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Former Army gunner who was told she would never have the use of her legs again after carrying heavy shells crushed her spine surprises her husband by WALKING down the aisle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bride Emma Kitson put in hours of leg strength training so she could make the 20ft journey to the altar without her wheelchair. She surprised her husband, swimming coach, Chris Kitson, 38, who had no idea she would be approaching him on foot. Debt charity worker Emma, 35, who has been in a wheelchair for seven years, said: "I thought to myself 'whatever happens when I get out of that church I actually do not care.


Depressed teenager born with a facial mass the size of her HEAD has had 55 surgeries to shrink it after years of unwanted attention from strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** This teenager’s condition left her with a misshapen face that was initially mistaken for DOWN’S SYNDROME leading to her having FIFTY-FIVE corrective procedures – but she admits people still stare, and NINETY-FIVE PER CENT of them are ADULTS. Hannah Dunaway (18) from Mississippi, USA, was born with a mass in her head which was caused by the abnormal development of her lymphatic vessels, known as lymphatic malformation which early scans picked up on but doctors first thought it was Down’s Syndrome, however further investigation concluded that it was lymphatic malformation at 18 weeks. When Hannah was born at 32 weeks in February 2001, multiple specialists were on hand in case she wasn’t breathing when she was born – thankfully she was breathing but it was the largest lymphatic malformation the hospital had witnessed. At just six days old, Hannah had surgery to remove as much of the malformation as possible, but this gave her only 50 per cent chance of surviving as she was so young. As she improved, at three weeks old surgeons performed a tracheostomy and Hannah was fitted with a feeding tube – which she lived with until she was 12 years old. Since then, Hannah has had more than fifty procedures and surgeries, including a Coblation tongue reduction surgery, sclerotherapy, radical tumour resections, bleomycin injections, tongue laser removals, draining of lymph fluid, skin grafts and plastic surgery. Hannah grew up feeling different, but it became more apparent when she was a teenager when the years of missing school for treatments caught up with her and she was of an age where fitting in was becoming increasingly important. Hannah developed a crippling depression in her teenage years from the struggle of living with her condition. Following years of surgeries and treatments, Hannah’s lymphatic malformation is no longer as severe as it used to be, which has boosted her confidence and now she tries to accept and cherish her uniqueness, rather than be ashamed and hide away.


NASA share spectacularly spooky images from space to celebrate Halloween

Ahead of Halloween, NASA has shared this strange snap, in which the blazing-hot star looks more like a cleverly carved, if somewhat malevolent, glowing pumpkin. The spooky shot was taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite, which is constantly watching the sun from its orbit in space. Here, we bring you other scary space snaps that are truly out of this world . . .

This portable vinyl lathe lets you cut your own records at home

Music fans will now be able to create their very own vinyl records from home. Phonocut is the first consumer device that's able to reproduce vinyl records on the spot. Similar in size to a standard turntable, the easy to use gadget has a state-of-the-art lathe that uses a diamond stylus to cut 10-inch vinyl records in real-time. All you do is plug in an audio cable connected to your computer, hit play on your preferred music streaming service and as you listen to the music you want to be copied, Phonocut cuts the vinyl right in front of you. Roughly 10-15 minutes of audio can be cut into each side of the vinyl and is able to be played back on a record player immediately after being cut. Austrian analog enthusiast and Phonocut co-founder Florian „Doc” Kaps told Wired in an interview: „It has to be idiot-proof. Even I myself should be in a position to cut the records.” The machine works in real time. As the music plays, a diamond stylus etches the sound wave straight into the surface of the vinyl. After a half hour of playback, you have a physical saucer of sound ready to pick up, hold, and toss on a turntable. He went on to explain how the idea for the machine emerged, citing what he claims is a need among consumers to feel physically connected to music in an ever-expanding digital landscape. „Digital has a big problem, you know – it’s not real” Kaps said. „You can very easily access it, but you only can see it, or you can hear it. You never can lick it, you cannot smell it, and you can’t touch it. We human beings do have these five senses. And at the end of the day, we need all these five senses to fall in love, to feel happy, to build trust.” The Phonocut is available for pre-order at a price of £882.

A new mum who put her headaches and tiredness down to 'baby brain' was devastated to discover she actually had an incurable brain tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Curtis, 30, had been experiencing headaches and feeling tired for a months before her diagnosis but just put it down to the stress of being a new mum. Doctors prescribed her medication for migraines, but when Claire started vomiting in the early hours of the morning, she knew it was something more sinister. An MRI scan revealed that Claire had an incurable brain tumour the size of an orange, and she is now battling the cancer to get more time with her family.

Addict mother who would breastfeed her daughter at parties while high on drink and drugs turns her life around after meeting husband at a recovery meeting

***EXCLUSIVE*** RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, USA: This mum breastfed her daughter whilst HIGH ON PAINKILLERS and would host drug-fuelled parties while she was in THE NEXT ROOM - until she met her husband during a RECOVERY MEETING and turned her life around. Stay at home mum, Ashley Doherty (29) from Riverside, California, USA, was an insecure child after her parents split up when she was seven and she saw her mum go in and out of rehab. After first trying alcohol at 13, she fell in love with the feeling of being drunk and liked how it made her forget her worries so looked forward to going out drinking. Before long, Ashley was skipping school to get drunk and attended parties where she was introduced to weed, cocaine, ecstasy DMT, meth, oxycontin, cough syrup and painkiller pills. Alcohol and drugs made Ashley feel carefree and after a car accident in 2011 and being prescribed Norco painkillers, her addiction spiralled further. Ashley found herself in a string of toxic relationships where she was taken advantage of and abused by men. At 21, she fell pregnant with her first child, Rylann (7) but found the strength to ditch alcohol and drugs for the duration of her pregnancy. After giving birth in August 2012 she was given Norcos for pain and she became hooked once her prescription ran out. The new mum started to go to a dealer to get the pills and convinced herself that she wouldn’t be causing her daughter any harm despite breastfeeding. Ashley ended up taking up to 40 pills a day, drinking, doing cocaine and using other drugs in order to help her wean off pills. Depressed and feeling guilty for not being a good mum, Ashley’s weight dropped to just 6st 9lb and after being kicked out of cosmetology school, she begged her dad to help get her into treatment, which he did. After 45 days in rehab, Ashley came out feeling like a new person but after getting back with an ex-boyfriend started drinking again. With her family’s encouragement to attend support meetings and get a sponsor, Ashley became sober again for the sake of herself and her child. It was at an alcoholics and narcotics anonymous meeting that Ashley met her husband, Jack (35) and they fell in love and have supported each other throughout their respective recoveries. They now have a child together, Jackson (1). Ashley is now a healthy 8st 3lb and hopes to be able to inspire others with her story.

UK's 'most haunted' prison shut down due to inhumane conditions pictured

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie photos of the UK’s ‘most haunted’ prison where serial killer Fred West was locked up capture the facility’s dark history. Chilling images of the 200-year-old HM Prison Gloucester show the cold, impersonal cells where prisoners would serve their sentences or await their fate; shadowy corridors where the footsteps of former inmates can be heard late at night; and ancient graffiti etched into bricks by an unhappy convict. The controversial prison, which shut down in 2013 after years of complaints of inhumane conditions and overcrowding, was built in 1791 on the site of a castle dating back to the 13th century. Over the years, 123 people were hanged on the site between 1792 and 1939. Many of them were then buried there in unmarked graves.

Eagles midair battle for catch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two eagles engage in a mid-air battle over a fish caught from a river. Both birds can be seen trying to clutch the prey with their talons as they fly over the water. Moments before, one of the black eagles caught the small rohu and then the other attempted to steal it, causing the fight. However, both hunters were left empty-handed as the fish dropped back into the river, with one photograph showing the moment it slips out of their grip.

Brick factory workers amongst bricks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of thousands of clay bricks are neatly piled up, baking in the 40 degree heat of a vast factory yard. Hard bricks are stacked up, awaiting collection, whilst raw bricks are hauled down to a nearby furnace - where they are baked 100,000 at a time - at the 'Brick Kiln' in Isfahan, Iran. Workers, who are immigrants from neighbouring Afghanistan, spend 12 hours a day, using everything from tractors to wheelbarrows, transporting the bricks to the furnace.