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Disney-mad bride

***EXCLUSIVE*** BEDFORD, UK: MEET THE Disney-mad bride who managed to spend £17k on a ‘DIY’ DISNEY THEMED WEDDING after her husband proposed to her at DISNEY WORLD - she even walked down the aisle to The Lion King’s ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’. HR administrator, Kirsty Goldsmith (26) from Bedford, UK, grew up obsessed with Disney movies and has always wanted to get married in Disney World, Florida. So in May 2016, her husband, Simon, knowing her love of Disney, proposed to her during their trip to Disney World while they were visiting Cinderella’s Royal Table, which was a big surprise to her. From the minute he proposed, Kirsty knew she wanted to have a Disney-themed wedding, but after some research she struggled to find affordable Disney decorations, so she decided to create them herself. She designed everything herself, even the champagne glasses, candles, cake topper and ‘Just Married’ t-shirts. In May 2019, keeping with the theme, her maid-of-honour organised her Disney-themed hen party where they all dressed up either red or black and she wore white with a Minnie Mouse veil. It was decorated with many Disney-themed balloons, a Disney movie quiz and Minnie Mouse cupcakes. Altogether they managed to spend just £17,000 for the entire wedding, which was in June 2019, including her wedding dress and alterations which cost £900, dresses for her two bridesmaids, for which she spent just £300 altogether. She says that through it all her Prince Charming was proud of her efforts in designing everything for their wedding and that it made it unique to them.

A 43-year-old mum has spent the last 20 years amassing an enormous collection of 250 ultra-rare limited edition snacks - including an original 37-year-old Marathon bar

***EXCLUSIVE*** Food-lover Ali Smith's impressive selection of goodies includes oddly-flavoured crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits, baked beans and even tomato sauce.  Her most prized possession is a Marathon bar dating back to 1982 which she bought on eBay two decades ago for £25.  Among the most bizarre items in Ali's collection are packets of vanilla ice cream flavour Monster Munch and a bottle of green-coloured Heinz ketchup.  The mum-of-one from Sheffield, South Yorks, always buys two at a time, so she can eat one and safely store the other under her bed.  Her collection begun with a special box of Celebrations which only contained Malteser chocolate 20 years ago and has multiplied year after year ever since.

Scots biker who woke from crash coma to discover his legs and arm had been amputated now determined to walk again

***EXCLUSIVE*** This man woke up from a two month-long coma to find THREE of his LIMBS had been AMPUTATED after a motorcycle accident left SIXTY PER CENT of his body covered in THIRD DEGREE BURNS - and despite medical staff LAUGHING in his face when he asked if he would walk again, he has PROVED THEM WRONG. Data centre operations assistant, David Gilroy (45) from Midlothian, Scotland, UK, was riding back home on his motorbike after a long day at work in February 2015 when out of nowhere a car emerged from a side road and crashed into him. The breaks locked in place which caused him to lose control of his bike which skidded on the road towards the car. The impact of the crash caused the bike and car to burst into flames and David found himself stuck underneath the car. Luckily, two other drivers who were passing stopped at the scene and took him to the nearest hospital where he was treated. With third and fourth degree burns over 60 per cent of his body, he was transferred to the burns unit at the Belgian military hospital in Brussels, where he is currently living. Due to the severe extent of his injuries, he was put in an induced coma and during this time doctors were forced to amputate his right arm and both of his legs as they were ‘beyond saving’. Altogether he has undergone 26 operations, most of which were skin grafts and three amputations. He spent the next seven months recovering in the hospital and was in a coma for two and a half months of that time. He was then moved to a rehabilitation unit in Brussels and spent a further seven months learning to adapt to his new lifestyle. Having to use a wheelchair to get around, he was still left with severe wounds that prevented him from being able to use a prosthetic leg. He asked the orthotist whether he will ever be able to walk with prosthetics, and he said no while laughing. This reaction motivated David to work hard to help heal his leg and in January 2017, he was readmitted to the unit where they fixed a prosthesis on his legs and arm, which means he is now able to walk on them. Even though it’s been a long journey, David has kept a positive outlook on his experience and has used his energy to get back to a normal life.

A dying man has married the love of his life in a bucket-list wedding after friends and family donated the entire ceremony

***EXCLUSIVE*** Myles Harrison, 27, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 18 but recently his condition worsened and doctors said there was nothing more they could do. The news spurred Myles into action, and now he has finally tied the know with his fiancee Liz, 29, in a stunning ceremony Castle Hill in Filleigh, Devon, which was all donated by well-wishers. It was was organised by wedding planner Louise Hedges and the venue, car, photography, cake, music and honeymoon were all given to them free of charge

Women whipping tribe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shocking pictures show the strange customs of tribes in the Omo Valley where women are WHIPPED UNTIL THEY BLEED by potential suitors – and they seem happy about it. Graphic photos of the tribes of the Omo Valley in south west Ethiopia portray women proudly displaying their fresh scars alongside old ones; a teenager donned in war paint cradling an AK47; and an elderly woman’s gnarled lip after she removed her enormous decorative plate. The Omo River – and the valley that feeds it – is home to approximately 200,000 people, split over numerous tribes including the Kara, Mursi, Hamar, Suri, Nyangatom, Kwegu, and Dassanech. Inter-ethnic clashes are frequent and blood often split – sometimes to prevent cattle rustling or to defend territory but just as often in a whipping ceremony between two would-be partners.

Forbidden City ice-cream stands out from anniversary souvenir

At the 94th anniversary of the foundation of the Palace Museum, various anniversary souvenirs are released for consumers to buy including cosmetics with forbidden city theme, and forbidden city badges, among which forbidden city ice-cream stands out. The shape of these ice-creams resembles stone lion.

An online health and fitness coach who became addicted to Adderall in an effort to shed pounds says it ruined her life and robbed her of valuable years with her young children

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashley Beeman, 34, from New River, Arizona, says she became hooked on the prescription stimulant in 2015 after being diagnosed with ADD by her doctor using a one-page quiz. The mom-of-two said the weight loss results she achieved with Adderall spurred her addiction as she dropped from 165lbs to 128lbs. The fitness adviser says she would share misleading posts with her 32,000 social media followers during her addiction.

A ukulele player has proved an unlikely online hit after penning a hilarious tongue-in-cheek ode to the A34 based on the American classic Route 66

***EXCLUSIVE*** Musician Peter Wood, 71, decided he wanted to pay tribute to the dual carriageways of the A34 after travelling the far-reaching road for decades for work and visiting friends.  His comical lyrics based on Bobby Troupe's 1946 hit replaces the likes of Chicago, L.A and Oklahoma with less glamorous locations such as Walsall, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent.  Peter decided to record the song in homage to the busy 151 mile long route, which stretches from Hampshire to Manchester via the Midlands and Staffordshire, because he also lives near the road.

Man with blood type tattoos

***EXCLUSIVE*** "I'm an ex-smoker and so the chances of me developing some kind of cancer is highly likely."I was partially spurred by my father's ill health but that's not the whole story."A number of years ago at work there was a defibrillator course and we all learnt CPR."Anyway they showed us this short video of someone incorrectly applying CPR."A lot of people don't know how to do CPR correctly and what happens is that the Brain becomes starved of oxygen which causes a loss of faculties in that person.

The 17,000 individual sculptures to represent the number of refugees who are at risk from being deported from Sweden

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge group of artists spent almost a year handcrafting 17,000 individual sculptures to represent the number of refugees who are at risk from being deported from Sweden. Rickard Thunberg, 41, was one of around 2,000 people who painstakingly crafted, painted and then glued wooden sculptures onto frames as part of a new project. The group, known as Skaparkollektivet Forma, created the five and half metre tall structure to draw attention to the individuality of the 17,000 Afghan refugees.