Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Cancer survivor has just graduated as a nurse - and is set to work as a children's nurse at the hospital where she was diagnosed with leukaemia aged two

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cancer survivor has started work as a children's nurse at the hospital where she was diagnosed with leukaemia aged two. Katy Payne, 21 graduated as a nurse this week before starting her job at Colchester Hospital in Essex. She works in the same building where medics diagnosed her with leukaemia on Christmas Eve 2000 - aged just two. She had her last check-up aged 16 after being given the all-clear aged five and was determined to give something back.

A grandmother is fighting against a nationwide Halloween shop selling costumes showing images of children wielding knives dripping with blood

***EXCLUSIVE*** Linda Taylor, 63, took her 10-year-old daughter to buy a costume at a pop-up Halloween shop in Bluewater. Among the costumes of witches and pumpkins for children were a collection of horrifying outfits sold with images of children holding weapons in their hands. Linda, from Welling, said: "In today's world of knife crime, displaying photos of kids holding knives is completely inappropriate.

Hungry, hungry hippo

***EXCLUSIVE*** BOTSWANA: A British photographer snapped a breath-taking encounter with the world’s deadliest mammal bearing its fearsome teeth and jaws– but managed to stay safe thanks to his safari vehicle and a fortunately positioned termite mound. An engrossing photo captures a sex-starved, incandescent hippopotamus roaring at the camera in order to establish his dominance. Other striking shots include another hippo showing off its teeth as it opens its gaping jaws towards the sky and show five wary beasts suspiciously eyeing the camera as they peek out of the water. Hippopotamuses are responsible for over 500 deaths a year – far more than lions, tigers or bears. Wildlife photographer Dale Morris (46), who took these remarkable photos in Okavango Delta in Botswana on one of his latest shoots, was not surprised by the statistics.

Foxes at play

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of fox cubs get to grips with each other as they play fight. The tussling cubs were learning skills which will serve them well in later life as they pounced on each other. In total, a group of four young red foxes from the same family were photographed chasing each other and exploring the world around them on the San Juan Islands, a small archipelago in the Pacific Northwest. While their parents were out hunting, the cubs searched out rabbit warrens and fought with each other.

Bangladesh boat race

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rowers in brightly coloured shirts compete in a traditional dragon boat race as thousands gather on smaller vessels to cheer them on.  Dozens of competitors cram on to the 200ft long, thin boats, wearing colourful pink, green and yellow shirts. The traditional Bangladeshi boat race, known as Nouka Baich, sees teams from regions across the country competing to win a cash prize.  Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie used his drone to capture stunning images of a race on the Meghna river in Daudkandi, Comilla, Bangladesh.