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Hairdresser, 22, spends £11k on fillers, Botox, a boob job and Brazilian butt lift – but insists beauty comes from within

***EXCLUSIVE*** OSLO, NORWAY: Meet the hairdresser who has spent more than £11K on fillers, Botox, a boob job and Brazilian butt lift and whilst she admits that surgery is addictive and is planning more, she insists that beauty comes from within. Growing up, hairdresser, Adelin Moeel (22) from Oslo, Norway, says she was ‘fat and tall’ which meant that she struggled to fit in with her classmates and was made to feel like an outsider as she was ridiculed for her weight of 18st 5lb in her teens. This made Adelin feel like there was something wrong with her and that she had to change her appearance to fit in. At 18, 5ft 8in Adelin’s weight dropped to 9st 1lb as she suffered from anorexia and bulimia, she restricted what she ate to 800-calories a day and ran daily, and if she ate too much, she would make herself sick. Around the same time, she started to get lip fillers and Botox which she has topped up every six months and gradually over time she became fed up of making herself sick and decided to get better without medical help. Now Adelin is a super healthy and gorgeously curvy 13st 5lb and in March 2019 she decided to fly to Turkey to have a Brazilian butt lift, a procedure where fat is taken from the stomach, thighs and sides and inserted into the butt. Adelin had always felt insecure about her breasts and in May this year she had 625cc implants, increasing her cup size from a B to DD. The procedures have given Adelin the confidence she didn’t have as a teenager and she shares pictures of her incredible look on Instagram under the handle, @adelinmoeel, where she is inundated with messages from men who compliment her on her look. Adelin has spent £11,165 (125,000 NOK) on her procedures and she hopes to have a tummy tuck, a further Brazilian butt lift, butt implants and another breast augmentation one day. Despite this, the hairdresser says that beauty comes from within and that life doesn’t start after surgery.