Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A British watersports expert has become the first person to windsurf solo around the whole of western Europe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jono Dunnett, 45, from Clacton, Essex started his record-breaking, 15,000 mile  expedition along the coastlines of western Europe in May 2017. He began on the Norway-Russia border, and braved choppy waters and frostbite conditions passing through Sweden, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and Turkey.

Horse-riding teenager, 14, 'choked to death on her own blood after she breathed in MOULD from stables

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 14-year-old died after she caught a one-in-a-million fungal infection - by breathing in mould. Jade Owens was "full of life" just three weeks before a rare fungal infection which killed off the inside of her throat, airways and passageways to her lungs. The keen horse rider was suffering from a suspected chest infection but when it wouldn't shift, medics ordered extra tests. It revealed she had type one diabetes and she was put in an induced coma to save her life.

Artist opens New York felt delicatessen

A new series of sculptures by Lucy Sparrow in Rockefeller Center is almost tasty enough to eat. Premiering to the public tomorrow, "Lucy Sparrow’s Delicatessen on 6th" lets you wander through bright deli counters. Just don't come hungry, or you'll definitely be disappointed by the lack of anything edible. The artist has come to be known for her painstakingly detailed installations of food sculptures made entirely out of felt. Booths are overflowing with joyful felt sculptures of fish, cheese, chocolates and fruit, the swiss cheese, asparagus and fruit tarts.

Banksy opens high street shop in London - but no one can ever go inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** A run-down high street is at the centre of the British art scene after a new exhibition popped up - by BANKSY. The anonymous graffiti artist appears to have taken over an entire shop in Croydon, south London. The unexpected exhibition contains some of the British artist's newest works - including the bulletproof vest worn by Croydon-born Stormzy during his Glastonbury headline set. Locals said the exhibition, dubbed Gross Domestic Product, opened this morning (Tues), and they had no idea it was going on.

Hero police officer stabbed with machete preparing to return to work

***EXCLUSIVE*** PC Stuart Outten, Britain's bravest police officer who was stabbed in the head and arm with a machete as he tried to stop a van suspected of having no insurance in Leyton August 2019. Pc Stuart Outten — unveiled today as the first recipient of the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 London Hero Award — he wants to go back on the beat to protect Londoners so they aren’t afraid to walk the streets.

Awe-inspiring pictures show herd of white Camargue horses charging through Rhone River in southern France

***EXCLUSIVE*** A herd of horses gallop powerfully through the water of a river, throwing up plumes of spray. The 20 strong group of Camargue horses are pictured charging through the Rhone River in southern France. Their owner tries in vain to keep up with the herd, as they gallop into the water that runs through the Camargue forest.

Gang who stole millions of pounds worth of property from luxury homes jailed for 27 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A burglary gang thought to have made a fortune after being linked to hundreds of break-ins at wealthy homes are facing jail at Birmingham Crown Court, October 1, 2019.  The four men, all from Romania, were part of a sophisticated gang that took advantage of dark winter nights between November 2018 and January 2019, to target affluent properties, for jewellery and other valuables, before flying back to Romania in the New Year.  Catalin Zaharia and Constantin Stoian, both 29, Marian Molocia, 27, and Daniel Stoean, 35, admitted conspiracy to burgle.  A fifth person, Florina Spiru, 27, was found guilty of money laundering after a trial but cleared of the burglary charge.

A multi-million pound estate where an historic piece of art gifted to Elton John by Freddie Mercury just after his death was painted has gone up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** The remains of Penance Cottage, also known as Tukes Cottage after renowned artist Henry Scott Tuke, is on the market. The artist lived at the idyllic property in Falmouth, Cornwall, from 1885 until his death in 1929. Elton John owns several pieces of his artwork which were painted within the grounds of the shoreline estate - which is now available for £2.5M.