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My body was poisoning my unborn babies with ‘acid’ – but after two miscarriages and failed IVF I’m finally a mum

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young woman desperate to become a mum was devastated to discover a mystery liquid inside her body was poisoning her unborn babies. Callie Hayes, 22, suffered two miscarriages and a failed round of IVF before an internal ultrasound revealed the deadly truth. Doctors found that Callie was suffering with hydrosalpinx - a rare medical condition where a Fallopian tube is blocked with a watery fluid. In Callie's case, her damaged left Fallopian tube was leaking fluid into her uterus, preventing any embryos from implanting properly and ending the pregnancy.

A man says he is suing Buckingham Palace claiming his family are the rightful heirs to the throne - because his gran had an affair with Edward VIII

***EXCLUSIVE*** Francois Graftieaux, 73, says his family were cut from the Royal bloodline in the early 1900s following the illicit tryst.  He claims his father, Pierre-Edouard, was born out of an affair between the Prince of Wales and his granny Marie-Leonie Graftieaux - a French seamstress.  But Francois alleges that Pierre-Edouard never found his way to the throne after the king abdicated due to pressure from the Royal family and the British government.  This meant his family lost land, titles and wealth - and now he's looking for her to be included in the history books.  Under English law, the Royal Family cannot be prosecuted under criminal law nor sued through the civil courts.  But Francois believes a civil action can be brought against Buckingham Palace itself, which serves as the monarch’s administrative headquarters.  The retiree, who bears a striking resemblance to Edward, his supposed late grandfather, said that he has „absolutely no interest” in compensation.

Porsche-Boeing project

***EXCLUSIVE*** Porsche and Boeing have signed a nonexclusive agreement to build electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles to possibly enter the ever-growing flying taxi market. The companies will “create an international team to address various aspects of urban air mobility, including analysis of the market potential for premium vehicles and possible use cases.”

Escaping the jaws of death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heart-stopping footage captures a terrified wildebeest cheating death by escaping the snapping jaws of a man-eating crocodile by just a matter of INCHES. The breath-taking clip was filmed during the great migration across east Africa when hundreds of thousands of wildebeest cross rivers teeming with crocodiles and other apex predators in search of food and shelter. Whilst crossing the notorious Mara River, a frantic wildebeest is lucky to get away with its life after a surprise attack from a vicious nile crocodile. The mighty croc’s lunge doesn’t quite manage to grip the bewildered animal’s neck but instead rakes its razor-sharp teeth down the wildebeest’s flank as the herd animal breaks for the relative safety of the riverbank. The fortuitous beast may only have been spared as the immense reptile had already enjoyed its fill of wildebeest, having snacked on several of the migrating creatures already.

Beautiful Icelandic horses showing off their amazing hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** These amazing photographs show a herd of Icelandic horses sporting a variety of different hairstyles that make them look like "rock band members." Anna Guðmundsdóttir, 65, captured the amazing shots while on a horse riding trip- and noticed their perfectly kept manes. The photos show the horse's luscious locks blowing in the wind as herds galloped amidst the stunning Icelandic scenery.

Aerial shot of workers in lilypad-filled canal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers on boats glide along a canal completely covered in green lily-pads as they harvest their vibrant pink flowers. The workers carefully navigated the 8ft-deep body of water and packed their gondola-style wooden boats with piles of the fuchsia-coloured lilies. The delicate freshwater plants hovered among the lily-pads before they were hand-picked by workers in Barisal, Bangladesh.  Donning rainbow-splashed sunhats, the farmers had to be careful to avoid poisonous water snakes which tend to lurk beneath the blooms.

Bird peeking through a plant

***EXCLUSIVE*** A female bearded tit curiously peers through the leaves of reeds whilst appearing to play hide and seek. Photographer Igor Chervonenko captured the sweet interaction at Vyrlitsa lake, in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. Igor, from Ukraine said The bird perched on the leaves of the reeds and posed for only 3-4 seconds. In this short time, the bird appeared to hide to watch me." The 57 year-old photography teacher said Often you need to spend a great amount of the time waiting for the birds to appear, which can be anywhere from half an hour to an hour or more. I was surprised at the curiosity of the bird, it was in the most spectacular position sat on the reeds.”