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An amazing athlete holds the title of being the fastest 84-year-old in the world - despite having two heart attacks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Silver sprinter Tony Bowman refuses to take it easy after having problems with his ticker - as he continues to smash world records at competitions around the globe. At his latest event, where he represented team GB at the European Masters event in Italy last month, Tony came away with three medals after competing in the 80-84 age category. He grabbed the gold in the hurdles, where he sprinted along an 80m track jumping two-and-a-quarter feet hurdles in only 16.8 seconds. He got the silver medal in the 400m relay and bronze in decathlon. He came fourth in the 100m and fifth in the 200m. He said: "It is the younger athletes that are beating me. There is no 84-year-old faster than me in the UK - no, the world." When Tony, from Leeds, West Yorks., first entered this age category he broke 11 British athletics records, one European and one international, for track events including the decathlon and both indoor and outdoor pentathlon.

A Brexiteer who once wanted to become an MP has created a 'survive and thrive' farm where up to 1,000 people could live if society breaks down

***EXCLUSIVE*** Concerned over the "fragility" of society Peter Dawe, 65, created a self-sufficient farm where people can "go off grid" and live off the land if the world as we know it fell apart.  There on his one-acre farm, people will live in houses and can work on various parts of the farm, as part of Mr Dawe's Beat the Bear project.

Unwashed old Kurt Cobain cardy might smell like teen spirit...but its expected to sell for £200,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** This unwashed old cardy might smell like teen spirit...but its expected to sell for a whopping £200,000 at auction later this month. It's the cardigan Kurt Cobain wore during the lconic MTV Unplugged performance by Nirvana in November 1993. Also being sold is the custom made left handed Fender Mustang electric guitar Cobain took it on tour with him in 1993 and '94. Amazingly the £400,000 guitar was gifted to a fan who wrote to Courtney Love after the Nirvana frontman's tragic suicide in 1994. The two items are being auctioned off to mark the 25th anniversary of the rock star's untimely death.

The Queen's car has emerged for sale for £70,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A saloon car that was once the personal vehicle of the Queen has emerged for sale for £70,000. The Daimler Double Six was delivered new to Buckingham Palace in 1984 for the personal use of the monarch, then aged 58. Prior to her taking ownership of the green four door it was given a 3,000 mile road test by factory engineers to ensure it was perfect upon delivery.

50 year collection of vintage adult magazines is tipped to sell for £40,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The huge stash of erotic literature was found neatly stored in dozens of indexed box files by a stunned auctioneer called to value an unusual collection. The glamour magazines, books and photographs date as far back at the 1950s and are mostly in immaculate condition. Many of the magazines, that include titles such as Playboy, Mayfair Penthouse and Hustler, are still in their original envelopes from where they had been posted.

Pensioner sells classic car due to his failing eyesight is spending the proceeds on laser treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Derrick Schofield bought the Triumph TR4 brand new in 1962 because it could fit his large baritone saxophone in the boot. The musician and self-confessed ladies' man said the convertible motor used to impress the girls so much that he nicknamed it the 'Crumpet Catcher'. After six decades of happy motoring in it the 87-year-old has had to sell his pride and joy as he can no longer drive due to his poor eyesight. The Triumph went under the hammer for £16,000 and Derrick said he will use the money on medial treatment to see again.

A couple were ‘gobsmacked’ to discover their old biscuit turn could be worth £1,500

***EXCLUSIVE*** They took it along to a free antique valuation event to find out more about its history - and found out it was a rare collectors’ item that could hook them a sweet windfall.  The Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin was made in 1929 and doubles up as a clockwork double decker motor bus complete with passengers and driver.  It was discovered by Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons Auctioneers, at a valuation event in aid of the NSPCC at the Methodist Church Hall, Main Street, East Bridgford, Notts, in October.

A desperate mum is trying to raise nearly £120,000 so her sick baby can travel to the USA for an operation after doctors found an incredibly rare tumour - in his HEART

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Michael Labuschagne was rushed to hospital seven months ago when he woke up gasping for air after suffering a cardiac arrest. The now ten-month-old was then put into an induced coma and his parents were told it was likely he would never wake. Against the odds, Michael, from Bristol, awoke when doctors reduced his sedation - opening his eyes and smiling at his dad, Stuart. But that happy moment was quickly tempered by the news that there was a high chance the boy had suffered brain damage. Luckily, a scan revealed that this wasn't the case. However, Stuart and mum Emma were then delivered the hammer blow that Michael had an extraordinarily rare heart tumour which would need expensive surgery to fix.

A mum suffering from Endometriosis is preparing to be put into forced menopause at the tender age of 30 and faces the possibility of having her womb removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joanne Kerr was preparing to start her university nursing degree when she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, which she describes as "one of the loneliest diseases."  The 30-year-old, who lives with her husband Jack, a 31-year-old electrician, and their three-year-old daughter Penelope, has undergone surgery four times and suffers from sickness, blood clots, fainting and loss of feeling in her legs which can last for up to 48 hours.  The NHS nurse, from Kingsnorth in Kent, suffered a miscarriage last year while trying to have a second child and was told her condition is now spreading.  Doctors advised she will have to be put into early menopause to relieve her pain and potentially have a hysterectomy if she does not respond to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatment.

Meet the super-ethical cat breeder who once travelled more than 1,000 miles from Scotland to Switzerland to keep a rare breed alive - and makes a £12,000 loss on her passion

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heather McRae, 37, has played a part in breeding around 20 per cent of Asian cats registered in the UK in the past two years. The relatively new breed was formed in 1981, when a Burmese cat was bred with a Chinchilla, a variation on a Persian cat. Asian cats are known for being stunningly pretty, and having playful and intelligent character traits, but have never become well-known and are classified as rare.

Titanic sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A walking cane with a lightbulb on one end of it that a Titanic survivor waved in a desperate attempt to attract a rescue ship has sold for £105,000. Ella White held the wooden stick aloft in the clear night sky as she stood on the deck of the stricken liner to try and signal any passing ships. But her actions blinded crew members while they set about loading passengers into lifeboats. Second officer Charles Lightoller was so annoyed by Mrs White and her cane that he ordered it to be confiscated and thrown overboard. It was the marquee lot in a sale of Titanic artefacts held by auctioneers Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, Wilts. Also in the sale, the personal archive of tragic William Harrison who was valet to Bruce Ismay, the managing director of Titanic's owners White Star Line, fetched £44,000.

A teenage footballer with a severely twisted spine is facing a race against time to raise money for life-changing surgery not available on the NHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amelia Hart, 15, has been diagnosed with a rare double twist in her spine, caused by idiopathic scoliosis.  It means her lungs are prevented from expanding, and causes her constant agony.  The teenager, from Redditch, Worcs., has less than two months to raise £81,283 for innovative surgery known as Vertebral Body Tethering.  It has to be done by mid November while her spine is still growing and can be manipulated into shape.  Amelia is a talented footballer and has not only starred for her county but signed for Birmingham & West Midlands LFC.  Amelia’s parents Lisa and Carl Hart are doing everything they can to ensure their sporty daughter continues to play football and has a good quality of life.

Letters from Albert Einstein pleading for the atomic bomb never to be used again up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The legendary mathematician watched on in horror as the deadly bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. After World War Two ended, he helped set up the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists to oppose their future deployment. In the letters, which sought to raise funds for their campaign, he describes the atomic bomb as 'the most revolutioanry force since the discovery of fire'. He adds that they must be scrapped 'to prevent future tragedies taking place'. The letters were sent from Einstein to American businessman Cleveland E. Dodge, one of the campaign's supporters, in late 1946 and early 1947. They have been consigned for sale from the Dodge family archive with auction house Bonhams New York.

Blenheim Palace to host Women's chess champs'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nice Move...A historic chess set belonging to the Duke's of Marlborough has been brought out ahead of the Womens chess championships starting at Blenheim Palace this week. The country's finest young female chess players are set to battle for supremacy in the regal surroundings of the Oxfordshire stately home. It is hosting the English Chess Federation Junior Female Championships, with over 100 competitors due to take part. The palace, in Woodstock, Oxon, which is Sir Winston Churchill's birthplace, has a long and illustrious connection with the game of chess. In 1851, the 5th Duke of Marlborough was president of the first ever international chess tournament which took place in London. Lord Randolph Churchill, father of Sir Winston, was also one of the founders of the Oxford University Chess Club and vice-president of the British Chess Association. And Sir Winston himself is also said to have been a keen chess player during the Blitz in World War Two.

A letter by Florence Nightingale found in house clearence

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable letter by Florence Nightingale that sets out her vision for community nursing has been found 122 years later during a house clearance. The letter was written by the heroine of nursing in 1897 and was her polite refusal to an invitation to an event she couldn't attend as she was ill. In it she talks about training up of nurses to go out into the community and tend to both sick children and the elderly nearing the end of their lives.