Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A couple exchanged vows in the first Bollywood wedding at Disneyland Paris - and even had their first dance with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** Varun Bhanot, 29, and Anisha Seth, 29, tied the knot in a spectacular two-day bash which looked just like a Bollywood film. They exchanged vows in a midnight ceremony outside the iconic castle in Disneyland Paris, cementing their civil union, and later had another Hindu ceremony by the theme park's lake. The Disney-mad couple shared their first dance with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Goofy was on hand dancing to bhangra at the elaborate do.

Exquisite 2,000-year-old sapphire ring thought to have belonged to Roman Emperor Caligula and depicting the face of the wife he paraded naked in front of his friends goes on sale for $750,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A precious jewel, created for the most infamous of Rome's Emperor's nearly 2000 years ago, is causing gem collectors from around the world to flock to London as it goes on sale tomorrow. The exquisite solid sapphire hololith ring, a former star of the legendary collection of the 4th Duke of Marlborough in the 18th century, is thought to be valued at close to £500,000. The sky blue stone is etched with a portrait of his last wife, the notorious Caesonia, said to have been so beautiful that the depraved Emperor paraded her naked in front of his troops. She was played by Dame Helen Mirren in the controversial 1979 movie Caligula. The ring is the star attraction at a selling exhibition of over 100 engraved gems collected by Royal jewellers Wartski opening on Monday. The exhibition has sparked worldwide interest, with collectors from as far afield as Japan queueing outside their premises days before to be first through the door.

Woman who thought she had ingrown hair on vagina diagnosed with rare cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA: This woman assumed that a small bump on her labia was an INGROWN HAIR but was ‘paralysed with fear’ when she was diagnosed with a rare form of vulvar cancer in her twenties. When project manager, Marisa Strupp (29) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, found a small bump on her inner labia in March 2018, she visited her doctor and dermatologist who gave her the impression it was nothing to worry about as the skin around it was healthy. Due to the sensitive location of the bump Marisa wanted to get it removed and it was recommended that she visited a gynaecologist. Busy with work commitments, Marisa booked in with her gynaecologist in mid-August 2018 who removed the bump and then sent it for testing to make sure that it wasn’t anything more sinister. On September 7, 2018, Marisa received the devastating phone call that she had stage 2 vulvar melanoma. On September 19, she underwent a three-hour surgery to remove the tumour and four central nodes as the cancer had spread to one of them which pushed her up to a stage 3b diagnosis. Following surgery Marisa was referred for immunotherapy treatment, Opdivo, which was 12 treatments over the space of a year with her last session being on September 9, this year. Marisa is waiting for her scan results and if everything comes back clear, she will need to be monitored every four to six months. Marisa’s cancer is very rare and tends to develop in much older women and when she was first diagnosed, she found it difficult to connect with anyone her age who had the same cancer, so she started sharing her journey on Instagram. Through Instagram she has connected with hundreds of women who are going through a similar cancer fight and has been able to find support in her friends and family both in real life and online when she has been going through the extreme side effects of her treatment.

Red squirrels jump from branches looking like Superman

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible pictures capturing red squirrels show them jumping in mid-air, in a Superman-like pose, as they jump to collect nuts. The pictures of the endangered species were captured by amateur photographer Gary Bruce, in a patch of woodland just outside the East of Inverness, Scotland. The wildlife enthusiast, who's been visiting the red squirrels at least five times a week for the last four years to feed them, said he doesn't always photograph them but he always make sure to refill the feeders.