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A teenage writer has teamed up with her favourite children’s author to work on a novel together -despite a 66-year age difference

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taryn Everdeen, 18, from Norwich, was a huge fan of the work of historical fiction author Carolyn Meyer, 84, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Taryn wrote an email to Carolyn to thank her for her writing three years ago, and to her delight, Carolyn wrote back suggesting they collaborate on a project. They settled on a time-travel plot involving Roanoke Island, North Carolina, as well as a teenage boy in present-day US and a girl living in Happisburgh, Norfolk, in the 1500s. The pair sent ideas to each other across via Google Docs, with Carolyn coming to visit Taryn last year and Taryn making a trip out to the USA over the summer, after she finished her A-Levels. The pair now have a first draft of Mirror of Time which they plan to give to Carolyn’s agent and gauge interest from publishers. Taryn returns from her trip to the USA and plans to work as a portrait photographer during her gap year before potentially starting university next year.

Toddler is one of just 150 people in the world with leukodystrophy H-ABC - a disease which attacks the nervous system - and his parents are looking for a miracle cure

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum forced to watch an ultra-rare disease slowly rob her four-year-old son of the milestones he fought so hard to reach is seeking a miracle cure. Little Frankie Sheridan-Hill was slow to learn to sit and crawl but his determined attitude soon saw him chasing after his little brother using his walking frame. Initially diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his proud parents hoped he'd still one day live a long and independent life. But earlier this year they were dealt a devastating blow - he may be one of just 150 people in the world with leukodystrophy H-ABC.

These adorable photos capture the moment two harvest mice share an intimate kiss

***EXCLUSIVE*** An intimate photograph shows the adorable moment two Harvest Mice share a first kiss. The cute mice were spotted appearing to kiss whilst stood on wheat plants in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Amateur photographer Craig Maisfield captured the adorable image of the mice at a wildlife photography workshop. His cute photo of the tiny mice shows the pair clinging onto the strands of wheat delicately touching lips.