Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An intrepid great grandfather-of-12 who has been globe-trotting for most of his life still plans to continue - at the grand age of 84

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leo Duffy has travelled to almost every corner of the world over the last 60 years, visiting 52 countries across six continents. He first embarked on his journey of a lifetime as a fresh-faced 24-year-old, crossing the Sahara, climbing the Hoggar Mountains and walking across Tassili Plato towards Niger. Leo undertook his early expeditions solo as his wife of 58 years, Angela, 81, took care of the family hardware business and looked after their five children.

Meet the pampered puppy whose doting owners spent over £15,000 in six months to keep him in the lap of luxury - and he's even modelled for VOGUE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pedigree Pomeranian Burly, seven months, also boasts a host of famous friends including actors Lily Collins, Daniel Radcliffe, Keely Hawes and Nichols Hoult as well as funny man, Alan Carr. Cultured Burly regularly enjoys nights out at the cinema or theatre and has a regular pampering session at an exclusive doggy parlour, Le Chien, in West London. Owner, Michael O'Hagan, 34, from London, prides himself on giving fluff ball Burly the best of the best - including a diet of specialist 'raw' dog food, sleeping on a £3k cashmere blanket and eating from Tiffany china worth over £250.

Amazing pictures show dozens of superyachts glow as super rich and celebs party off the coast of Monaco

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dozens of superyachts glow in the dark as they anchor in the water off the billionaire's playground of Monaco. The multi-million pounds vessels appear to radiate once night falls at the glamorous Monaco Yacht Show. An estimated £3.5bn worth of boats were on display during the show at Port Hercules which has been showcasing the world's most luxurious vessels every year for almost three decades.  More than 100 yachts are exhibited at the show, ranging in length from 60 metres to 150 metres.

Starving polar bear

***EXCLUSIVE*** GREENLAND: Heartbreaking photos of an emaciated polar bear struggling to stand have emerged – as retreating sea ice and climate change continues to threaten the endangered species’ survival. Harrowing shots captured in Greenland by a British-Brazilian photographer show a gaunt polar bear straining to stand up; its skeletal frame protruding through its sagging skin as it struggles to walk; and the poor creature’s mud-dappled snout pointing dejectedly towards the camera. The upsetting images were captured by London-born photographer, Joe Shutter (30) whilst on a recent expedition to Greenland.

A rare collection of first edition James Bond novels are set to be up for grabs at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The titles will go under the hammer at Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh on October 9, which includes a first edition copy of Fleming’s first novel, Casino Royale - with an estimated price of £12,000 to £18,000. Notably, the book is inscribed by Ian Fleming, saying: „Alastair, from the Author, Read & Burn.” Published on April 13, 1953, the reverse of the dust-jacket for „Casino Royale” describes Fleming, stating: „Ian Fleming is 44. Like his brother Peter, the more famous author, he was educated at Eton.”

A fragment of original wallpaper found hidden in a cupboard at the Jane Austen Museum

***EXCLUSIVE*** The room in which celebrated author Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice has finally been recreated after a fragment of the original wallpaper was found hidden in a cupboard and it has now been replicated on all four walls.  Workers at the Jane Austen House Museum discovered the small piece of wallpaper hidden by pipework inside the top cupboard of the house's dining room, where she penned the literary classic in 1813. The bright green 'arsenic' vine leaf wallpaper would have adorned the walls as she also wrote pieces such as Sense and Sensibility while living in the house in Chawton, Hants in the early 19th century.  Following the surprise discovery, the museum contracted specialist wallpaper designers to recreate it so the room could be authentically reconstructed as it had been when she wrote there.

Flamingos on drying lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of flamingos leave a trail behind them as they fly over an evaporating lake.  The trails are left by the pink birds as their feet brush the shallow water while they fly across it. The aerial photographs, which show the flamingos migrating in search of warmer climates, also capture their shadows and a stunning mountain range in the background.  Amateur photographer Musa Keskin, 33, said Lake Yarisli, Turkey, used to be four metres deep however it is now only 70cm.

Hasankeyf’s fall - the flooding of an ancient city

Turkey, Hasankeyf: The village lies in a unique cultural landscape on the Tigris. People have been supposed to settle here for around 12,000 years. But soon Hasankeyf will sink under the water level of a huge reservoir. About 70 kilometres further downstream, the new Ilisu Megadam has started work and has been damming water for several weeks. According to local authorities, the heart of the small city centre is to be evacuated by 8 October. Many houses will then be demolished there. The people have to move to a new town, which they had largely boycotted for a long time. Towards the end of the year the water will reach Hasankeyf.