Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

'First ever selfie' goes on display - 136 years after it was snapped

***EXCLUSIVE*** The black and white photo was taken by 19th century engineer Washington Teasdale in front of a ruined abbey in 1883. Teasdale appears to have set his camera up pointing at the ruins then hot-footed it to a bench just in time to be included in the picture. The fascinating piece of history represents one of the earliest examples of someone both taking and appearing in a photo. It has gone on display at Leeds Industrial Museum, only two miles from Kirkstall Abbey, where the photo was taken.

Baby with heart tumour who had cardiac arrest at three-months-old to get £120k op in US after Harry Redknapp’s support

***EXCLUSIVE*** A desperate mum is trying to raise nearly £120,000 so her sick baby can travel to the USA for an operation after doctors found an incredibly rare tumour - in his HEART. Little Michael Labuschagne was rushed to hospital seven months ago when he woke up gasping for air after suffering a cardiac arrest. The now ten-month-old was then put into an induced coma and his parents were told it was likely he would never wake. Against the odds, Michael, from Bristol, awoke when doctors reduced his sedation - opening his eyes and smiling at his dad, Stuart. But that happy moment was quickly tempered by the news that there was a high chance the boy had suffered brain damage. Luckily, a scan revealed that this wasn't the case. However, Stuart and mum Emma were then delivered the hammer blow that Michael had an extraordinarily rare heart tumour which would need expensive surgery to fix.

Special preparations are underway to throw a birthday party for one of the world's oldest parrots - who is about to turn SEVENTY

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sim, the „tune-whistling” yellow-crowned green Amazonian parrot, is 69-years-old and has been the mascot at Rouge Bouillon School for decades. And with his landmark birthday just around the corner staff at the school on the Channel Island of Jersey are planning a special celebration for the bird. Tracy Lee, the school's secretary, said that Sim is a simple character and as such the celebrations will be meagre - consisting of some bunting on his cage and extra nuts.

Trick or tree! Curious squirrel looks like a Halloween ghoul as it pokes its head inside a carved pumpkin

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer has snapped squirrels playing with pumpkins for Halloween. Award-winning wildlife photographer Geert Weggen befriended the red squirrels in a woodland and is well known for his photo series. Swedish snapper Geert regularly feeds the squirrels and thought the spooky season was a great theme. Geert said: "Most of the time, squirrels are thought of as nice and gentle and loving. But they can also be a little dark.

Ban Hun Lek metalwork shop in Thailand

Thailand: A metalworker seen welding a statue of Transformers at Ban Hun Lek, a metalwork shop renowned for giant statues of Transformers, the Hulk and other pop icons, in the central Thai province of Angthong.