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'Human doll' obsessed with Barbie insists she hasn't had plastic surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** LA, USA: Meet the woman who became obsessed with Barbie after her mother REFUSED to buy her one as a child and started stuffing her bra and underwear to create doll-like curves before she even hit PUBERTY – but she claims she has NEVER gone under the knife despite being accused by trolls of being FAKE and PLASTIC. Real estate investor, Marcela Iglesias, who lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, has grown up with a love of Barbie’s appearance. But her mum never bought her one as she wasn’t a fan of it. Surrounded by friends who owned Barbie dolls, Marcela became obsessed with the goal of transforming herself into a human Barbie and before she hit puberty, she would stuff her bra and her bum to create the curves of the doll. Once she hit puberty, her body shape changed and she developed a curvy figure naturally, which helped with her dream of turning into the human doll she craved. She began buying more clothes that matched the look and despite feeling tempted to have procedures to accentuate her figure even more, she was always afraid of plastic surgery. Her hourglass figure has prompted many comments from strangers who have accused her of being ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’ but Marcela insists that despite having had a Spider Webb bum lift, Botox and lip fillers, she has not had plastic surgery. She says her look is made up of contact lenses, wigs, makeup and a variety of Barbie-inspired outfits. She is married to a man, Steven, who loves her look and has been part of her transformation. Over the course of three years, he has undergone procedures such as a platysma plasty, chin implant, Botox, fillers and PDO threads. For Barbie’s 60th anniversary in March 2019, Marcela has released her son Human Doll.

Mum who loves to hunt hits back at trolls who said she should be killed

***EXCLUSIVE*** TEXAS, USA: Meet the mum-of-two whose love of hunting has caused online trolls to say she should be KILLED and MOUNTED like her prey – but she insists she only kills to put food on her family’s table. Business owner, Carly Brasseux (34) from Texas, USA, was first introduced to hunting by her husband, Will (36), who she wanted to connect with in November 2011. She uses a Tika rifle to hunt down wild animals such as deer, Barbary sheep, coyotes, boars and birds. The largest animal she has hunted was a 21st 6Ib Barbary sheep. They use the animals as sources of food and freeze the remains for future consumption. In 2014, Carly and Will welcomed their eldest son and when he got older she began to introduce him to the outdoors. Her aim is to raise her son with an open mind and to make his own decisions regarding hunting. She also has a three-year-old daughter.

Radical sail-powered £90m super yacht that would tour newly-melted arctic channels is designed to raise awareness of climate change

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extraordinary £90 million Arctic super yacht has been designed to perfectly blend in with its frozen landscape - by looking like an iceberg. The bizarre 70 metre 'Fata Morgana' has a bow that resembles a rock formation, and a stern that mimics a giant ice structure. The vessel even boasts an observatory so passengers can enjoy the views of the undisturbed Arctic sky. The Fata Morgana can host 12 guests and 18 crew members -including security staff, a helicopter pilot and scuba instructor - and comes complete with an outdoor swimming pool and helipad.

Girl, 2, falls ill and dies days after Jet2 holiday at ‘disgusting’ four-star Turkey hotel where ‘faeces left in swimming pool'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Allie Brenda Birchall from Atherton, in Manchester, was admitted to hospital with stomach cramps, bloody diarrhoea, lethargy and a loss of appetite shortly after returning from a 10-day break at the Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort and Spa with her mum Katie Dawson and family in July.  She was diagnosed with Shiga-Toxin producing E.Coli (STEC) on 2 August and died the following day after developing Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) which is a known complication of STEC.  HUS is a serious and potentially fatal condition that affects the blood and blood vessels, resulting in the destruction of blood platelets.  It can also cause kidney failure and brain damage.  Following Allie‚Äôs death, her distraught mum Katie has instructed Irwin Mitchell‚Äôs expert international serious injury team to investigate whether Allie‚Äôs illness was linked to her stay at the Turkish resort.

Teen had to catch her own jaw after it was torn off in horse riding smash

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenager had to catch her own jaw after it was torn off in a horrific accident. Emily Eccles's chin and jawbone was left hanging by a 1cm thread of skin after the smash - which left her with one of the worst facial injuries doctors had seen outside a warzone. The 15-year-old smashed into a gatepost while out riding near Baslow, in Derbyshire, in August. Emily was taken to Sheffield Children's Hospital after finding herself on the floor, holding what remained of the bottom of her face in her own hands. But consultant facial reconstructive surgeon Ricardo Mohammed-Ali rebuilt her face in a five-and-a-half hour long operation which was such a success that the teenager was back at school for the start of term, just a month after the accident. Now, two months on, Emily is seeing her scars fade by the day and hoping to persuade her parents to let her ride again.

A 26-year-old man who had a month-long erection after taking Viagra has now been left unable to get it up - AT ALL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nat Thind ended up on the operating table with surgeons taking a scalpel to his penis after ingesting the performance-enhancing pill following a night out this summer. When surgery failed doctors spent three days prodding and probing Nat in a bid to relieve him, but no one was able to put their finger on what had gone wrong. Electrician Nat remained at 'full mast' for the next four weeks frantically fretting over what was happening and somehow coping with the excruciating pain.  He was overcome with relief when his penis finally naturally went flaccid but his happiness turned to horror within days when he realised he was now unable to get an erection at all. In the nine weeks since that frightening moment Nat hasn't been able to get hard or achieve an orgasm and he has no idea if his appendage will ever go back to normal.

Yorkshire chippy Scotts Fish and Chips has become so popular among Chinese tourists that they have open a new shop - IN CHINA!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Yorkshire chippy that became a must-visit destination for Far East tourists has opened up an exact restaurant replica - in CHINA. Scotts Fish and Chips now has a branch in the southwestern city of Chengdu after its popularity soared with Chinese tourists who visited the British outlet in their coachloads. It's understood the restaurant - which sells regular cod and chips for £12.50 - became the chippy of choice because Chinese President Xi Jinping dined there with then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015. It also benefited from tourists using the restaurant as a stop off between York and Castle Howard in North Yorkshire.

Storks in their nest

***EXCLUSIVE*** An enormous colony of storks seem unconcerned by a drone which hovers around them as they nest until their chicks are old enough to fly. Hundreds of Asian Open Bill Storks took over a pair of 'rain trees' in Shibganj Upazila, Bangladesh. The extraordinary flock of birds, which had built their nests all over the 25ft tall Samanea saman trees, appeared remarkably unperturbed as the drone flew little more than 10ft from them. Given how many there were, photographer Abdul Momin admitted he was concerned about shooting them up so close.