Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A fitness mad couple who met at a running club got married at the start line of a race - and immediately jogged 5km instead of having a first dance

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bride and groom Louise and Wil Gardner ran a Parkrun hand-in-hand - with him in a shirt and bow tie, and her in a flowing white dress. They asked their 60 friends to dress in sportsgear and join them on the route after they walked down the 'aisle' to the front of the race. Louise, 35, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, met engineer Wil at a hill running training session at their local running club in 2015 and they bonded over their love of running.

Former official prison attracts hotel guests

Lower Saxony, Fürstenau: The former official prison on the castle island of the joint municipality. The adventure hotel offers its guests six cells with two beds each. The former prison was used from 1720 to 1972 for the accommodation of prisoners.

Haunting video footage has captured the creepy moment a ventriloquist doll locked in a glass box appears to blink and move its mouth

***EXCLUSIVE*** The clip was filmed by spooked collector Michael Diamond, from Liverpool, who said he has “no explanation” for why 1940s dummy Mr Fritz appears to move on its own. Filmed at his home during the early hours of September 20, the 48-year-olds footage shows the glass door of the Second World War doll’s cage swing open. Mr Fritz then appears to not only move its eyes - but move its mouth up and down.

Meet the eco warrior who hasn’t bought new clothes in FOUR YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ella Kim Marriott, 20, relies on thrift stores to stock her entire wardrobe after vowing to never buy a new item of clothing in a bid to tackle climate change. The only new garments the environmentalist has bought in the past four years are "period pants" so that she no longer needs single-use feminine hygiene products. The student, of Vancouver, Canada, also eats a plant-based diet, works at a packaging-free grocery store and tries to limit flights to just once a year to reduce her carbon footprint.