Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Cat follows five year old to school and sits in on lessons

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Miles Povey and his new kitten are so inseparable that when he started school for the first time his pet came too.  The five-year-old walks to and from school every day accompanied by five month old Rocky. The grey and white quarter Persian kitten even joins him in classes and has become a firm favourite with Miles' school pals.  Miles joined reception at Oakwood Primary School in Southampton, Hants, last month.

Woman who ate McDonald's EVERY DAY before dinner sheds 154lbs with the help of a gastric band after deciding she didn't want to be a 'shell of a mother' anymore

***EXCLUSIVE*** MICHIGAN, USA: Mother who gorged on McDonald’s EVERY DAY has dropped an impressive TEN dress sizes since halving her twenty-two stone frame - which she admits made her a ‘shell of a mum’. Assembly technician, Angela Gerzanics (35) from Michigan, USA, used food to make herself feel better since she was a young child and it soon became her coping mechanism. At just nine years old, Angela’s diet wasn’t controlled and she became overweight. From then on, nothing changed for Angela who resultantly lived most of her life morbidly obese. Throughout the years, food was a constant source of happiness for Angela, providing her with comfort when things got difficult. In her eyes, food was the only thing that wouldn’t let her down. However, as happy as food made Angela, she felt miserable about her body and the way she looked. She was constantly ashamed of the body she felt trapped inside of but Angela simply came to terms with what her life had become and accepted that living a restricted and unhappy life was how she was destined to be. After being a stay at home mum for many years, when she started a new job in 2014, Angela knew she needed to take care of her health, but her diet was still unhealthy. She went to the McDonald’s drive thru every day on her way home from work, before eating dinner at home. Although she could pretend to be happy for all those years, it was in 2015 when Angela realised that if she carried on the way she was, her sons, Anthony (15) and Justin (7) would have to grow up without her. She admits that she became a shell of a mum who had to sit on the side lines rather than take part in activities with them. In August 2016 Angela opted to have a gastric band fitted which helped her lose more than 10 stone, taking her from 22st 6lb to now 11st 7lb. Angela used to wear UK size 32 clothes, which even then was a tight fit, but now she is a much happier UK 12 – even fitting in some teen sizes.

The Empire Strikes Gold!! - Stormtrooper helmet sells for 200k

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Stormtrooper helmet from the first Star Wars film has sold for almost £200,000 by a relative of a British country squire. Captain Robert Hawkins and his wife Anne were gifted the iconic helmet for staging the Star Wars Cross Country Team Event at their English manor house in 1978. The bizarre equestrian event was attended by Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, Darth Vader actor David Prowse, Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca, and football pundit Jimmy Hill.

Hong Kong in a more peaceful time: Vintage images from 150 years ago show the region in the early days of British rule

***EXCLUSIVE*** Revealed - A fascinating photo album from the very early days of British Hong Kong...long before the skyscrapers covered it over. The 150 year old photos of Hong Kong taken by one of the first British photographers to venture to the Far East have emerged for sale for £15,000. John Thomson, who was also a geographer, left Edinburgh for Singapore in 1862 and spent the following decade travelling the region. He explored a decidely low-rise Hong Kong from 1868 to 1870, taking numerous pictures of the rapidly expanding settlement and its industrious inhabitants. They capture the area, which is currently engulfed in unrest and protest, at a far more tranquil time.

Four-thousand-year-old Bronze Age gold necklace that's worth at least £11k is found in a field in Cumbria by metal detector enthusiast

***EXCLUSIVE*** A detectorist is celebrating the find 'of a lifetime' after discovering a beautiful 4,000 year old gold torc worth tens of thousands of pounds. Billy Vaughan, 54, had only been detecting for six months when he made the startling discovery in a remote field near his home town of Whitehaven, Cumbria. The Middle Bronze Age (2000-1500BC) piece of twisted jewellery fashioned from 22 carat gold was nestled 5ins below the surface. Mr Vaughan, who was alone, dug down after getting a signal with his device and initially thought he had unearthed a piece of climbing equipment.

Unseen Titanic photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare photograph that was taken on board the Titanic while the liner was on he doomed maiden voyage has surfaced. The poignant image was taken by a first class passenger who was stood on the boat deck as Titanic crossed the Solent about an hour after slipping its mooring. Father Francis Browne leant over the railing to capture the pilot boat leaving Titanic for the last time having picked up harbour pilot George Bowyer. Mr Bowyer had just manoeuvred the 46,000 tonne ship out of congested Southampton Water and into the Solent on April 10, 1912.

Inside private island which is on sale for same price as terraced house in London

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning private Swedish island has emerged on to the market for £1.2million ($1.4m) -  the same price as a terraced house in London. Gasharsskaret is a 0.27 acre island with flat rock cliffs, sandy beaches and open grassy areas. It is located about 100 yards from the Swedish mainland in the Soderhamn archipelago on the east coast of the country. A cluster of cabins have been built on the island, including a main house, a guest house, a beach house and a sauna. It also boasts a wooden hot tub and a landing area for a helicopter. The estate agent, Sothebys Realty, say it would be the ideal setting for a large family and could be used for 'retreats and conferences'.

French salt marshes look like Mars landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial shots reveal the otherworldly landscape created by workers and their machines as they form patterns at a salt marsh.  At first glance, the massive piles of salt - referred to as 'camels' - may look like snow, but the pictures were taken during a warm afternoon in Gruissan, Southern France. The coastal wetland is flooded and drained before workers pictured hundreds of metres below begin extracting the salt.

Precious Metal - iconic DB5 that graced a Royal Mail stamp

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Aston Martin DB5 that featured on a limited edition commemorative stamp has emerged for sale for £650,000. The 1965 motor was hand picked by the Royal Mail in 2013 to celebrate the best of the British car building industry. The first class stamp inspired former Top Gear host Chris Evans to buy the car later that year and he kept it for around 12 months. Since then it has been owned by a private collector who has now decided to part with the James-Bond style GT car. It will go under the hammer with Silverstone Auctions of Ashorne, Warwicks who are expecting a huge amount of interest in the classic.

London townhouse that was once home to a Victorian condom factory where local children were banned from peeking over the wall goes on the market for £1.2 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stylish-looking Georgian townhouse that was once home to a Victorian condom factory has emerged for sale for a whopping £1.2m. The grade II listed home is located in the up and coming south London district of Peckham but 100 years ago things were very different. The property was lived in by 'India Rubber Manufacturer' Alexander Pollock who ran a company making the sheaths out of his back garden.