Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A man left sterile after drug treatment for a rare kidney condition had a life-changing transplant - and is now a dad of five

***EXCLUSIVE*** Malcolm Armstrong, 44, was diagnosed with Goodpasture's Syndrome in 2005, an autoimmune disease in which antibodies attack the lungs and kidneys, leading to bleeding from the lungs and kidney failure. Malcolm and his wife Michelle, already had a daughter, Emily, but were forced to put plans to extend their family on hold after the drugs used to treat the condition left him infertile. However, after receiving a transformative kidney transplant, the couple went on to welcome Daniel, 13, Rosie, 12, Eve, ten, and Ben, nine.

This rare satirical Nazi LOO roll is up far sale - after being found at a country house

***EXCLUSIVE*** The individual sheets of toilet paper feature satirical cartoons of characters from the Third Reich. One sheet has a picture of Hitler - with the caption 'Now I'm A Brown Shirt All Over''.Another features a large German general with the caption: 'No Power On Earth Can Wipe Us Out'.

A team from Harvard University are using the same unmanned drone technology used in Hollywood blockbusters to study how the Amazon rainforest is responding to climate change

***EXCLUSIVE*** The same drones used to film Hollywood movies have been repurposed for Harvard researchers to study the Amazon. The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), formerly used for filming blockbusters like Skyfall and The Wolf of Wall Street, have been specially adapted to withstand the heat and humidity of the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Until recently scientists relied on towers, aircraft, and satellites to help them understand the habitat, but the data they collected was limited and biased to certain ecosystems. The use of powerful, six-bladed ‚Äėhexacopters' has enabled researchers to monitor crevices that were previously unreachable and assess how the forest is responding to climate change, deforestation and fire.

Life's a beach for NASA's Curiosity space rover as it takes a selfie of its hunt for Martian life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Its breathtaking picture marks the first time the robot has conducted a chemical experiment in the clay-rich Glen Etive crater. Two small drill holes can be seen to the left of the rover where scientists hope the remains of bacterial life may have been preserved for billions of years within the rock samples. The photo is stitched together from a series of 57 taken from Curiosity's robotic arm earlier this month.

Six-year-old boy has Batten's disease - a rare form of childhood dementia which has no cure and offers a devastating life expectancy of just 12-years-old

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young boy has forgotten almost everything he’s learned in his short life, after being struck down with dementia - aged just SIX. Reece Mitchell has just one word left in his vocabulary - mummy - after being diagnosed with the childhood condition Batten’s disease, which is robbing him of his childhood and has already caused him to go blind. Single-mum Donna, 46, from North Kessock, Scotland, initially thought Reece’s symptoms were down to his autism, but doctors soon diagnosed the extremely rare form of childhood dementia. The little-known condition, which also causes frequent seizures, has no cure, and children with the condition rarely live to the age of 12.

Thierry Lasry celebrates Barbie's 60th anniversary with exclusive sunglasses collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** French luxury eyewear brand Thierry Lasry has partnered with American toy company Mattel as part of Barbie's ongoing 60th anniversary celebrations. For the exclusive collection, Lasry designed two styles of sunglasses and four limited-edition dolls that come together in a co-branded collector's box.

Chow chow 'pandas' wow customers at pet cafe in China

Chow chow dogs walk around in the pet cafe store in Chengdu city, south-west China's Sichuan province. A pet cafe store paints chow chows into panda colors to attract more customers in Chengdu city, south-west China's Sichuan province.

Swatch joins Louvre Museum for art-filled watch collection

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swatch continues its foray into the world of art with a new collection with the world-renowned Louvre Museum. This collection sees masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci‘s La Joconde aka the Mona Lisa, Frans Pourbus the Younger's portraits of Marie de' Medici and Henry IV of France, and Guido Reni's The Abduction of Helen, all reinterpreted in a playful manner.

Vet worker nursed a mange ridden puppy close to death back to health - and now the canine cutey is unrecognisable

***EXCLUSIVE*** An animal lover helped transform a mongrel with mange near death into a happy, healthy puppy. Jessie DeFreitas, 21, works in a vet and she was shocked when the little dog came in the door. In a short three months, the dog went from angry and biting to „kind and sweet”. The 21-year-old said: „Everyone at the vet knows I’m a huge animal lover. When I was told we had a new dog, I had to see her.”