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Woman, 27, spends thousands to transform into 'living doll' from favourite cartoon

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: Meet the anime obsessed woman who has spent TENS OF THOUSANDS transforming herself into a LIVING DOLL whose looks can include wearing FOUR PETTICOATS, FOUR SETS OF HAIR EXTENSIONS and FORTY HAIR BOWS at a time. Marketing strategist and living doll, Katie Castles (27) from Los Angeles, California, USA, became interested in becoming a living doll after watching the Japanese anime cartoons; Sailor Moon, Rosen Maiden and Chobits as a young teenager. Katie was particularly taken in by the beautiful porcelain dolls in Chobits and started to think about how she could incorporate this into her fashion. When she was 17, Katie started to experiment with Kawaii fashion, Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan, and she soon fell in love with the challenge of transforming herself into a ‘magical and elaborate’ version of herself. When she isn’t channelling her inner living doll, Katie describes her look as ‘androgynous’ and says that some people don’t even recognise her outside of her doll look. Katie dresses like a living doll around four times a week, and when she does, she is used to the stares she receives in the street and having people stop to take pictures of her sensational look. Pictures show Katie in a whole host of quirky Japanese fashion and whilst she doesn’t know the exact figure, she estimates that she’s easily spent tens of thousands of dollars on her look. A new dress can cost up to £230 ($300) and at one point she owned 68 at once but now she owns just 12 after slimming down her collection. Her most expensive dress was a Scarlet Primavera Waltz which cost £1,693 ($2,200).

Manned drone invented by Chinese farmer awarded with Red Dot

***EXCLUSIVE*** As a farmer who has been Dongguan for 11 years, Zhao Deguang never confines himself to a migrant worker. On the contrary, he devotes his money, time and vigor to continuing his dream in childhood, attempting to design a drone that helps him fly. After investing 20 million Yuan, Zhao finally invents a drone which can fly to the height of 150 meter. Also his crazy dream is recognized by the society. Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan invited Zhao and his drone to show in his next movie; Chinese filmmaker Frant Guo admires his persistence and talent of making himself fly; his drone Kiwigogo Aircraft A-one also wins Red Dot Design Award.

Roulette-style pizza so spicy it has its own warning label

***EXCLUSIVE*** A roulette-style pizza so spicy it has its own warning label will be sold in Morrisons stores ahead of Halloween. Those daring enough to buy the Trick-or-Treat pizza risk munching on fiery chillies, 200 times spicier than Tabasco sauce, which have been secretly slipped into random slices. The hidden 'hot ghost chillies' measure more than one million units on the Scoville heat scale.

Nelson's battle plans for Trafalgar found

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hand-drawn plan of the Battle of Trafalgar penned by Admiral Lord Nelson was officially unveiled today after lying hidden for 200 years in a young lady's scrapbook. The extraordinary discovery shows master tactician Nelson accurately predicted how the most famous battle in Royal Navy history would play out 30 days before it took place. The pencil sketch - which at first glimpse is just a few lines on a small piece of paper - was uncovered next to an address leaf signed by Nelson and dated September 5, 1805, in a young woman's scrapbook. Incredibly, the scrapbook containing the find - described as 'astounding' and 'hugely important' by military history experts - was sold unwittingly at an auction.

Frog peers through a leaf

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inquisitive frog appears to peek through a hole in a leaf. Photographer Dikky Oesin captured the intrigued reptile as it peered its head through the giant leaf in Jakarta Indonesia. The 43 year-old said “I was in a field taking photos of the frog. It jumped up to this huge leaf and peered through at me.” Mr Oesin managed to capture the curious milk frog before it then jumped onto to a nearby branch.

Loved up owls in display of affection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two loved-up spotted owlets share a beautiful moment whilst perched on a branch in the Tadoba National Park, India. High school teacher and photographer Shreya Singha Ray had been watching them for a week before they displayed the moment of affection. The 34 year-old said “When I saw the owlets sitting close to each other, I was hoping that they would display such affection for a few moments at least."

Worker packing charcoal

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker packs hundreds of pieces of charcoal in his courtyard in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Photographer Olivier Apicella captured the gentleman pack the sea of cylindrically-cut charcoal pieces with his drone. The french photographer said “The process starts by burning the charcoal, and then using a machine to give it the specific, cylindrical shape.” “The worker would then pack it all before being sent to the market.” The 36-year-old from Marseille said “The worker can fit 5-6 of the pieces in one bag, and would roughly pack around 300 of the pieces. The charcoal pieces are famous, and the ones packed here are typically sold for local barbecues.”