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Barbie “Dreamhouse” on Airbnb

***EXCLUSIVE*** Barbie has just listed her very own “Dreamhouse” located in Malibu, California on Airbnb. The swanky home features three floors of spacious living and has amenities like a pool, a waterslide, cinema, one large master bedroom, a guest room, and a plethora of pink-colored items and details scattered throughout the home.

Neiman Marcus’ 007 Aston Martin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neiman Marcus has unveiled a Daniel Craig-designed Aston Martin DBS Superleggera special edition as part of its 2019 Christmas book. Co-designed by current James Bond 007 Daniel Craig, this unique supercar comes paired with an equally rare, all-platinum Seamaster Diver 300M OMEGA timepiece.

Mum felt 'everything' as epidural 'wore off' during emergency caesarean section

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has told how she was in utter agony after her epidural wore off midway through her c-section - and she could feel EVERYTHING. Jodie Marsden, 27, had no idea of the nightmare that lay ahead when she arrived at hospital to be induced - but it left her vowing to never get pregnant again. After two days of very slow labour, Jodie's unborn baby's heart started to dip with every contraction and doctors rushed her into theatre for an emergency c-section.

Drone shots capture garden city

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photos show the sun setting on this unique 'garden city', where houses are arranged in circular plots. The community of Brøndby Haveby - also known as Brøndby Garden City - sits outside Copenhagen in Denmark, and is made up of 284 houses and allotment gardens, where residents can retreat from the chaos of the neighbouring city.It developed in 1964 by the late architect Erik Mygind, who believed his design would help increase social interaction among its residents. He was inspired by the circles in the middle of historic Danish villages where residents would often gather and mingle.

Workers walk among hillside salt pools

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elderly Peruvian woman hikes up the windy slope of an Andean mountain, collecting salt from the wells around her. Two large sacks of the mineral can be seen beside her, which she will walk back down the mountain to sell, just as her ancestors have done for centuries.

She can be seen scaling up the 3,380 metre Qaqawiñay mountain in Peru, where the salt is in such great supply that it spills down the sides of the wells, looking almost like frost. The area, known locally as 'Salineras de Maras', is made up of thousands of wells, all of which are around five square metres wide.

These eerie pictures show a bride who donned her dress for a second time to capture a spooky Halloween themed photoshoot at a haunted house

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kathryn Robinson, 28, wore her pristine £900 dress to pose for the amazing images, which were taken by her horror-loving husband Cory, 28.  Cory said the white gown got "absolutely filthy" but that it was "worth it" after seeing the brilliant shots which they'll treasure for the rest of their lives.

Carpets laid out for pastelization of colours under the sun

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of hand-woven carpets are laid under the blazing sunshine to bring to life their intricate pastel shades. Rugs of all shapes and sizes appear to endlessly stretch across fields in Turkey. Workers tending to the collection of assorted carpets squeeze the old woven rugs next to each other, letting them dry under the heat. Amateur photographer Mehmet Aslan said he spotted up to 15 workers placing about 7,000 carpets on the ground in the Döşemealtı district of Antalya, to allow the colours to fade.

Trio of owls posing for pic

***EXCLUSIVE*** A trio of young burrowing owls appear to pose for the camera in Colorado, USA. Wildlife photographer Judi Dressler, 71, who captured this charming picture said that in fact, they were looking up in unison at a kingbird, which often harrasses them. The young owls are capable of catching bugs for snacks, but still rely on their parents to bring their meals, which mainly consist of voles or mice, grass snakes, frogs, or crickets and grasshoppers. As the owls grow bigger, they will gradually move their hunting grounds away from the burrow.