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Celebs with bizarre phobias

Halloween is coming, and these celebrities have to deal with some very strange phobias. A sampling of their fears:

Channing Tatum: pediophobia, fear of porcelain dolls

Jennifer Love Hewitt: selachophobia, fear of sharks; she also has a fear of elevators

Matthew McConaughey: cleithrophobia, fear of getting stuck in a revolving door

Meryl Streep: corcoranophobia, fear of helicopters

Alfred Hitchcock: ovophobia, fear of eggs

Kyra Sedgwick: fear of talking food, especially the California Raisins

Adele: laridaphobia, fear of seagulls

Christina Ricci: botanophobia, fear of indoor houseplants, and natatiophobia, fear of swimming pools

David Beckham: ranidaphobia, fear of frogs

Nicole Kidman: lepidoterophobia, fear of butterflies

Diddy: podophobia, the fear of a long second toe

Pamela Anderson: eisotrophobia, fear of mirrors

Oprah Winfrey: chiclephobia, fear of gum