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The world's oldest debut novelist penned her first book at the grand age of 93

***EXCLUSIVE*** A widow has become the world's oldest debut novelist after she penned her first book - at the grand age of 93. Margaret Ford has based her book, A Daughter's Choice, on more than 600 love-letters between her and her late husband, Jim. The poignant but heart-warming book follows her life growing up in Lancashire between both world wars and finishes when she marries Jim in 1946. Jim, who served in the Border Regiment during the second world war, would write daily letters to his sweetheart.

A shop billed as the "world's oldest department store" has closed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bennetts, which opened as an ironmongers in 1734 and later expanded its products and services, went into administration in February.  It is to be bought out of administration by local businessman Paul Hurst. However, he warned there would not be a physical store in the short-term.  The store in Iron Gate closed its doors at 16:00.  Mr Hurst said he would be creating a new retail website for Bennetts and will continue to look at the options for a physical store.

Family living off-grid on Cornish cliff after giving up city life in London

***EXCLUSIVE*** Davina Foster was eight months pregnant and living in a bubble caravan on the top of a cliff with three children when she woke in the middle of the night to find snow at the end of her bed. The family had just gone off grid and were trying to build a life on their own piece of land on the clifftop at Perranporth when the Beast from the East blasted through Cornwall. In sub zero temperatures, the family’s generator broke, they had no heating, one car battery and a broken solar panel for power and were effectively just about existing through one of the most brutal winters in history. That was March 2018. It was the cold, wet, difficult start of a journey for Davina, now 36, partner Todd, and their children Michael, 15, Saffron, 11, Ruby, 6, and Harry, 18 months, that they hope will eventually lead them to a self-sufficient, off-grid life.

This is the jaw-dropping moment a basketball coach lands a 100FT trick shot from the top of a three story building

***EXCLUSIVE*** Basketball coach Drew Maddux, 43, managed to pull of the whopping throw from the top of a building and land the ball straight into a basket. The dad-of-five and high school teacher pulled off the incredible stunt in July, and is well-known for his ball skills. Drew, from Nashville, Tennesse, USA, hit the headlines last month when he choreographed an epic 26-throw poolside trick-shot with at his son’s birthday party.

The cheethas known as the five brothers approach the wildebeest in their formation best for hunting in the Masa Mara, Kenya

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible pictures show the moment a group of cheetahs, known as the five brothers, partnered up to take down a huge wildebeest. In an unusual turn of events, the five cheetahs came together after a two week hiatus to once again take on a much larger prey, that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to tackle on their own. The pictures, captured in the Masai Mara which is a national park in Kenya, show the five brothers enjoying the fruits of their labour after successfully taking down their huge prey.