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Parents use Netflix to teach their four children instead of sending them to school

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: These parents have shunned tradition and are using NETFLIX as an educational tool for their FOUR children INSTEAD of SENDING THEM TO SCHOOL. Stay-at-home mum, Taylor Catron (24) from Ohio, USA, and her husband, Derek (28), decided not to go down the traditional schooling route by pulling their oldest child, Dereon (7), out of school in 2016 when they were researching primary schools. Since then they have had three other children; Aerity (3), Aeviny (1) and Derek James, who is just eight months old. Unlike with the structure of school and classes, their days vary and they have chosen not to enforce a strict schedule to give them the freedom. They take regular hikes in the city, visit cultural places like the Cincinnati Children’s museum, Contemporary Arts Centre and the Cincinnati Zoo. The biggest educational tool they use for their children to learn is Netflix where they watch many nature, wildlife and environmental documentaries that their children pick out, like Our Planet, Life Story, Abstract, Oceans and Blue Planet. They also use YouTube as a source and while they do allocate a few times a week on using workbooks or worksheets, they don’t spend more than 30 minutes to an hour on this. They feel this type of learning will prepare their kids for the real world instead of using their time being tested in exams or learning about subjects that may not benefit them in the future.

Opposites attract! Vegan wife makes her hunter husband store his meat in the garage - while they raise their four-month-old son on a plant-based diet

***EXCLUSIVE*** WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, USA: Meet the polar opposite husband and wife duo - he’s a HUNTER who eats the animals he kills and she’s a VEGAN who makes him store his meat in the GARAGE, but they’re raising their four-month-old on a PLANT-BASED DIET. Yoga instructor, health counsellor and plant-based chef, Tandi Rolen (28) from Wenatchee, Washington, USA, met her husband, gunsmith and fishing guide, Mitchell Rolen (28) when they were just 16. Tandi grew up on a standard American diet of meat and processed foods but when her grandma sadly passed away from cancer when she was 20, Tandi started to focus on her own health and went vegetarian. Tandi immediately felt revitalised thanks to her new diet and later turned vegan after researching the dairy industry, a month after her wedding to Mitchell which was in January 2015.  At first Mitchell didn’t understand the reasons why his wife turned to veganism as hunting and eating animals was considered normal for him. Tandi didn’t push Mitchell to become vegan himself but eventually he started to see things from her perspective and only eats meat from animals he has killed using a bow and arrow. The couple have a separate freezer to store the meat he has hunted. The couple have a four-month-old son, Brooks, who they are currently raising vegan but Tandi says she would not stop her son from following in his father’s hunting footsteps when he grows up.

'Priceless' replica of Harry Potter flying car vanishes leaving owner devastated

***EXCLUSIVE*** The rare Ford Anglia, signed by actors from the film series and complete with a model owl in the back, was found to have been stolen. Now owner Steven Wickenden is appealing for witnesses to help get it back. The 47-year-old, who also owns a DeLorean from Back to the Future, said: "I went to the garage to take a tyre pump from the car this morning and I found the garage door unlocked and the car gone. "It is devastating."  Mr Wickenden discovered the theft at noon and had last seen it secured in the garage in Walmer, Kent, last Monday. The vehicle is insured for £10,000 pounds but its owner says it's "priceless."

Dancer, 21, left unable to kiss her boyfriend after make-up triggered rare nerve disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALBERTA, CANADA: This former dancer was stopped in her tracks when severe pain caused by a rare nerve condition left her BED BOUND and UNABLE TO KISS her boyfriend. Mackenzie Lea (21) from Alberta, Canada, started experiencing inconsistent pain on the side of her face when she was 10 but it stopped happening after a while so she thought nothing of it. However, when she was 12 the mild pain returned but she mistook it for a migraine. In July 2013 the pain became debilitating after being triggered by simply applying makeup to her face. Mackenzie knew that the crippling pain across her face was more than a migraine, and she started to fear she was dying because the pain was so severe. Mackenzie went to see her doctor who admitted he had no idea what the problem was but that they would try to rule things out. So Mackenzie was prescribed migraine medication, antibiotics and allergy medication. In October 2013, during a flare, Mackenzie was kept in hospital for a week to be monitored and have blood tests, a CT scan, MRI scan and a lumbar puncture. Doctors knew that if the medication didn’t work, which it didn’t, then the pain wasn’t migraines and they needed to look elsewhere. All of the tests and scans came back negative so Mackenzie was referred to the complex pain clinic. When Mackenzie was seen at the clinic in April 2014, she discussed her previous scans and the medication she had already tried with her doctor. She informed him that the pain was on the right side of her face and it would hurt if he touched it, and with this information he said he knew instantly what condition she had. Mackenzie recalls the doctor turning pale and asking if he could have a couple of minutes to discuss with his colleagues before confirming the diagnosis. Mackenzie was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), a rare form of nerve damage whereby even the faintest of facial stimulation, such as brushing teeth, eating, talking and kissing, can cause excruciating pain. Mackenzie tried numerous medications and in March 2015 she underwent microvascular decompression surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain and hopefully reduce the pain. The surgery appeared to have been a success until three months later when she had a cerebrospinal fluid leak which left her in ICU. As the pain returned, Mackenzie went back to the Intensive Pain Rehabilitation Program (IPRP) which involved physical, mental and occupational therapy to cope with TN. TN has halted Mackenzie’s life as she’s had to give up on her dreams of studying medicine because any slight movement or stimulation to her face can leave her in crippling pain for days. Despite this, Mackenzie is thankful that her boyfriend Jon knew her before the illness took hold so he saw her before being left housebound, although she admits that her condition can even make it painful to kiss each other.

Bus was converted into a public swimming pool

***EXCLUSIVE*** This disused bus was converted into a public swimming pool by a creative artist for one lucky town. Incredible images show the bus tipped on its side with the inside hollowed out and replaced with a shimmering pool. Other striking shots show people enjoying the quirky pool set up in a car park while there is even room for a life guard’s station. French artist Benedetto Bufalino, who is known for converting old automobiles into fun and functional objects, recently presented the northern French region of Artois with the new public swimming pool.

Open wide! Jaw-dropping photos taken by 'crazy' shark photographer who travels the world in pursuit of the ocean's deadliest predator

***EXCLUSIVE*** MEXICO: Meet the photographer who gets called ‘CRAZY’ by his peers because of his fascination with SHARKS and admits he doesn’t even get scared when he is FEET AWAY from a BIG MOUTH. London-born photographer Euan Rannachan (34) has come face-to-face with – and photographed – countless sharks in his adrenaline-fuelled career. His incredible shots capture nature’s most refined predators at their most fearsome, with row upon row of razor-sharp teeth on display and their haunting black eyes focussing on their next target. But after years of diving and close quarters interaction Rannachan, who has lived in California for the last 15 years, has developed a new respect and understanding for the apex creatures.

Huge Bronze Age treasure hoard unearthed on the banks of the Thames may have been an ‘offering to the gods’ before it was buried 3,000 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Archeologists have unearthed an "extraordinary" stash of Bronze Age weapons including swords, daggers and axes - but are not revealing the location for fear of treasure hunters. The rare find, which comprises more than 450 objects, is the largest Bronze Age hoard ever to be found in London, and the third largest in the UK. Excavators struck the “hugely significant” metals during a planned archaeological investigation at the undisclosed location. They found weapons and tools including axe heads, spearheads, fragments of swords, daggers and knives dating between c.900 and c.800 BC.

Home to the stars

***EXCLUSIVE*** BUCKINGHAMSHIRE: A jaw-dropping Grade II listed home which has appeared in movie blockbusters, major TV dramas, and served as a set for huge Hollywood stars including Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Charles Dance, has hit the market for a cool £1.3m. The Dower House, which dates back to the 17th century, is a go to property for TV producers looking for an authentic setting for period productions.

This is the adorable moment two owls give each other a big smooch while perched on a sign together

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wildlife photographer, Simon Roy, 42, captured the lovebirds as they were perched on a public bridleway sign on a picturesque farm in York, North Yorkshire. The two little owls are pictured sitting happily together on the sign before the bigger owl on the right leans in for a kiss.

„Plateau sky road”

Aerial photo shows a view of a mountain road in Tajik Autonomous County of Taxkorgan, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The road, constructed on the Pamir Plateau at an altitude of more than 4,200 meters with a 1,000-meter drop in height, is hailed as the "plateau sky road" by local residents.