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Charming snaps of the Queen and her family will go under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charming childhood photos of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret have come to light, including a previously unseen image of the future Queen in a kilt. The portraits, taken by acclaimed British society photographer Marcus Adams, capture the future Queen from being a baby to her adolescence. The Queen Mother would often take her daughters to his central London studio where he would set up toys and props to keep them entertained.

New collection for Barbie’s 60th anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** In celebration of Barbie‘s 60th anniversary, Mattel has just unveiled a brand-new collection inspired by today's streetwear trends. The line features an array of essential pieces like denim jackets, hoodies, bike shorts. Dubbed the “BMR1959” collection, the range will be making its debut at an exclusive truck pop-up on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

Bizarre stretched Range Rover that was used to ferry Mike Tyson could be yours for £24,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A unique stretched Range Rover that was first owned by the Sultan of Brunei and later used to ferry Mike Tyson around has emerged for sale for £25,000. The 1994 Range Rover Classic LSE was turned into a limousine version by a specialist firm with the work commissioned by the then owner, the Sultan of Brunei. The monarch ordered the unique motor for his younger brother, Prince Jefri, with the work costing a whopping £135,000. The huge rear cabin had three large and luxurious seats and two TV sets. In 2000 boxer Mike Tyson was driven in it around Glasgow before fight with Lou Savarese at Hampden Park.

Go inside the world’s creepiest abandoned town – but watch out for the ‘curse’

Ghost towns may make great movie sets, but they can also provide a fascinating glimpse into what life was like in the old American West. And probably the best-preserved of them all is the mining town of Bodie, California. The town boomed during the 1870s after the discovery of nearby deposits of gold, for which fortune seekers had been hunting across California since the Gold Rush of the 1840s and 1850s. The Rush had seen 300,000 people from around the world flood into the state and tens of billions of dollars worth of gold in today's money dug out of the ground. Bodie quickly grew to enjoy a small rush of its own, and at its peak was home to some 7,000 people. In its heyday, the town boasted some 70 saloons, a bowling alley, dance halls, gambling halls, and numerous stores, hotels, and churches. It is estimated that some $30 million (£23 million) worth of gold were extracted from Bodie's mines. But by the 1880s promising booms in Arizona, Montana, and Utah had lured miners away, and the town began to decline. A small mining community survived, but by the early the 20th century most of its mines had closed, and the population had fallen to a few hundred people. The last mine officially closed in 1942, and the town became deserted. Today it is famous around the world as an authentic Wild West ghost town.

Charles and Diana wedding beer for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two unopened bottles of specially brewed 'Royal Celebration' ale - given as a gift from the ill-fated wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 have emerged for sale - alongside three slices of their wedding cake. The 275ml bottles of 'Royal Celebration Ale' were handed out to guests at the lavish wedding reception at Buckingham Palace on July 29, 1981. The ale, which according to the packaging has a 'rich nutty flavour', was produced by brewers Watneys of London for the landmark occasion. The 8ins bottles are still sealed with gold foil, although it is strongly advised not to drink their contents as the taste is unlikely to be pleasing to the palate. They are tipped to sell for £600 each. The guest also took home three slices of Charles and Diana's wedding fruit cake, which will also go under the hammer with Los Angeles based Julien's Auctions.

Six-storey 'castle' near A-lister's seaside town of Aldeburgh is yours for £1 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A huge six storey former water tower which resembles a castle gate house has emerged on to the market for £1million. Grade II listed West Bar, in Thorpeness, provides the perfect vantage point to take in breathtaking views of the Suffolk coast. It was designed by architect William Gilmour Wilson in the 1920s in a mock tudor style, with mullioned windows and parapets. The six storey, five bedroom property, boasting distinctive full length windows and open fireplaces, has two spacious 'tower' rooms. The water tanks were taken out by the deceased owner about 20 years ago. It is being sold with estate agent Savills by his children.

Mother who ballooned to almost 300lbs by gorging on fried food sheds almost half her body weight after being fat-shamed by three-year-old SON

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTH DAKOTA, USA: This mum was cruelly mocked and called ?fat? by her own son when she tipped the scales at TWENTY-ONE STONE after pregnancy, but she?s had the last laugh since shedding almost HALF her body weight. Medical coder, Schauna Harshman (35) from North Dakota, USA, grew up feeling ashamed of her weight and was often teased by her peers at school. This left her constantly feeling defeated and she pegged herself as the fat, ugly friend. When she fell pregnant in 2004, Schauna used this as an excuse to eat and drink whatever she pleased, without paying any regards to her weight. Pregnancy saw Schauna gain four stone and two pounds, taking her weight to 15st 7lb when her eldest son, Mason (15) was born. Life as a new mother didn?t help Schauna?s weight as she didn?t take care of herself. She only ate a lot of fried food, processed meals, fast food and pasta. From then on, Schauna continued to gain weight with her following two pregnancies. She welcomed her second son Chase (11) in January 2008 and then her youngest, Logan (10) was born in July 2009. By the time she delivered Logan, Schauna?s weight was 21st 1lb and she was a UK size 28. When Chase was three years old, he started mocking Schauna by calling her fat, which she admits felt like ?rock bottom? for her and pushed her to see that she needed to improve her lifestyle. She began researching weight loss surgeries and she decided upon the lap band ? a band placed around the top of the stomach to create a smaller stomach. In March 2013 she went ahead with surgery and has been amazed at the results since. Surgery helped Schauna to lose more than five stone initially, but she has also tried numerous diets to encourage her weight loss through nutrition. She has tried the low carb diet, keto, shake only diets, and she is now a healthy 11st 2lb and wears UK size 12 clothing.

Splendid isolation: Super-eco remote woodland chalet with its own well, solar panels and two compost toilets goes on the market for £125,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fancy the unique chance to own a remote woodland shack in its own private valley near Lyme Regis in Dorset? The timber chalet, with a pond, decking and a log bridge across a stream, is buried in the middle of 10 acres of private woodland near the seaside resort. The primitive but eco-friendly chalet can be slept it overnight but can't be used as a permanent residence.