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Harlso the dachshund from Belfast, who balances items oin his head and has become a viral sensation

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adorable dachshund has become a viral sensation after balancing a series of random objects on his head. Paul Lavery, 29, was amazed to discover his dog Harlso's "hidden talent" after jokingly placing a squeaky toy on his head and watching as the pup stood still as a statue. Wearing a jazzy bow tie, Harlso miraculously balances various items on his head including a globe, a glass of water and a stack of doughnuts.

Kate Middleton superfan spends £500 every month copying Duchess' elegant style

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA, USA: This Royal superfan spends up to FIVE-HUNDRED-POUNDS a month copying the Duchess of Cambridge’s flawless style and as a fellow busy mum insists the pair have much in common. Rowena Penaranda de Obieta, who is in her forties, from Virginia, USA, grew up with a fascination for royalty and reading the Hola or Hello magazines that her mother, who has Spanish heritage, bought. Rowena admits that she isn’t a natural fashionista but after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in 2010, she started to follow the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion choices and in 2012, her first ‘repli-Kate’ item was Diana’s ring and Kate’s engagement ring, bought for her by her husband. Since then, Rowena has managed to get her hands on 25 exact clothing items worn by the Duchess and 50 ‘repli-Kate’ items, inspired by the royal mum-of-three’s practical outfit choices. Incredible images show Rowena channelling her inner Kate in an array of outfits including the & Other Stories dress she wore to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2019, the Zara summer dress worn by the Duchess to the polo in June 2018 and the famous blue Issa dress worn to announce the royal couple’s engagement in November 2010. Whilst she has always admired the Queen, Rowena admits that the head of the royal family’s fashion choices are difficult to follow but as a mum herself says that the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit choices resonate with her and are practical for everyday life. Their similarities don’t stop there, Rowena shares a passion for the countryside, keeping fit, Downton Abbey and homemade curries with Kate.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker fans can cook up an R2-D-stew in new Le Creuset kitchen range inspired by the epic franchise

***EXCLUSIVE*** Le Creuset is teaming up with Disney to produce a range of new cookware that takes all of its inspiration from the Star Wars franchise. Fans can begin buying the movie-inspired collection next month ahead of the release of the next film, The Rise of Skywalker. The cookware range includes a £295 Darth Vader Dutch oven ideal for slow cooking or a Stewbacca. Tiny R2-D2 and C-3PO mini cocotte dishes are available at £25 each. Punters can also purchase Death Star and Millennium Falcon silicone heat-resistant trivet mats for £15 a pop. But perhaps best of all is Pan Solo - a limited edition Han Solo in Carbonite Signature Roaster costing £360.

Judge Barbie – the Barbie Career of the Year

***EXCLUSIVE*** Less than two weeks after debuting a new line of gender-neutral dolls, Mattel has unveiled its latest Barbie Career of the Year doll: Judge Barbie. Following in the footsteps of last year's Robotics Engineer Barbie, Judge Barbie is available in a variety of different skin tones and hairstyles, and is intended to “inspire girls to explore judicial careers.

A bride walked down the aisle in a dress identical to one her friend predicted she would wear in a sketch 22 YEARS ago recently unearthed in time capsule she buried as a teenager

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gemma Lynch, 37, was amazed to find her dress was uncannily similar to the one her pal Gemma Albiston, 37, envisioned in 1997 she would wear at her future wedding.   The girls and four other school friends were aged 15 when they put together a time capsule of 90s memorabilia, diary entries and hand-written notes predicting each others careers.  Among them were drawings of wedding dresses they foresaw their pals in on their big day which they buried at Helsby Hill, Cheshire, on February 13, 1997.  In July, the school friends reunited to dig up the steel cylinder containing their old memories at the site where they hung out as teenagers.  And Gemma L was stunned to discover the picture of the dress Gemma A had drawn was eerily accurate to the one she was to get married in the following month.  She said: "Most of the sketches we did were of big puffy princess dresses with no straps which were popular at the time.  "But then mine was different to all the others. For some reason, my sketch was not like that.  "I was amazed as it was really similar to the type of dress that I ended up having. It was more of a fitted dress which went straight down.  "I can't believe as a 15-year-old girl Gemma A predicted that's the type of dress I would end up going to wear 22 years later."  Gemma L donned the dress as she married her partner of five years Daniel Astbury, 41, at a low key ceremony at the Cala D'or Yacht Club in Majorca on August 29.

Ski enthusiast has managed to ski at least once a month, every month, for the last 10 YEARS - trekking hundreds of miles to find snow whatever the weather

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who is always on the piste - a mum who found snow and skied in Britain every month - for ten YEARS. Dedicated Helen Rennie, 65, has trekked hundreds of miles to find snow to ski on for 120 consecutive months - no matter what time of year or season. Former geography teacher Helen, from Inverness in Scotland, started the difficult challenge in November 2009 even though it was the 'last thing on her mind'. She climbed to extreme spots to find snow in warmer weather and has now skied every month for 120 months - a decade - on Scotland's hills and mountains.

A rare first edition copy of Flemings first novel, Casino Royale which expected to fetch £18,000 when auctioned at Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare collection of first edition James Bond novels are going under the hammer - including author Ian Fleming's first novel which could fetch £18,000. The early edition of Fleming’s first novel, Casino Royale, has an inscription from the author which reads: "Alastair, from the Author, Read & Burn". Published in 1953, when Fleming was 44-years-old, it was the first introduction to legendary spy 007. Inside the dust-jacket of the book, which is estimated to fetch between £12,000 to £18,000 at auction, is written: "Ian Fleming is 44.

New footage emerges from inside the crumbling £350million mansions left abandoned on London’s billionaires’ row

***EXCLUSIVE*** New footage has emerged from inside the crumbling £350 million mansions left ABANDONED on London’s Billionaires’ Row. The ultra-exclusive road, officially named The Bishops Avenue in Hampstead, North London is a 66-house street boasting some of the most valuable properties in Britain. But despite their hefty price tag, many of these formerly plush houses have been left to rot. New eerie images captured by documentary makers „Beyond The Point” earlier this month (October 2019) show empty, mouldy hot tubs and swimming pools as well as creepy abandoned gardens filled with pricey sculptures. Further unseen footage show a perfectly kept living room left to ruin in one of these multi-million pound mega mansions. Beautiful antiques furnish the house and magazines lay on the floor as if the house’s millionaire owners would return at any moment.  Other clips by the YouTubers „Beyond the Point” reveal graffiti strewn windows which looked into a ballroom with a majestic grand gold staircase which has been overtaken by ferns and the ceiling collapsed.

A shocked woman found a seashell - which looks just like Osama bin Laden

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bombshell discovery was made by astonished Debra Oliver, 60, on Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex last November. Celebrating her 42nd wedding anniversary with hubbie Martin, 62, and her children, Debra said she was "drawn to this curious-looking shell". On that dark and stormy night, the legal secretary strolled over with her dog to the seashell, picked up, looked it over - and said "it's Jesus". But Debra then noticed the curve of a dark turban on the one side - and realised it bore an uncanny resemblance to the al-Qaeda terrorist.

A sparrowhawk takes a bath at the watering hole

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer has captured the amazing moment a sparrowhawk swooped in and took a morning bath after a long day of hunting squirrels. Sean Weekly, 30, lay in waiting for ten hours in a photography hide in the hope of capturing a glimpse of some of the amazing wildlife in the Netherlands. He carefully positioned himself in front of a body of water which was used as a fresh drinking watering hole by the animals in the neighbouring woods.