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Canadian man moved to London to support his long-distance girlfriend just DAYS after she was diagnosed with cancer - despite only meeting months before and never living in the same city

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: Despite only having been on ONE DATE, this woman’s boyfriend moved from Vancouver to London to be with her after her shocking cancer diagnosis, and she admits that cancer made their love stronger. Global brand ambassador, Emily Gosling (31) from Bermuda, who moved to Ontario, Canada at 14 had been working for the family’s rum business since 2013, which gave her the exciting prospect of relocating to London in January 2018. However, during a business trip to Vancouver in May 2017, Emily met Dave Bulters (31), a wine director for a restaurant selling Emily’s brand of rum. The pair hit it off instantly, but Emily was aware that she was moving to London, so nothing came of it. Relocating to Clapham was an exciting new challenge for Emily. However, just a few months later, Emily returned to Vancouver for another business trip, during which she saw Dave again and the pair went on their first date. Although they knew they wouldn’t get to live in the same city for a year until Emily moved back to Canada, they both felt there was something good between them and they opted to try long distance. Dave and Emily spoke about how they’d decorate a flat together and what trips they would take when they were reunited. Dave even found a flat and the lease began in April 2019, so Emily intended to move to Vancouver for that. However, after experiencing night sweats, bloating, kidney pain and fatigue for a few weeks, Emily saw her GP who referred her for an ultrasound. The results of the ultrasound looked troubling, so Emily had an emergency MRI and the following day she was diagnosed with germ cell ovarian cancer on March 19, 2019. Within a week of her diagnosis, Dave flew to London to be with Emily, and as the cancer was aggressive, she began chemotherapy immediately, followed by surgery to remove the seven-inch tumour. The cancer diagnosis derailed the couple’s plans to live together, but Dave made the decision to quit his job in Vancouver to move to London so he could support Emily. Emily believes that the months spent living together in London deeply strengthened their relationship because he remained by her side throughout her battle.

Amputees have been able to 'feel' their robotic leg and foot for the first time after scientists 'merged' their leg with their bionic limb by connecting it to nerves in the thigh

***EXCLUSIVE*** The breakthrough also reduces their risk of strokes and heart attacks by making it easier to walk. And it cures phantom limb pain - a common condition in which pain messages are transmitted to the brain from a body part that is no longer there. Study leader Professor Stanisa Raspopovic explained: "We showed less mental effort is needed to control the bionic leg. "The amputee feels as though their prosthetic limb belongs to their own body." It's hoped the technique will boost the health and quality of life of millions who have lost limbs in wars or accidents. Scientists say we are on the cusp of merging humans with machines - from smart exo-skeletons that help paralysed people walk to 'super-soldiers' with X-ray vision. Serbian-born Djurica Resanovic who lost his leg in a motorbike accident several years ago in Belgrade is among three participants who used the prototype in trials.

Never before seen photographs of George Harrison's spiritual trip to India that influenced the rest of The Beatles to later visit have been unearthed over 50 years later

***EXCLUSIVE*** The late Beatle found the 1966 pilgrimage to the sub-continent liberating and persuaded the rest of the band to go back with him 18 months later. Their famous visit and stay with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's yoga retreat had a significant influence in the music the Fab Four went on to produce. The six colour faded photos show George with his wife Patti Boyd with sitar player Ravi Shankar and friends sitting among ancient ruins and a selfie of him on a beach. Being sold alongside the snaps is a quilted orange jacket that George wore in India and left behind in 1967.