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Groom rushed into brain surgery on would-be wedding day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bride and groom missed their wedding when the husband-to-be was rushed into brain surgery on the big day. Jessica Dhans, 30, spent her special day watching as Timothy Berty, 25, was wheeled into the ER where doctors removed the left side of his skull due to an abscess on his brain. Timothy, a mechanic, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, woke up from a medically induced coma two days later and his first words to Jessica were: “You, me, forever.” The couple tied the knot on October 2 2018, ten days after their original wedding date, in an impromptu hospital room ceremony with just seven guests.

„My identical twin girls were saved by laser surgery in the womb”

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alexandra Heavey, 38, had the emergency procedure at St George’s hospital, Tooting, eight days after a 16-week scan showed an uneven volume of amniotic fluid around the twins. During the procedure, an instrument called a fetoscope is inserted via a cut in the abdominal wall and uterus. A laser fibre is inserted into the fetoscope to seal off blood vessels in the placenta, so both babies receive a more equal supply of blood. Excess amniotic fluid is also removed. If left untreated, there was a 90 per cent chance neither would have survived.

The largest collection of James Bond film posters and rarities is due to go under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world’s largest collection of James Bond posters worth over a quarter of a million quid is going under the hammer. The huge offering of 007 memorabilia includes a host of rarities, including a set of US door panel posters for 1965 thriller Thunderball which could fetch an eye-watering £30,000. Other items include a bespoke poster for Goldfinger designed for the Subway in the US worth up to £8,000 and a set of posters for every Bond film - from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig - between 1962 and 2012, which could bring in over £10,000. There are nearly 500 posters on sale in total, with prices ranging from £50 to £30,000.

Student, 22, and boyfriend, 48, 'get stared at' because of their 26-year age gap

***EXCLUSIVE*** LADYSMITH, SOUTH AFRICA: People stare at this couple because of their TWENTY-SIX YEAR age gap and they admit they worry about what their children will think when they are older. University student, Ayesha Parks (22) from Ladysmith, South Africa, met self-employed worker, Patrick Wells (48) from Rosmalen, The Netherlands, online in November 2016. Their relationship initially started off as a casual thing as they had both just came out of relationships. Throughout the year of dating and getting to know each other, they fell for each other. They both currently live in Cape Town, South Africa, and despite being still married but separated from his wife, by 2018 they had fallen in love and Patrick was divorced. Ayesha, who has a six-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, says that she gets on well with Patrick’s 12-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter from his previous marriage. Despite receiving stares from strangers due to their age gap, they insist that this does not bother them and while their family were initially concerned about their relationship, they are now accepting of them together.

After years of searching, a stunned books expert has uncovered his second hardback Harry Potter first edition within a matter of months - potentially worth £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** In July, Jim Spencer watched a Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first edition, which he’d found in Staffordshire, sell for £28,500 at Hansons Auctioneers. Now he’s hoping history will repeat itself because he’s discovered a second genuine hardback first edition - this time in Lancashire - and says the condition and scarcity value mean it’s potentially worth even more. It will go under the hammer at Hansons on October 10 with a guide price of £25,000-£30,000. But the Harry Potter bonanza doesn’t stop there. The sale also includes 11 more Harry Potter first editions - one signed by J K Rowling - all unearthed following worldwide publicity generated by the July sale. In total, the books are expected to sell for between £35,000-£40,000.

Race organisers threaten to BAN runner, 35, if he continues to push his three-year-old daughter around 10k course in a PRAM due to safety fears

***EXCLUSIVE*** A runner of a 10K has been left furious after he was warned he will be banned from competing - if he pushes his daughter in a pram through the race. Devoted dad Dez O'Connor, 35, ran in the charity race and took his daughter, Elsie, with him - in a special running pram. But after he finished Dez, from Plymouth, Devon, got a letter from the organisers, Event West, saying that they had received reports that he ran with a pram. In the letter, they said that no action would be taken at this stage but that he would be banned if he did it again in the future.

Woman who ballooned to 21st sheds almost half her body weight because she couldn't face being the 'fat bridesmaid' at a family wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 27-year-old super slimmer has worn a bikini for the first time EVER after she sensationally shed almost nine stone. Danielle Richmond was a size 26 just two years ago as she tipped the scales at 21st 5lb. But she dropped a staggering six dress sizes after being asked to be a bridesmaid at her father's wedding and is now a slimline 13st 1lb. Danielle, 27, could not even vacuum the stairs at work without getting out of breath and decided to take action when she had a health scare after a holiday in Tenerife.

Steam Pinnace 199 renovation

***EXCLUSIVE*** An historic 100 year old Royal Navy steam ship has finally been returned to its former glory after a painstaking restoration process. The 50ft-long Steam Pinnace 199 is believed to be the last remaining boat of its type in operational service. For years, the significance of the boat, which was built in 1911, was lost on various owners and it languished at the side of the Thames for more than 20 years as a static houseboat. Her steam engine was even replaced by a petrol engine. However, before the vessel disappeared forever beneath a Thames mud bank, she was recognised for the proud little ship she once was and rescued by a group of volunteers, who called themselves Group 199.