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Mom-of-three who 'drowned in hatred' for years while battling a severe eating disorder flaunts her saggy postpartum skin to celebrate her body and give others the courage to do the same

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, USA: After years of ‘DROWNING IN HATRED’ over her body, this mum of three finally feels free and is posting pictures of her LOOSE SKIN online to inspire others. Office manager and photographer, Hayley Garnett (31) from Columbia, Missouri, USA, always knew she wanted to be a mum but before she fell pregnant with her first child, Archer (5) she struggled with an eating disorder where she would spend hours in the gym everyday and would restrict her food intake. At 5ft tall, Hayley dropped to just 6st 5lb and struggled to get pregnant because her cycle became irregular. However, things started to change for her after she gave birth to Archer, as despite being self-conscious of her scars and weight she never resorted back to her eating disorder as it was no longer important to her. After later giving birth to her twins, Ruby and Ramona (2) Hayley felt freer than ever before and finally felt at peace with her body as she realised that her family and husband, Cody (32) were what made her happy, not the reflection in the mirror. Hayley is proud of her body and what it has achieved in bringing her children into the world. She decided to start sharing pictures of her postpartum body, loose skin and all on Instagram in November 2017 after having her twins. Now Hayley is 1st 1lb heavier and she hopes to be an inspiration to other mums to show them that they are not defined by their imperfections and can be comfortable in their own skin.

Snorkeling grandmothers reveal large deadly sea snake population in popular bay

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of fearless grannies dubbed 'the fantastic grandmothers' have been photographing one of the world's deadliest snakes underwater in a bid to log their numbers. Marine biologists on the pacific island of New Caledonia had spotted the lethal greater sea snake off the coast off the capital Noumea but had only seen about 10 a year. But two years ago, a group of seven grans all in their 60s or 70s who swan in the bay regularly, volunteered to snorkel and photograph them. And since they began, they have logged more than 250 of the snakes which are individually recognisable due to their markings.

Actress's mysterious infections, mood swings and thinning hair VANISH after she got her DDD breast implants taken out because she thought they were killing her

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman had no idea that her BREAST IMPLANTS were the reason for the endless list of symptoms that made her feel like she was DYING – even her doctor was stumped and suggested she take ANTIBIOTICS FOR LIFE. Arbonne district manager, Sandra Luesse (37) from Berlin, Germany, who is now living in California, USA, felt that society valued large breasts and that they were seen as beautiful, so after years of toying with the idea, she got 250cc breast implants on July 1, 2016. Sandra had a desire to look ‘perfect’ and hoped going from a B cup to DDD would grant her that, however as soon as she had them she began to regret her decision. With the implants, Sandra’s breasts felt disproportionately large for her petite shape, making her feel top heavy. Around 18 months after getting the implants, peculiar symptoms started cropping up in Sandra’s day to day life, including yeast infections every day, regular urinary tract infections, a white film on her tongue, pain in her breasts, numbness in her hands, thin hair, foggy memory and mood swings. Before getting the implants, Sandra had always been very healthy so when these relentless symptoms were happening, she was terrified that she could be dying as she didn’t know what else it all could have meant. Sandra went to see numerous doctors but none of them could explain her problems, and one doctor even suggested putting her on antibiotics for the rest of her life to mask the symptoms. This was distressing for Sandra to think there was no way of ridding her of the problems she battled daily, until her friend suggested it could be down to her implants. Sandra initially laughed off the idea but when she read about breast implant illness (BII), she related to the endless list of symptoms other women faced before explanting. Sandra knew she needed to get rid of her toxic implants and on July 1, 2019 – three years to the day after they were put in – Sandra had her implants removed and noticed an immediate improvement in her health.

Couple (41 and 39) have been able to retire early after adopting an incredibly strict financial lifestyle - having saved over $2 MILLION!

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mom and dad have retired early after saving over two million dollars in just eight years. Christina, 41, and Amon Browning, 39, put aside the seven-figure sum by cutting expenses, flipping homes, picking up side hustles and choosing canny investments. Although the couple, who were both civil servants, do not want to reveal the exact figure they saved, it is large enough to mean they will never work another day in their lives. The pair even became Uber and Lyft drivers to earn extra cash and sold any spare belongings on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. The parents of Sunoa, 13, and Melea, 11, have moved from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA, to enjoy a life of leisure in Lisbon, Portugal.

Story of a dwarf doctor in China

The 55-year-old Xiao Jiulin is a rural doctor at the eastern Chinese village. When he was three year old, Xiao was physically disabled due to an illness, which eventually led to his height only keeping in 90 cm. The short stature causes troubles in all Xiao's life, but also spurred him to aspire to be a doctor, who can help patients free from diseases. .In 1989 when graduating from a local medical school, Xiao obtained by exam the rural doctor certification and became a doctor of a clinic in the village. Over the past 30 year, Xiao has always provided visiting medical services to villagers for their needs regardless of his difficulties in walking. For long time, Xiao's wife Huang Shuzhen has always been at his side to take good care of him in life. .''Now that i decide to be a doctor, i can not give up easily. Troubled by diseases in all my life, i hope to help patients get rid of the pain caused by diseases through my efforts and win respects in return .'' said Xiao.

A polyamorous couple who encourage each other to have relationships with both sexes believe that their arrangement gives them the best of both worlds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Darrien Leathers, 23, and Ryan Meyers, 27, say that monogamy is too constrictive and call their relationship „sexually fluid”. The couple, of San Diego, California, USA, are so open with each other that Ryan invited Darrien’s girlfriend Beth Sanchez, 20, to a surprise birthday party he threw for Darrien. The pair tied the knot just two months after meeting in a „spiritual” ceremony in the Sequoia National Forest complete with pine cones and crystals. Ryan, said: „A monogamous relationship can sometimes feel like I’m taking my love and shining it like a flashlight on one person. In a sexually fluid relationship, your love is like a sun and it radiates in all directions.” Ryan, a music producer, and Darrien, a meditation guide, met on MeetMindful, a dating app for mindful people, in September 2018. Darrien admitted that at first she was looking for a girlfriend, but Ryan’s profile was the first she saw.

These extraordinary pictures show pet dogs flying through the air like super-heroes, trying to catch a Frisbee

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photographer Claudio Piccoli, who makes his living by turning pictures of dogs playing with Frisbees look like action shots, first got into dog photography when he was a young boy. He said: "I remember that at a very young age they took me to my grandmother and I spent whole days with the dog playing.

Orangutans playing on a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two young orangutans wrestle with each other as they swing from a treetop.  The pair can be seen swinging upside down together as they monkeyed around. Photographer Julia Wimmerlin, 42, said these male orangutans were play-fighting around 20ft above the forest floor.  Ms Wimmerlin captured the shots at Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo, Indonesia, and said one of the orangutans won their tussle before the loser made its way down the tree. 

Autumn colours

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bird's eye view shows off the full spectrum of autumn's colours.  With many trees turning shades of autumnal orange, bold evergreens - primarily balsam fir and red spruce trees - provide stark contrast. The multi-coloured landscape was captured in a series of striking photos across north eastern USA, using a drone.  All five areas pictured - Lakewood in Pennsylvania, Killington in Vermont, Lincoln in New Hampshire, Cannonsville Reservoir and Kaaterskill Falls, both in New York - are a far cry from the major cities the region is perhaps best known for.

Ducks on the back of a bike

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dozens of ducks stick their heads out out of carrier bags on the back of a scooter. Photographer Olivier Apicella capture the shot with his drone as they were transported to a local market in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The french photographer said ďThe ducks were being transported to the main market around 6 miles away, where they will be sold as food. There were over 60 ducks squashed in carrier bags on the back of the Honda 125cc scooter, which has been modified to carry these ducks. The 36-year-old from Marseille said ďI managed to get the shot as the driver slowed down to stop at a red light on the road.