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LifeStraw, filters your water to remove micro plastics

***EXCLUSIVE*** Inventors have created a new straw which gets rid of microplastics in drinking water and reduces the need for single use plastic bottles. The "LifeStraw Universal" is capable of filtering the equivalent of 8,000 single use plastic bottles and can be attached to almost any reusable water bottle. It filters out 99 per cent of bacteria, parasites and microplastics as well as reducing the levels of chlorine in the water. It is hoped that LifeStraw's invention will also reduce the amount of plastic getting into the water by allowing users to attach it to their own reusable bottles.

Mom left with gaping hole in foot after suspected wart revealed to be cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rachel Solvason, 40, from Fernhill Heath, Worcester, was left with a „gaping hole” in her foot after having the tumour removed.  She said: „It started in summer 2016 when I felt what I thought was a piece of glass stuck in the bottom of my foot. Eventually it grew into what looked like a verruca. I treated it with over-the-counter cream, but nothing seemed to work. By Christmas it had become the size of a penny and was quite sore to walk on.” She was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in January 2017, six months after first noticing the sore spot on her foot.

Dangerous car tyre covered in huge bulges spotted on the school run

***EXCLUSIVE*** Officers were baffled when they discovered a car with a front tyre covered in alien-like BUBBLES. Derbyshire Public Protection Team officers stopped the dozy driver as they dropped their children off at school on Monday (30/9).  The team tweeted pictures of the bubbly tyre along with a warning to other motorists to check their cars are roadworthy.  TeamPPODerby tweeted: "Good Spot Officer!

Grey killer whale calf stands out in the pod

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare grey killer whale stands out from its family as it plays with them after a hunt. Unlike typical black and white killer whales, this young albino orca is grey and white. These photographs capture the one-year-old orca making a splash with its family as it engages in playful jostling and tail slaps. Whale researcher Gary Sutton, 34, photographed this behaviour - which is typical of whales after a hunt - at Cowichan Bay in Vancouver Island, Canada.