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A woman born with two wombs, two cervix and two VAGINAS has defied the odds by becoming a mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eleanor Rowe, 36, only discovered her unique anatomy five years ago when she went to freeze her eggs and a sonographer found her second womb. The 3D scan showed an abnormality which led doctors to believe Eleanor had a double uterus - a rare abnormality which affects one in every 3,000 people women.  But it was only when doctors carried out an investigatory procedure that she actually had the rarer form of uterus didelphys - with two wombs, two cervix and two vagina.

Mum, 45, and her daughter, 24 are regularly mistaken for sisters - and mum’s youthful looks mean only men in their twenties are interested in her

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 45-year old mother and her 23-year-old daughter have claimed they are always mistaken for SISTERS - and that her mum’s youthful looks mean only men in their TWENTIES are interested in her. Despite their 20-year age gap, mother Minel Stennett and her social media influencer daughter Micha Wright explained how they are best friends who love going on nights out with her daughter’s younger mates and taking selfies together. The mum-and-daughter pair went viral this summer when Micha posted a photo of her mum dressed in one of her daughter’s ab-baring outfits on Twitter - with people struggling to believe that Minel was her mother.  Daughter Misha said that she is used to the attention her mum gets from men who are the same age as her and she loves knowing that she will look like just her mother in 20 years time.

Mother-of-three, 30, whose family LAUGHED at her bodybuilding dreams proves them all wrong by competing in bikini competitions - while proudly showing off loose postpartum skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: After being laughed at by her family for vowing to compete in bodybuilding after having twins this mum-of-three proved them wrong and embraces her loose skin on stage – now she wants to show other mums they can get their bodies back after pregnancy. Personal trainer, Courtney Standridge (30) who lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA, first got into fitness to help with stress and anxiety seven years ago when she met her now husband, Kyle (32) after she stopped smoking because he wouldn’t date a smoker. In the beginning Courtney would run at night so no one could see her but eventually she joined a gym in June 2012, and she fell in love with working out. Courtney and Kyle started to try for a baby in 2014 and she was diagnosed with hypothyroid, PCOS and was told that she may not be able to conceive as she wasn’t ovulating, a year later. With Courtney being just 26, the couple were devastated but through diet, exercise and prayer, Courtney fell pregnant with her twins, Mason and Sedona (both 3) in June 2016. Halfway through her twin pregnancy, Courtney’s mum, who also had twins, asked her if she was sad to lose her fitness and figure but when she said that she planned to compete in bodybuilding after giving birth, she was laughed at which made Courtney even more determined to prove her family wrong. Just nine months after giving birth to her twins, Courtney competed in a bikini division and placed sixth. Getting up on the stage showed Courtney that she is capable of anything and 16-months after giving birth to her third child, Elijah (1) in February 2018, she competed again, placing third and fourth. Courtney is proud of her body for bringing her three beautiful children into the world and she is the most physically and mentally strong she has been in her life. Despite her muscular physique, Courtney has loose skin on her tummy which she is proud of and she embraces when up on stage. After having her twins, Courtney weighed 12st 4lb and after giving birth to Elijah she weighed 13st 3lb. She now weighs 10st 5lb and works out five to six days a week and goes on walks with her children every day. She shares her fitness journey on Instagram under the handle, @court_vital_fit, and she hopes to show other mums that it is possible to get their bodies back after pregnancy and childbirth.

3-years-old golf ace uses sport to help cope with death of dad and can hit 100 yards

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little George Hughes can already drive, pitch and putt the ball despite only celebrating his third birthday last month.   His longest shot to date is 100 yards and earlier this year he completed an entire hole for the first time in 11 shots. The little lad regularly takes to the course with his own set of clubs and a tiny glove but he can't wear golf shoes or clothing yet as no brand make them in his size.  George's golf mad granddad Tony Sedgwick, 48, sparked the youngster's love of the game when he bought him a set of plastic toy clubs 18 months ago. "It's really fun going to the golf range and to the golf course with my granddad," George said. "I love whacking the golf ball."

Incredible photos show LA’s deadliest street gangs posing with guns and taking drugs in the 1980s

***EXCLUSIVE*** These extraordinary images give an intimate look inside some of Los Angeles’ deadliest street gangs in the 1980s. The groundbreaking photographs - taken by Merrick Morton - provide a rare and provocative insight into the day-to-day lives of LA’s Mexican-American mobs at the very height of the powers. The images show the members of notorious criminal street gangs such as Venice 13; El Hoyo MaraVilla; Elm Street Watts and 18th Street. In the pictures, gangsters are seen pictured proudly posing with their guns and shooting up the Class-A drugs which formed a large part of their illegal activities for the camera.

These amazing pictures show Britain's biggest private collection of FLAGS including every country in the world - which an OAP keeps stored in his bungalow

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Adlam, 74, has four flagpoles at his home in Cheltenham, Glos. - two in the front and two in the back. The retired painter and decorator hoists a different flag up each day and has an information board out the front so people know what they are looking at. He owns a staggering 680 flags in total including every US state and English county and his own personal crest.

Frozen secret

***EXCLUSIVE*** GREENLAND: Striking photos captured by a British photographer show a 78-year-old schooner seemingly frozen in time under a magnificent ice archway in Greenland – which is only accessible for six-weeks of the year. The awe-inspiring shot was snapped recently in Scoresbysund in Greenland, part of the largest fjord system in the world. Usually only accessible by dogsled, there is a brief six-week window every year where the ice retreats back enough to let boats enter the frozen waters. The incredible photo, which has been splashed across social media of late, was shot by London-born photographer Joe Shutter (30). Other remarkable shots include a bird’s eye view of Greenland’s magnificent ice cliffs and an unusual view of the ice archway, giving it the appearance of a crashing tidal wave.

A wandering tourist photographed a cloudy sky in Belgium - eerily similar to Vincent van Gogh's famous The Starry Night painting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doron Berlin, 31, was on holiday in ancient medieval town Bruges last July when she happened on the incredible sight. Struck by the sky's resemblance to Dutch painter Van Gogh's 19th-century masterpiece, Doron stood transfixed before reaching for her camera.  He captured the sight of swirling clouds of blue and grey set against the brilliant sun and spires near Bruges' Belfry bell tower. The canadian oncologist described the moment as "magical and beautiful". Doron said: "The clouds were particularly striking, and the effect of the sun shining into the camera created a very interesting vortex-type look. "That, mixed with the amazing architecture in Bruges and good lighting all came together for a great oil-on-canvas feel."

A mum has spoken of her horror after finding out her "healthy" daughter had suffered a stroke aged just ten

***EXCLUSIVE*** Single-mother Hayley Clark, 44, said her daughter, Gracie Whittick, suffered from a stroke last Thursday (26/9) while she was getting ready for school.  The primary school student had just finished her breakfast at around 8am to go and get dressed for school when she collapsed on the floor and was discovered by her mum.  The mother-of-four said: "It was all completely out of the blue. There were no warning signs at all, she was fine before.  "She was getting ready for school and the next second she was on the floor.  "It happened in seconds. I thought she had fainted on the floor and I had to get her to come around. I got on the phone to the ambulance straight away.  "The right side of her face was drooping. She couldn’t lift her arms, move her arms or legs.  "We are all in shock, her right arm is very weak and her memory is bad. She started walking now, but she can't walk for long she still has a wheelchair."

British farmer prepares for Brexit by importing Nazi-engineered cows

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British farmer is preparing for Brexit by importing NAZI-engineered - COWS. Derek Gow, 54, is creating a safari which will include a range of exotic animals such as wild boar, English wild cats - and a herd of Heck cows. The breed of Heck were engineered by German zoologist brothers Heinz and Lutz Heck, who were commissioned by the Nazis. Derek has now imported them onto his farm in Lifton, Devon, so his business can continue to flourish once Britain leaves the EU.

Girl, 1, rushed to hospital after drinking Poundstretcher blackcurrant juice ‘smelling like nail varnish remover’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pound shop chain has removed a fruit juice from all its shelves - after a toddler who drank it was rushed to hospital. Hunter Easterbrook became ill after drinking Poundstretcher's own-brand blackcurrant juice drink Cool Crush. The one-year-old was on her second bottle when she raised alarm by spitting the juice out. Her petrified parents rushed her to Accident and Emergency on the advice of NHS 111 call handlers where she was kept under observation for several hours.

Lion cubs play with plastic bottle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lion cubs wrestle over an empty plastic bottle they have scavenged from the side of the road. The two siblings, who are around four months old, play with the discarded single-use plastic bottle in the middle of an African national park. Italian photographer Fabrizio Bignotti, 55, captured the scene at Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Remarkable 'time warp' Royal archive amassed by the Queen's dressmaker

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable 'time warp' Royal archive amassed by the Queen's dressmaker has been found inside his old country home. The late Ian Thomas was a dress designer for members of the Royal Family, including Her Majesty, for over 30 years. As an apprentice he worked alongside the renowned fashion designer Norman Hartnell on creating the Queen's coronation dress in 1953. His archive includes embroidered samples of the gown worn by Elizabeth II for the historic ceremony in Westminster Abbey that was broadcast to millions. Mr Thomas also designed outfits for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.