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Sheep of the family

***EXCLUSIVE*** TANSØY, NORWAY: This family have a PET SHEEP who they say has become a part of their clan – but they admit all the attention has turned her in to a bit of a DIVA. Odlaug (1), is an adorable Norwegian sheep being raised on the little island of Tansøy on Norway’s west coast by farmer, Frank Tansø, (36). Born in April 2018 at Frank’s farm, Odlaug’s mother was unable to care for her, and after quickly falling in love with the cuddly mammal, Frank and his wife Veronica (36) along with their two children Nilia (8) and Jack (6) decided to take her in. Cute pictures show the love and joy Odlaug brings to her new family, especially Nilia, who in one image is pictured spreading her arms ready to embrace her furry friend. Other shots show Odlaug on her daily walk, prancing without a leash as she follows her family and posing against the gorgeous blue sky before indulging in her favourite snack.

Adorable baby tortoise born with deformed legs gets around on WHEELS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the adorable tortoise that’s taking the internet by storm by moving past his deformity to live a new life on wheels. Helix has racked up more than 60k followers on Instagram @helixwheels since he hatched at the end of July. The marginated tortoise was born with a spinal deformity meaning his back legs point up into the air and he’s unable to use them to walk. To combat this, his owner Randy Betz JR glues a small set of wheels from a fingerboard onto his shell once a week to allow him to freely move about.

These amazing images capture a massive shoal of Mobula rays gliding through crystal clear water off the coast of Mexico

***EXCLUSIVE*** The remarkable sight was captured by ocean photographer Nadia Aly, 35, from Mountain View, California, who spent four hours with the estimated 10,000 rays in the Baja of Mexico, in the north west of the country.  It’s rare to see so many rays in such perfect visibility and the encounter saw the creatures at varying depths, ranging from the surface, down to 100 feet.  Mobula rays, which are closely related to sharks and come from the same family as some manta rays, are normally shy and difficult to film.

This is the amazing moment a wildlife volunteer was able to save the life of a fragile butterfly - by carrying out an intricate wing transplant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katie VanBlaricum, 36, noticed a Monarch butterfly with a piece of its wing missing while working at her local zoo. She immediately decided to try and repair the damaged wing fearing that without the insect would be put down.