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An ultra-rare 1970s Boba Fett figurine described as 'Holy Grail' of Star Wars memorabilia could sell for $500,000 at auction and smash world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** If sold for its estimate, the 'Boba Fett J-slot rocket-firing prototype’, which debuted at the 1979 New York Toy Fair, would shatter the previous auction record for any Star Wars toy. The predicted sale would also catapult Star Wars toys into the same investment league as fine art and classic cars, according to experts at Hake's Auctions, in York, Pennsylvania, USA, who are holding the sale. The fact that the figurine never made it to mass production adds to its value.

One of the rarest coins in the world that dates back to 723AD and was made from gold from a mine owned by a successor to the Prophet Muhammad sells for £3.7MILLION

***EXCLUSIVE*** This Umayyad solid gold dinar date's from 105h (723AD) and importantly is inscribed from the ‘Mine of the Commander of the Faithful’. The Umayyad's ruled the early Islamic world from their capital in Damascus at the heart of modern war torn Syria. Unlike the Christian coinage, on Moslem currency all images were forbidden and so both sides are covered by arabic text. Astonished Auctioneers Morton&Eden sold the super rare coin in London today.

RoboCROP! Scientists create green-fingered robot which can find its way around the garden to prune roses and trim bushes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boffins have invented a robot that can garden. The green-fingered device – known as Trimbot – uses cameras and 3D mapping technology to find its way around gardens. The robot is battery-powered and has a cutting tool which it uses to prune roses and trim bushes by pinpointing the exact part of the plant stem which needs to be cut. Trimbot has five pairs of cameras and a flexible robotic arm linked to an automated Bosch lawnmower.

Man has saved the lives of FIVE people after donating his organs following his death caused bu a bleed on the brain

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad who died after a bleed on the brain has been dubbed a hero after he saved the lives of FIVE people by donating his organs. Jonathan Ashdown, 27, donated his heart, pancreas, kidney and his liver - after it was split in two - following his death. The dad-of-three suffered from a tangle of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins, which caused a bleed on the brain. He was diagnosed just five days after the birth of daughter Willow, and despite two brain operations died just two months later. Devastated wife Gemma, from Tonbridge, Kent, made the brave decision to donate his organs to help others.

Pregnant mom, 26, reveals she is on a MEAT-ONLY diet and eats beef, liver, and heart every day - as she insists the carnivorous regimen has given her an 'amazing' body AND cured her acne

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONROE, WISCONSIN, USA: This pregnant mum-of-two says a MEAT ONLY diet has left her body looking ‘AMAZING’ and slams people who say it’s bad for her baby - admitting she would be ‘CONCERNED’ if any of her children went VEGETARIAN. Stay at home mum and former nurse, Sara Zielke (26) from Monroe, Wisconsin, USA, grew up with a big appetite eating the standard American diet which was rich in processed foods, junk and sweets but as she was very active and played lots of sports she never struggled with her weight until she had children. Sara, who is currently 17-weeks pregnant with her third child, noticed that after having her children, Zane (3) and Madisyn (1) that she no longer felt like herself, she struggled to lose weight and fat from her tummy area despite eating healthily and exercising. As well as this Sara was always hungry, moody and tired and suffered from acne, dull skin and knee and ankle pain after working out which is something she never experienced before becoming a mother. Unhappy with herself, Sara started to research diets that could help her feel rejuvenated and shift the pounds, and the carnivore or meat only diet seemed to fit her needs as she could eat as much as she liked, until she felt full, and still lose weight. Since going carnivore in October last year, Sara noticed that her acne had disappeared, she regained her abs, had a calmer mood, improved energy levels and no pain in her body. Before falling pregnant again this year her weight went from 11st 4lb to 9st 2lb. Misconceptions surrounding this diet are that it causes high cholesterol, but Sara says that this isn’t true and at 17-weeks pregnant with her third child says she feels better than ever with more energy than when she was pregnant with Zane and Madisyn. Sara has reaped so many benefits from eating in this way she admits that she would be ‘concerned’ if her children decided to go vegetarian.

Heartbreaking moment father-of-six, 33, fulfils final wish to 'die a married man' by tying the knot with his beloved bride, 31, in hospital... just hours before lung cancer claimed his life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A battling dad fulfilled his final wish to “die a married man” when he tied the knot with his bride – just hours before passing away. Gary Smart, 33, had hoped to wed Laura Smart, 31, next year but the couple changed their plans when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer last month. The dad-of-six had aggressive lung cancer and was given just months to live when he told staff at Northampton General Hospital he wanted to die a married man. Heartbreaking photos show him holding hands and exchanging vows with Laura as he lay in his hospital bed last Friday (18/10) evening.

Mormon turned porn star, 30, reveals how she abandoned her faith after abstaining from sex for 9 YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former Mormon has told how she abandoned her religion to become a porn star after spending years 'sexually repressed'. Addie Adams, 30, joined the church when she was 17 after growing up in a religious household and spent nine years observing its rules until moving to Los Angeles to try to become an actress. When that failed, she started stripping and was soon reeled into the porn industry. Now, she is telling how she chose to leave her faith after abstaining from sex for nine years. 

British Museum bosses bid for tiny Charlotte Bronte manuscript measuring 35mm by 61mm which last sold for £690,850

***EXCLUSIVE*** A museum dedicated to the Bronte sisters is bidding to bring a £650,000 book written by one of the famed sisters as a teen back home. Oldest sister Charlotte wrote the matchbox-sized manuscript at her now famous home in Haworth, West Yorks, in 1830 when she was just 14-years-old. Containing three hand-written stories, the work is one of five surviving 'little books' penned by the Jane Eyre author in her formative years. Having been in private hands since Charlotte's death in 1855 the book is set to go under the hammer next month, when it's expected to fetch £650,000.

These incredible pictures show the intricate sculptures made out of pages from a book

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emma Taylor, 24, has been a book sculptor for the last seven years, and began when she created a scene for an extra-curriculum project during her time in Sixth-form. The sculptures take about a month on average to create and are made by cutting and sticking pages of books together.

A bottle of whisky from a cask considered „the Holy Grail” has sold at auction for a record £1.5 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The bottle of „The Macallan 60 Year Old 1926” was offered for sale today by an American private collector, at auction house Sotheby’s in London. It had been estimated to sell for £350,000-450,000, less than a third of the final auction price achieved. The previous auction record for a single bottle was £1.2 million, for another bottle of „The Macallan 60 Year Old 1926” drawn from the same cask but in a handpainted bottle.

Meet the animal-loving pensioner who has spent her life helping to raise OTTERS - and regularly walks around town with one sat on her shoulders

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daphne Neville, 82, has kept the mammals for nearly 40 YEARS and devotes her time to increasing awareness about the cute creatures. She even takes her current pet, 'Rudi', to the shops - but said people don't mind because the otter looks "cosy and happy". An actress by trade, Ms Neville adopted her first otter in 1980 after a friend suggested her 18th century converted water mill near Stroud, Glos., offered the perfect conditions.

Holiday blues could become a thing of the past this winter after a new moisturising lotion was released that has been proven to give you “the holiday feeling”

***EXCLUSIVE*** The “Holiday Feeling in a Bottle” lotion is enriched with essence of Mojito, Sea Salt and Tropical Palms - all of which were voted for by the nation as key “holiday feeling” triggers.  TV personality John Barrowman is fronting a new ad campaign to promote it.

4,000 pumpkin display at Sunnyfields Farm

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pumpkin mountain has been created using 4,000 of the squashes measuring 8 meters tall and 30 meters wide. The pumpkins are in high demand and the farm has grown 35,000 of them this year. Ian Nelson who runs the farm with his son said, 'It's a bumper crop this year, we had the heat and rain coming at the right times this year. It was great fun building it.' The pumpkin design was created using mainly orange pumpkins with white ones marking the eyes, nose and mouth. A total of 15 people created a human chain to get the pumpkins to their right locations. The pumpkins are currently on display, but will eventually be sold to customers.

Yellow Powder Festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of Hindu worshippers are covered head to toe in yellow powder which is hurled as part of an annual festival. Thousands flock to the small village of Pattan Kodoli in central-western India every year to celebrate the Vittal Birdev Annual Yatra. The festivities typically involve being showered in bhandara powder, which is similar to turmeric, and is believed to have healing properties. The powder is thrown on everybody - even officials who attend to ensure revellers' safety - as they celebrate Shri Vittal Birdev, an incarnation of the Hindu Lord Shiva.