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Breast cancer survivor reveals how her new boyfriend forced her to see a doctor after HE found the lump - and supported her through chemo even though they'd only been together two months

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: Meet the brave mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer after her new BOYFRIEND of only TWO MONTHS found a lump on her breast – and although they didn’t know each other ‘too well’ he NURSED HER THROUGH CHEMO. In April 2018, case manager, Cat Levitt (34) from Colorado, USA, was with her boyfriend, Isaac (33), who she had only been dating for two months at the time, when he found a lump in her right breast which was painful for her. He urged her to book an appointment to get it tested, but she refused as she felt she was too young. When they got back from their holiday he booked her an appointment with a doctor who scheduled an ultrasound for her. After fears that the lump could be cancerous, she had a biopsy, which confirmed she had stage 2 breast cancer. In August 2018, her doctors advised for her to have a double mastectomy for preventative measure, to which she agreed to, along with a lymphadenectomy, which is a procedure where some lymph nodes are removed for further testing. She also had a surgery where they took out all of her breast tissue and put in expanders to get rid of the cancer and prepare her chest for implants, which proved to be painful for her. Her oncologist informed her that she needed four rounds of chemotherapy, which started in September 2018. However, during her first round, she almost died when the combination of chemotherapy drugs and Neulasta resulted in a lack of appetite and dehydration. She became critically dehydrated. She was in so much pain that she screamed down the phone to her ex-husband, Nate (36), while she was waiting for her boyfriend to come home. During the period when she lost her hair, he helped her shave it off. Her boyfriend’s support and spending time with her daughter, Addie (4), helped her keep a positive outlook throughout her journey. Three weeks later after she completed her chemotherapy treatments, her expanders were replaced with breast implants. She is now in remission and has explained her illness in simplistic terms to her daughter.

I heard a pop and lost my eye when I dried my face with a towel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum had to have her eye amputated after she POPPED her cornea while drying her face on holiday. Claire Willis, 45, was on holiday in Turkey when she patted a towel to her face after getting out the shower. The mum-of-two said she felt a "pop" and rushed to the mirror fearing her eyeball had actually fallen out the socket. Everything was blurry and her eye was red, so she rushed to hospital where medics told her she's perforated her cornea, and told her to fly straight home.

No dating steroid withdrawal

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman says topical steroids stripped her of her FEMININITY after her HAIR FELL OUT and her entire body was covered in BLISTERING RED SKIN – and she admits DATING ISN’T AN OPTION because of it. Aspiring health care worker, Hayley Woolcock (22) from Perth, Australia has suffered with eczema since she was born. Throughout her life her mother had always been very cautious about the use of topical steroids and worked mostly on the root causes and focussed on eliminating trigger foods such as gluten and dairy. The use of herbs and a clean diet combined have both helped keep Hayley mostly symptom free until June 2018 when having a stressful time at university. Hayley was devastated when she noticed eczema on her hands and was encouraged by friends to seek out treatment. When Hayley went to the doctor, she was prescribed a strong topical steroid cream. Hayley followed the directions of use but after using it for four months the eczema started to spread along her arms and onto her neck and back. She lost 1st 8lb because she was too afraid to eat anything that might exacerbate her symptoms and by December 2018 her whole body was red and itchy. Hayley went back to the doctors who prescribed an even stronger topical steroid which ultimately lead to her being addicted to them. So, when she came off them in February 2019 Hayley suffered horrifying withdrawal symptoms that led to her hair falling out and her body being covered in red flaky skin that left her feeling less womanly.

Lightning strike rips through a tornado in rare scene captured by a storm chaser in Kansas

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the incredible moment a lightning strike rips through a TORNADO during a fierce storm – a vanishingly rare phenomenon according to one of the world’s leading storm photographers who was CHASED for several miles by the twister before he managed his epic shot. Taken earlier this year, the once-in-a-lifetime shot was taken during a thunderous supercell storm above Kansas. Other striking shots show a huge twister rampaging through farmland in front of some bewildered cows and an extraordinary series of lightning forks underneath a menacing sky. More upsetting images show the wreckage these powerful storms can leave behind – including a family home that has been totally obliterated.

I fell in love with the same woman as my husband – we’re now a throuple and she lives with us with her two kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON, USA: This man and his wife decided to enter in to a three-way relationship after falling in love with a woman AT THE GYM – and although he is notably shorter than BOTH partners he says ‘great things come in SMALL PACKAGES.’ Engineering expeditor and CrossFit gym owner, Mary Barillas (32) from Kennewick, Washington, USA, met her business partner husband and entrepreneur, Leo (34) when she was 13 at high school. The pair started dating and got married when Mary turned 17. At the time, Leo was in the Marine Corps and was based all over the world in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Korea and North Carolina. In 2005, Mary moved to California to be with Leo before the pair moved back to Washington in 2010 when Leo left the Marines so they could set up their CrossFit business. They have two children, Carson (9) and Paige (4). In 2015 Mary and Leo met estimator, Kimberlee Slagle (29) through their gym and the three soon became good friends. As they spent more time together, their friendship blossomed into a romantic attraction and they formed a throuple in September 2016. Kimberlee has two children, Keagen (11) and Kymper (7) from a previous relationship and the three have been living under the same roof with their children since June 2017. They share their family life on Instagram under the handle, @pnwtriad16, and want to inspire others to be honest with who they are even if it is outside of what is considered normal by society.

Farmer, 20, who started growing the fruits when he was just 13 now sells 25,000 each autumn

***EXCLUSIVE*** James Maxey was just 13 when he started growing pumpkins on his family farm to sell to his friends for a bit of extra pocket money. Seven years on, his ‘pick your own’ pumpkin patch is one of the biggest in the country, and now sells 25,000 of them each autumn. It attracts more than 100,000 visitors in October and is now a big part of his family’s farming business. Mr Maxey started off with just 200 pumpkins on half an acre. The family now produce 20 different varieties of different shapes, sizes and colour - including one called a ‘warty goblin’ which has lumps all over it. They cover almost six acres on their farm in Kirklington, Nottinghamshire.