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Hairdresser goes viral with incredible videos of bald men transformed by modern-day “toupees" - which last over six months

***EXCLUSIVE*** A HAIRDRESSER has gone viral on TikTok with his incredible videos of bald men transformed by non-surgical hair replacements – which give traditional toupées a run for their money. Hairstylist Phil Ring, 31, from Rhode Island online sensation with his videos showing him giving bald men new hairpieces that look astonishingly realistic and last for over six months. His before-and-after clips on TikTok (@phildoeshair) have amassed a whopping 200 million views and his modern-day toupées have stunned social media users.  Phil uses hairpieces made by Hairskeen USA on his male clients. Unlike traditional toupees which have to be removed every day, Phil’s non-surgical replacements last between two to six months. The whole process takes up to 3 hours and whilst invasive hair transplant surgery can cost upwards of £7,000, Phil charges £650 ($850) for the first hair-replacement service. Re-attachment services afterwards vary between a modest £140 to £150 ($175 to $210).

Meet the pooches so pampered they have their own £15,000 designer wardrobe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Leone Galler, 52, shops around on the high street for her own clothes, but only the top doggy designers will do for her two boys, Romeo and Reggie. The pampered pooches even have their own designer car seats, and only drink bottled water. Both stay at home mother-of-two Leone and dog Reggie enjoy pampering sessions every six weeks, with Reggie's regular trip to the dog groomers costing £45 each time.

A transgender man is desperately fundraising for £6,000 surgery to have his breast tissue removed - as he feels he "can't keep living in this body"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Born as a female, 22-year-old Miko Tagara knew from an early age that he was not comfortable growing up as a girl. He would baulk at the dresses his mother dressed him in, and says that hearing his birth name used to make him cringe. Brave Miko, from Bedminster, Bristol, came out as bisexual five years ago, and as a transgender male in March of this year. But Miko says he will continue to suffer from anxiety and depression until he is able to have 'top surgery' to flatten his chest area - and that he is unable to keep living in his current body. Miko said he cannot wait "years and years" for a spot to become available on the NHS - and needs £6,650 to have the surgery performed privately.

Heart-stopping pictures show monster 12ft shark inches from daredevil diver who believes ‘squaring up’ to the predators can calm them down

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW ZEALAND: HEART-STOPPING footage captures the moment a TWELVE-FOOT shark BITES a boat in an aggressive display of dominance – but the scientist who filmed the video says simply ‘SQUARING UP’ with a shark can calm it down. Despite the seemingly vicious attack, shark specialist Riley Elliott (33) is determined to challenge society’s negative view of the sharp-toothed sea creatures and shift it to one of admiration – even explaining how it’s possible to swim alongside the apex predators by radiating confidence, ‘squaring up’ to the deadly fish, and treating it with respect. Aside from the stunning boat footage of a Mako shark attacking the boat, spectacular images show Elliott interacting with awe-inspiring beasts and close ups showing the sleek creature’s lethal array of teeth.

Who’s a good skater boy? Meet the adorable skateboarding dachshund - who can ride stair sets and drop into ramps!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet Rowdy, the cute Dachshund puppy who is giving Tony Hawk a run for his money. Aside from melting hearts, adorable Sausage Dog Rowdy has some serious skills on a skateboard. The rare talent has won legions of fans on Instagram, with videos of her riding huge stair sets and dropping into ramps three times her own height. Rowdy, who hails from laid-back California, shows no fear as she nails tricks that many skateboarders would struggle to do or be too afraid.

A mother and daughter were shocked to discover they had developed breast cancer - at the same time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nicola Szkopinska, 38, only examined herself for lumps after her mum Sheila, 72, broke the news that she had been diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in November 2018. Sheila underwent surgery to remove a 2cm tumour in her left breast and had chemotherapy to treat the secondary cancer that was found in her lymph nodes. The discovery prompted Nicola to check her breasts for the first time and she was stunned to feel a lump in her right boob while in the bath.

A mom contracted a life-threatening blood infection from a TAMPON leaving her in the intensive care unit for four days

***EXCLUSIVE*** Greta Zarate, 32, was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome, a rare and potentially-fatal condition, after she began to experience flu-like symptoms on the first day of her period. The stay-at-home mom, of Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA, was rushed to the ER four days later on February 3 when her fever spiked and her blood pressure dropped dangerously low. The mom-of-five was admitted to the ICU in Onslow Memorial Hospital where an X-ray, ultrasounds and CT scan failed to pinpoint the cause of her declining health.

A university dropout is walking more than 1,000 miles to northern Spain - in a bid to find himself

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barney Rule, 20, was a second year History and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh last semester.He only sat one of his history exams in May, before he decided to pack in his studies and embark on a journey of self-enlightenment and literary inspiration. Ditching the books for a backpack and walking boots, Barney is trekking 1,018 miles from his hometown of Chester, Cheshire to the Spanish town of San Sebastian in the mountainous Basque region.

A quick-thinking cinema usherette who picked up one of Sir Winston Churchill’s trademark cigars decades ago gained rock solid provenance for her find by contacting the man himself

***EXCLUSIVE*** Violet King, an usherette at the London Coliseum in St Martin‚Äôs Lane in the 1950s, was so excited by her political keepsake she wrote to 10 Downing Street to gain the Prime Minister‚Äôs permission to tell her friends about it ‚Äď and he said yes.  Her brush with a political legend occurred in January, 1953, when she was looking after a row of seats at the Coliseum occupied by Churchill and wife Clementine during the film premier of American musical Call Me Madam.

A 14-year-old Border Collie has become a surrogate mum - to a litter of rescued KITTENS who she nurtures as if they were her own

***EXCLUSIVE*** Patient pooch Skye is completely devoted to her six cute 'babies', who she grooms and even cleans after toilet time.  Adorable pictures show the extent of their bond as the days-old orphaned kittens snuggle up to "natural" mum Skye, who doesn't mind being used a climbing frame for them.  The tiny kittens, five girls and one boy, were found by builders at a demolition site and handed into Oak Tree Animal Charity in Wetheral, Cumbria.  Caroline Yon, Skye's owner and intake team leader at the charity, took on the role of foster carer and hand-reared the kittens round the clock.

This is the incredible moment volunteers rescued an exhausted humpback whale being dragged to the seabed after it got caught on fishing nets

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 12m long adult was left fighting for its life after it got its tail caught on lobster pots off one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland. The majestic animal had spent at least a day battling to keep its blowhole above water, but was fast losing its fight when volunteers came to the rescue. Video footage shows the animal - which could have travelled 4,500 miles from the Caribbean - fighting for its life.