

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kitchen Gardener, Olly Hone admires one of newly picked summer squashes. Colourful pumpkins, squashes and gourds at the Forde Abbey Monastery on the Dorset/Somerest boarder. Forde Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery dating back to the early 12th century.

Bull racing in Vietnam

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bull racers charge through thick muddy water as they surge through a racecourse in front of hundreds of spectators. The frantic scenes are part of a traditional Vietnamese bull racing event in which competitors hang on as they are towed along hundreds of metres of water. Bull racing is a customary practice of the Khmer community within the Bay Nui region of Vietnam during the annual festival Dolta - a celebration of the animals that contribute to their crops.

Happy heard of deer

***EXCLUSIVE*** This herd of deer are in good spirits as they laugh in front of a camera. The animals were photographed as they relaxed and grazed in a British park - and appear to smile, laugh and even wink for the camera. Neha Manoj Shah, 34, said the red deer made these interesting facial expressions because she captured the shots as they were eating, sneezing, and opening their mouths. The photographer, from Nairobi, Kenya, took the images at Wollaton Park, Notts - famously used in 2012 Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises', directed by Christopher Nolan.

Vegetable seller holding up bottle gourd

***EXCLUSIVE*** A market trader in Gaibandha, Bangladesh, surrounded by bottle gourd - a popular and cheap vegetable in the region which sells for around 3 pence each. The disctinctive foodstuff is regarded as having many health benefits, and they are grown locally between August and February.