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A baby who was poisoning his own brain was saved by his dad who underwent a 10-hour operation to donate part of his liver

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Callan Price, now 17-months-old, was rushed away by doctors when he was first born and fell into a coma when he was four-days-old. His distraught parents Matt Price, 39 and his wife Jen Price, 36, were told the devastating news that their baby boy may not make it through the night.

A man is literally half the person he used to be after losing a whopping TWENTY STONE in the space of just 12 months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Darren 'Dibsy' McClintock embarked on the epic weight loss journey last October after doctors warned he was "eating himself to death".  In the months since Dibsy has lost the equivalent amount of weight as hulking Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This time last year he couldn't walk up the stairs, wear a seat belt, fit in the bath or travel on public transport.  But since turning his life around the 28-year-old has competed in the Great North Run, fought in a charity boxing match and climbed Ben Nevis.  Six weeks ago he went 'official' with a new girlfriend, who he met after receiving some messages of support over Facebook.

The heartwarming friendship between two elderly donkeys has been captured on camera as they playfully share a rubber tyre between them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ricky, 16, and Fergal, 13, have been friends for years whilst living together at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon. The furry friends often play together, as the charity encourages the donkeys to socialise to keep their spirits high. Fergal has been a long term resident at The Donkey Sanctuary for the past decade and is well beloved by donkeys and humans.

Britain’s „most hated woman” said she has been run out of town by abusive trolls whose death threats leave her „fearing for my life”

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mum-of-three Carla Bellucci, 38, said she’s too scared to walk down the street after enduring months of abuse from trolls who have made her life „hell”. She claims to have been the victim of hateful rants and online tirades from strangers telling her she’d be „better off dead” and calling her vile names. According to Carla the abuse started in June after she appeared on ITV’s This Morning show defending her decision to fake having depression to get £7,000 NHS nose job. Former private health care worker, Carla, reckons it’s no longer safe for her and her three children - Jermaine, 16, Tanisha, 14 and Jayden Nurse, 12 - to stay in Borehamwood. The family have been living in the town since 2015 but Carla claims hateful trolls have made it almost impossible to live in the town anymore. Carla said her car and house are pelted with eggs on a weekly basis and she’s been left no option but to end the tenancy at her rented three-bed in the town.

A young mum captured the entertaining moment a cockapoo got jealous of his best mate's new toy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Abigail Johnson, 24, had bought her son Charlie, 18 months, a new toy of a miniature barking dog on 25 September. She gave Charlie the toy to play with in their living room in Portsmouth but had no idea she'd receive such a boisterous reaction from their puppy Lola. Lola, 5 months, stared suspiciously at the new toy before flying into a fit of jealousy at the attention Charlie was giving the fake dog.

Louis Vuitton launches a mini luggage for AirPods

***EXCLUSIVE*** Everyone knows the real most popular accessory of fashion month was Apple‘s AirPods. Louis Vuitton have picked up on the trend and produced their very own luxe cases for the wireless earphones.