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Leave my zombie babies alone

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: THIS MOTHER’S zombie inspired photoshoot featuring her young children didn’t get the response she’d bargained for when online trolls called for her CHILDREN TO BE TAKEN AWAY and compared the shoot to an ABORTION scene. Gruesome photos of 10-month-old Kamden show the baby sitting in a bucket of ‘blood’, gnawing on a brain in a horror-inspired photo shoot in the family’s back garden Oklahoma, USA. More striking shots show 5-year-old Kynadee in full zombie make up snarling at the camera.

Polyamorous family of six

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: MEET THE open polyamorous TRIAD with THREE CHILDREN who have already explained their relationship to their kids even though the oldest is only FIVE YEARS OLD – and although they still want THREE MORE CHILDREN together and are ENGAGED, they are open to DATING OTHER PEOPLE. Technician, Cody Kurkowski (28) from Ohio, USA, met dance teacher, Kayla (27), while they were both in high school and they have been together ever since. In June 2014 they welcomed their first child, Cole (5), in 2016 they both got married and welcomed their second child, Kyson (3), in October of that year. Soon after, Kayla was introduced to call centre representative, Katherine Zepernick (27), on Facebook where they started chatting and grew fond of each other. They both arranged to meet each other for a coffee with Cody and they all hit it off very well. Over the next few months, they began to grow attached, so Kayla and Cody then asked Katherine to be their girlfriend and became an official triad in January 2017. Three months after becoming exclusive, Katherine moved in with Kayla and Cody and they became a family. While they have been committed to each other, they are not opposed to the concept of an open triad, meaning that they can each date other people. Two years into their relationship in February 2019, the three of them welcomed their first child, Khloe-Rae, who is now eight months, as a polyamorous triad and they have since told each of their children about their relationship and that all three of their parents love them. They all claim to share their parenting responsibilities between each other and that they are all equally loved by their children. They are now planning to get married in 2022, open a bed and breakfast business together and want to have two to three more children.

The world's scariest holiday destination has left holidaymakers spooked with island covered with decaying old dolls strung up in trees

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mexico's 'Island of Dolls' is scattered with hundreds of terrifying mutilated plastic dolls and their severed limbs, decapitated heads and blacked out eyes dangling from branches. The tourist hotspot is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a drowned girl and according to local legend the dolls have been heard whispering to one another, moving their head and even opening their eyes. Located just 15 miles of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico,  the story goes that Don Julian Santana Barrera, the island’s caretaker, found a young girl floating in the canal with a doll nearby.

A 14-year-old who was minutes from death after cracking his head in a horror car crash was saved by the BMW he was travelling in - which automatically dialled 999

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bradley Duke was in the backseat alongside his brother Hayden when their mum, who was driving, slid on black ice and lost control of the vehicle at 55mph.  In the horrendous smash, schoolboy Bradley suffered devastating skull and spine fractures which left him fighting for his life in the footwell of the car.  Mum Claire Duke, now 40, was rendered unconscious as a result of the collision and woke up to the sound of an unfamiliar voice coming from the dashboard.  The female voice told her, 'we know where you are and help is on its way', but Claire didn't realise the crash had triggered a BMW safety feature.  She was frantically searching the car for her phone, which had got lost in the collision, when a road and air ambulance arrived at the scene.

Cash Pig Bimbo

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UK: MEET THE plastic surgery addict who once had a SIX THOUSAND POUND BOTOX PARTY funded by one of his MARRIED cash pigs and is now on a mission to become a BIMBO GODDESS - but admits his look requires SO MUCH FILLER that he has to visit different clinics every few weeks to bypass their caps. Adult entertainer, James Holt (26) from Manchester, UK, continues to enhance his look by getting fillers put in his face every month to create a more feminine shape, as he hopes to one day be the ultimate „bimbo goddess”. Since he was a teen, James felt more comfortable with the fake look and was inspired by celebrities like Pete Burns and Amanda Lepore. James didn’t hate his look previously, but he didn’t like looking „plain” as he wanted to stand out, so he tried lip fillers and he’s spent over £50K on his look since. James has had two nose jobs, fillers in his face to create a feminine shape, Botox in his forehead, lips fillers, surgery to change the shape of his jawline and Botox in his armpits to prevent sweating. James started having procedures eight years ago and now he sees it as his hobby to maintain his look. James funds the procedures and touch ups with the money he gets from men who pay for his adult services online, and they gift him with makeup, high heels, wigs, even holidays and driving lessons. In the years he’s been doing adult work, James has received £100K worth of money, gifts and funding for his cosmetic procedures, with one of his married clients even paying £6,000 for James and his friends to have a Botox and filler party. James is far from completing his look as he hopes to eventually achieve a head to toe plastic transformation, and he hopes to be his own gender since creating his persona, Sofia Lips. Although he is often stared at in public, James insists that cosmetic surgery is no longer seen as taboo and anyone who wants to try it should do if it makes them happy.

Pumpkin weighing in at more than 900 kilograms

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ian and Stuart Paton, 58, have now grown 12 pumpkins weighing over 2,000lbs - more than anyone else in the world - and have now grown over 1,000 since they started growing the squash at the age of 11.  The Paton brothers, from Lymington, Hants, who are horticulturalists by trade, would spend up to five hours a day in their greenhouse pumping between 100 and 150 gallons of water a day into the giant squash. 

A collection of 19th century naval figureheads have been saved from decay using cutting edge technology

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of monumental 19th century naval figureheads saved from decay using pioneering technology are to be put on public display. Experts have spent the last two years painstakingly restoring the 14 objects to their former glory after water damage led to rot and decay. Weighing over 20 tonnes collectively, the largest of the wooden figureheads to be rescued is HMS Royal William or „King Billy” - a 13ft tall, two tonne standing figure of William IV carved in 1833. One of the most badly damaged of the figureheads was HMS Topaz, a three-quarter-length female bust carved in 1858.

Harley Davidson hand signed by the Pope has emerged for sale for £100,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holy Davidson - They may be a symbol of the Hells Angels movement but a Harley Davidson hand signed by the Pope has emerged for sale for £100,000. The 1,570cc 'holy Davidson' was built in 2016 having been commissioned by Dr Thomas Draxler, founder of the 'Jesus Bikers' group in Austria. It has spent its life with the group before it was taken to the Vatican and donated to the Papacy in July this year.

Devastated couple say their landscape gardener left their home looking like a building site after taking their £4,000 and vanishing when they were on holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple were left devastated after a landscaper promised to transform their garden - instead leaving it looking like a building site and conning them out of £4,000. A workman had promised to renovate Danny Riley and Lucy Brennan's outdoor space with astroturf, decking, paving and fencing while they were away on holiday. But they returned home from their two-week break in Newquay to be confronted with a scene of mess and disruption at the back of their new-build home in Church, Lancs.Now, lorry driver, Danny has realised the man who called himself Peter Cameron Hill from Clayton LGMS on Facebook, has conned other customers out of money.

Modern home made from Battle of Britain radar station for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A historic Battle of Britain radar station has emerged for sale for almost £1million after it was converted into an ultra-modern holiday home. The Old Radar Station is located on St Boniface Down, near Ventnor, on the highest point of the Isle of Wight. Built in 1938 to defend British shores as the threat of war loomed, it offers breathtaking 360 degree views across the island and the English Channel.

Cliff top WW2 gun battery converted into stunning home

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former WW2 battery, with unrivalled views across the channel to France, has come on the market - but you'll need deep pockets to shell out on its stunning location. The cliff top gun emplacement was rapidly constructed in 1940, as Britsh troops were fleeing Dunkirk, and has now been transformed into a £6million 'James Bond style' property. The Gunnery, near Kingsdown in Kent offers 'incredible' views of the Channel, with the iconic White Cliffs of Dover visible to the west, and France to the south, while also coming with six acres of sandy beach. The unique 82ft long property is accessed by an underground tunnel that leads through the cliff to a glass lift which travels up to it. Another secret tunnel inside the four bedroom home, which is just a few feet from the cliff edge, provides passage to a home cinema. The 50ft long living room has floor to ceiling windows and the original gun loops can still be seen.

Chameleon demonstrates sticky tongue

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon balances on a plant as it catches a bug with its long and sticky tongue.  The veiled chameleon used its tail to remain stable as it caught the small cockroach. The plants can be seen moving as the light green reptile reels its prey in at the end of its tongue.  These shots were captured in Jakarta, Indonesia, by photographer Tanto Yensen, 39, who explained that the chameleon was around 10cm in length but its tongue was much longer.