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Britain's oldest mother of quadruplets, 51, celebrates her babies' first birthdays after the tots defied the odds despite being born prematurely at just 31 weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tracey Britten, hit national headlines last year when she gave birth to the three girls and one boy when she was aged 50. She already has three grown-up children and eight grandchildren. On their first birthday, she will take them to visit the grave of her mum Pauline Smith at Preston Crematorium. Pauline left Tracey £7,000 in her will, which she spent on IVF to have the babies. Tracey, who now lives in London, said: „If it wasn’t for mum leaving me that inheritance, then I wouldn’t have been able to have the IVF. I’ve always wanted to do this on their first birthday, to say thank you to her.”

Widow to become nurse after seeing 'amazing' hospital staff care for late husband

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Louise Hughes, 26, was heartbroken in May 2018 when Dave, the father of her baby boy, passed away 11 weeks after having a new heart heart fitted.  Employed as a nursery worker at the time, Louise was inspired to embark on her new career after being overwhelmed by the "amazing" nurses who cared for her husband.  The mum-of-one started an access course at college just four months after Dave's death aged 32 and begun a three year adult nursing degree last month.  When she qualifies Louise wants to specialise as a transplant nurse and work at Wythenshawe Hospital, where her husband received much of his care.  Louise, who is from Wigan, says her and Dave's son George, now aged three, knows all about his daddy and is aware of the journey his mum has embarked on.

Real life 'Stretch Armstrong'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A real life 'Stretch Armstrong' has spent nearly two decades perfecting an array of mind-boggling body contortions - despite tipping the scales at a hefty 15 stone. Chris Baker became „fascinated” with flexibility as a child after watching dancers strike nimble poses on television. Undeterred by his heavy-build, the American nailed the splits aged 15 after just two months trying.

Mother, 32, reveals how she made the agonising decision to let doctors remove part of her seven-year-old son's BRAIN in the hope of stopping the 70 life-threatening seizures he was suffering every day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gabriel, 7, from Oxford suffered with 30+ seizures a day leaving his mum with the choice of either let doctors perform brain surgery, which would leave him paralysed on his left side, or not have the surgery leaving him practically brain dead by the time he's a teenager due to the damage done by the epilepsy. Mum chose the surgery but by some miracle Gabriel hasn't been left with permanent paralysis. She has told she made the impossible decision of choosing to paralyse her son to save his life - by allowing surgeons to remove part of his brain. For the past seven years, Stephanie Bailey, 32, has done everything she can to help her son Gabriel, seven, in his battle with epilepsy. But his condition just got worse, until he was having up to 70 seizures a day and couldn't go anywhere or do anything alone. Doctors eventually said the only possible cure from life-threatening seizures was a risky operation to remove part of his brain.

Woman has given birth to a „miracle” baby boy - a whopping TEN WEEKS after her water broke

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young mum has given birth to a "miracle" baby boy - ten weeks after her waters first broke. Lauren Middleton had the shock of her life at 26 weeks when she felt a gush of water after getting up to go to the toilet. The 24-year-old was rushed to hospital and couldn't believe doctors when they told her that her waters had broken. "I was so shocked, I really didn't think my waters had broken," she said.

Beau's bakers dozen! Labrador surprises her owners by giving birth to one of Britain's largest ever litters as she welcomes 13 'absolutely gorgeous' puppies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crufts champion descendant Beau had an ultrasound five weeks into her pregnancy with vets expecting just five or six puppies.  Her owners had no idea the brood would reach double figures, just two shy of what is thought to be the record set by a black Labrador which gave birth to 15 puppies in 2014.  The puppies started "flying out" when the first-time mum went into early labour last month after creeping under her owner's sheets.  Dog breeder Leah Barrett delivered the litter with her sister Alice, as astonished dad Nick phoned his pals.

Super slimmer who was put off travelling after seeing her holiday snaps from a trip to Turkey in 2011, has shed over three stone to go on holiday again for the first time in eight years

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super slimmer whose holiday pictures put her off travelling abroad has shed over three stone - and enjoyed her first break in the sun for EIGHT YEARS. Nikki Elliott was so unhappy at how she looked in her holiday snaps from Marmaris, Turkey, in 2011 she vowed never to go abroad again until she felt better about her appearance. After her weight ballooned to 16st 10lbs, she decided to take action and lost more than three stone - and say she eats more now than ever before. Nikki, 33, looked and felt so much better after her stunning weight loss that she donned a summer dress and headed to the Greek sunshine resort of Corfu.

Hairdresser, 21, is left with severe facial burns after a night of passion turned into disaster when a romantic candle set fire to her pillow and her boyfriend hit her in the face with it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A night of heated passion ended in disaster for this hot couple after a pillow was set alight by a bedroom candle - leaving a woman with severe facial burns. Lucy Edwards, 21, lit a candle near the bed in an attempt at creating a romantic atmosphere for a night in with her boyfriend Tom Blizard, 27. But their bedroom antics were interrupted when a pillow caught fire, and chaos ensued, with the pair running around the room, trying to put out the blaze. Tom grabbed the pillow to throw it out the room - but accidentally collided with Lucy's face, leave her with burns on her eyelid, cheek, lip and nose.

Great-grandmother, 74, reveals how a romance fraudster she met on Match.com and thought was the 'best thing since sliced bread' conned her out of £8,000 by claiming he needed cash for an operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sally Jones, 74, from the Beaumont Estate in Littlehampton, gave almost £8,000 to a man she met on an online dating site and lied to her daughters about where the money was going. Now free from his clutches, she is determined to tell her story to help others. She said: „If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” After her partner of 23 years died in February 2014, a lonely Sally joined the dating website match.com looking for company; „someone to play cards with or go to the pictures”, she said. One of the first people to reply to her was a man called Harry, whose picture was of an „English man holding a dog”. He wooed her by sending her chocolates, flowers and champagne on her birthday. Sally said: „I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone wants to be loved.”