Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Meet the curious cat who hikes, bikes, paddleboards and even goes SKIING with his devoted owner

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adorable Bodhi has completed a three-day biking tour through the Canadian Rockies, been cross-country skiing and wears his own life jacket when he goes paddleboarding. Owner Michelle Gagnon, 50, calls Bodhi her "adventure cat" and has been teaching him a host of adrenaline-packed pursuits for the last ten months. "An adventure cat is a term I made up 18 years ago when I got my old cat Bugaboo,” said Michelle, a retired hiking guide, of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. "An adventure cat comes along with you on adventures whether that means he's sitting in a bike basket or walking alongside you or sitting on your shoulders." Bodhi, 14-month old Maine Coon cat, has a robust build, weighing a staggering 16 pounds (7.3kg) – about twice the size of the average tabby. Maine Coons are classified as the largest domesticated cat breed and are one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. They are native to the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat. Michelle explained that training a cat to cope with the great outdoors can be a difficult feat as felines like to feel in control of their environment. "Cats have this real desire to keep themselves safe and they have a very high instinctual survival mode," she explained. "They have to be in control of everything and training a cat is about getting them used to everything outside, like wide open spaces and walking on sidewalks. "I'm putting in lots of hours in training and getting Bodhi to walk as much as possible. "He is now way better with wide open spaces and walking on a trail and understanding that wildlife moves around him." Michelle got Bodhi in December last year and immediately began taking the puss cross-country skiing. "I didn't know how I was going to train him in the winter time but I just decided to take him cross-country skiing.

Couple’s spectacular “four seasons” garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning drone pictures reveal a couple’s spectacular “four seasons” garden in the heartlands of the industrial Black Country, bursting with autumnal colour.  Tony and Marie Newton have spent 37 years and more than £15,000 transforming their back garden and flowerbeds into a beautiful oasis.  Their garden in Walsall, West Mids., is nicknamed "four seasons" on account of its year-round appeal.  Exploding with vibrant colours, the third of an acre plot is crammed with 450 azalea, 120 Japanese maples, 15 juniper blue stars.  The green-fingered couple, who have four grown-up children and four grandchildren, spend two hours a day lovingly maintaining the plants and bushes.  Marie, 71, started tending the garden in 1982 after she retired from her job as a transport planner and taught herself horticulture as a hobby.  They have won several awards, including winning the crown of Britain's Best Garden.

Snail farming: slimy business from 2000 molluscs up to 300,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple have given a new meaning to midlife crisis - by building one of the UK's largest SNAIL FARMS in their back garden and going into business. Lyn and Rob Paxman decided to transform their seven-acre home in West Buckland, Somerset last year and set up as food retailers. The pair will soon be selling snail meat and egg caviar provided by up to 300,000 molluscs alongside their current full-time jobs. But their first task is to ensure the animals don't escape - which is proving harder than expected.

A series of paintings believed to date back to World War Two which were found inside a care home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paintings believed to have been created by American soldiers in World War Two have been uncovered beneath wallpaper at a care home. Staff at the care home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, discovered the artwork while refurbishing a bedroom. Due to the picture's "racy" nature it is believed the room may have been used as a gentlemen's lounge. Local historian Anthony Beeson said he believed were created by GIs stationed in the building during the war.