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Amazing GoPro footage shows a 3D print designer who was born without a right hand drawing a portrait - using his own bionic HERO ARM

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daniel Melville, 28, filmed himself sketching Tilly Lockey who was given her first set of comic book-inspired 'hero arms' in 2018 by a bionics company after losing both hands to meningitis as a baby. He is also able to play snooker, build lego and hold a coffee in both hands thanks to the arm which is the first medically approved prosthesis in Britain which allows for precise and delicate movements. Daniel told how Bristol-based Open Bionics “changed his life” after he was invited to open the tech company’s first headquarters this week as its ambassador.  He was born without a right hand due to a condition called Amelia which is a birth defect of lacking one or more limbs.

Is this the world's most expensive car park?

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rows upon rows of luxury Bentley vehicles can be seen at the factory in Crewe, Cheshire, where models such as the Mulsanne, the Flying Spur and the Continental are manufactured in their workshops.  A brand new Bentley Mulsanne would cost £238,700, meaning that there could be millions of pounds worth of hardware on display in these fascinating pictures.  The classic British car maker is also set to launch the new Flying Spur in 2020, said to be the most advanced car the firm has ever built.  Nearly 200 people handcraft every Flying Spur through 84 different assembly stages, an example of the extraordinary eye for detail Bentley is famed for.  However, despite the eye wateringly priced cars, they are focused on using sustainable energy in a bid to go greener.  As of this October, the Crewe factory uses electricity from 100% renewable sources to power its machinery.  Bentley Motors will also offer a hybrid variant of all models by 2023 and an all electric version by 2025.

Scientists create grotesque model of how office workers could look in 20 years’ time thanks to hours at their desks

***EXCLUSIVE*** She's got a hunched back, swollen limbs and bloodshot eyes — and in twenty years, you'll be just like her if you don't improve your working conditions, experts warn. 'Emma' — the sickly work colleague of the future — is a life-sized dummy built to show how sitting all day at ergonomically-unfriendly desk might affect workers. This cautionary vision was cooked up by researchers after interviews with more than 3,000 employees about their health issues and concerns. The team call for radical changes to the way we work — including more ergonomic office future and breaks to get staff off of their seats and moving about.

Tiffany calendar for $112,000 USD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holiday season is just around the corner, and to prepare for the festivities American luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. is dropping its first-ever advent calendar priced at a whopping $112,000 USD. Standing at four-foot-tall, the 24-day calendar is packed with pre-selected items.

Tub Floaty lets you lay back in the bath to enjoy your favourite Ben and Jerry's ice cream

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ice cream lovers can relax in the bath with their favourite treat after an innovative float to hold it was unveiled today. The Tub Floaty allows stressed out dessert fans to lay back in the bath while their favourite ice cream floats around them, allowing them to enjoy a sweet treat while they soak. The special float has been unveiled by ice cream makers Ben and Jerry's to celebrate their light Moo-phoria range which has 130 calories per serving. It is available now online, or from Ben and Jerry's Soho Scoop Shop in London from October 28.

A man was left stunned after he received a postcard from himself that he sent to his parents from Spain 28 YEARS ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jim Green, 66, was rifling through his mail when he discovered a postcard from Benidorm dated from September 1991.Baffled, Jim took a closer look and realised it was a postcard sent from his former 39-year-old self to his parents letting them know he had arrived safely on his holiday.

Studio pods built in university car park for students 'not fit for humans'

***EXCLUSIVE*** University students say they are ''appalled' by new ''studio'' accommodation - deeming the "tiny" 8x10-ft pods "not fit for humans". The 21 new en-suite "studio pods" were installed in a university car park last month in response to an increased demand for student accommodation. But the tiny 8x10-ft (2.4x3m) pods have been branded "appalling" and "not mentally viable" by students living there - some of whom are moving out after just a month. Students living in the Purbeck Court "pod" flats at University of West of England (UWE), in Bristol, claim they have been taunted by other students in nearby halls of residence for "not living in real accommodation".

The Bayeux Tapestry has revealed a new secret - that it was originally designed to fit on three sides of a cathedral wall in France

***EXCLUSIVE*** Researchers have finally solved the original location of the Bayeux Tapestry that tells the story of the Norman Conquest, culminating in the Battle of Hastings. Their findings, published in the Journal of the British Archaeological Association, has confirmed that the tapestry was designed specifically to fit the walls of Bayeux Cathedral. The study suggests the Tapestry was designed to be hung along the north, south and west sides of the nave of Bayeux Cathedral, between the west wall and choir screen.  It has long been known that the Tapestry was hung in the Normandy town's cathedral in the 15th Century.

Pet photographer has captured a series of hilarious photos showing dogs on glass plates

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colin Crowdey, 53, who has been dubbed the 'Gloucester Dog Photographer' is known for his quirky and funny pet photos. One of his most popular methods is taking photos from underneath a glass plate which captures shots of dogs looking down at the camera from above.

Rare albino squirrel spotted in park

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare British albino squirrel was spotted by an amateur photographer as it nibbled on acorns while perched on a branch. The cautious creature was seen by librarian Patrick Galway close to an oak tree, collecting and eating acorns ready to go into hibernation for the winter.

Hindu devotees praying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hindu devotees sit with Prodip and pray to God at the Sri Loknath Asram temple, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. The three hour festival held in the evening is called Kartik Brati and is celebrated on Saturday and again today, Tuesday, as part of the Bengali calendar.

Worker raking steaming charcoal heap

***EXCLUSIVE*** A worker rakes a pile of smouldering charcoal to open new air holes for the fire and level the mound of burning wood. The charcoal is made by creating piles of dried oak, setting fire to them and and then cover them by the ash so the wood burns really slow over a 24 hour period. The ash is then removed and they collect the pieces of charcoal and pack them to be sold.