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Ghosts of our past! Terrifying images of vintage halloween costumes from yesteryear

***EXCLUSIVE*** These days Halloween costumes tend to be either humorous or designed to expose as much flesh as possible. But that wasn’t always the case - as these terrifying pictures of vintage Halloween costumes prove. The spooky images taken in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, show home-made outfits that appear simply terrifying to modern eyes. The fascinating pictures were mostly collated by English artist Ossian Brown for his book Haunted Air and reveal a time when you couldn’t just pick up an outfit from your local supermarket. People would go to great lengths to get into the festive sprit by hand-making their own costumes.

Harry Potter fans can stay in his ‘real life’ childhood home for just £110 per night

***EXCLUSIVE*** SUFFOLK: You could stay in this SIX-HUNDRED-YEAR-OLD HOME featured in Harry Potter for just over one hundred pounds per night – but beware of the GHOSTS. For just £110 per night, you are invited to spend the night in the remarkable De Vere House in Lavenham, Suffolk, home to countless stories of witchcraft and ghostly goings on. The Grade I listed property has a gruesome history dating back centuries but became even more recognisable after its appearance in the epic Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One.

A Halloween-mad couple took their obsession to the next level – by making it the theme of their wedding

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alexis, 36, and Jeff Peabody, 39, dressed as Frankenstein’s monster and his bride when they tied the knot in front of 180 costume-clad guests. They hired a professional costume make up artist to transform their family and friends and got married in front of a ghoulish graveyard backdrop. There were skeletons popping from makeshift graves and a seating chart was laid out as a cemetery. They handed out potion bottles and adorned the walls with classic horror movie posters – all adding to the chilling ambience that made their day so unique.

Hyundai reveals hydrogen-powered lorry that looks more like a streamliner train than a truck

Hyundai have released a driverless, hydrogen-powdered heavy goods lorry that looks like a high-speed train. The concept for the HDC-6 Neptune may seem futuristic, but according to the company's vision the world's roads will be inundated by the 'Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles' as soon as 2030. Unveiled at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show, the design is Hyundai's answer to a clean-energy powered haulage trucks. The concept's design was inspired by the iconic U.S. streamliner trains that ran from 1936 until 1959, particularly Henry Dreyfuss' design for the New York Central Railroad, a prime example of Art Deco industrial design. Despite being a driverless concept the elaborate design features a large lounge with seating in the cab of the truck, along with a spiral staircase and a sliding door. Although it may not be immediately obvious drivers can access retractable steps to enter the vehicle, which are cleverly hidden in the large grill. Due to increased cooling requirements, the grill of the vehicle wraps around the entire lower portion of the Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune. The trucks' only waste product is water, emitted from the tail pipe, meaning it could drastically change the levels of pollution created on the roads. Additionally the green vehicle even sucks in dirty air and cleans it as it goes along with a series of filters.

Surgery addict spends £15K on treatments to look as fake as possible and won’t stop despite her boyfriend’s pleas

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: This woman has spent almost £15K on plastic surgery to achieve a FAKE LOOK and plans to have even more procedures despite her boyfriend encouraging her STOP because other men go ‘CRAZY’ over her. Salon manager and aspiring singer, Serena Smith (21) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, had always thought that she looked too plain and dreamed about emulating celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith. In December 2016, she decided to get a boob job that increased her bra size from 32A to 32DD and it cost her over £6,500 (11,000 CAD). She felt she still didn’t have the look she wanted so she continued to alter her appearance with lip fillers and Botox. In April 2018, she began dating bodybuilder, Tyler (29), who loved her look the way it was and encouraged her to stop having more fillers, but Serena continued to get lip fillers and Botox and plans on having another boob job and has spent over £14,800 (25,000 CAD) altogether. She insists that her desire for a fake look is the same as Tyler wanting bigger muscles as a bodybuilder. Her look has attracted a lot of positive attention from men who have asked her out on dates which has made her boyfriend jealous.

The largest collection of Japanese kimonos to go under the hammer in the UK will be sold at a Cotswolds auction house next month

***EXCLUSIVE*** One hundred and forty kimonos, along with uncut silk ready to be turned into tailor-made garments, will be sold at Moore Allen & Innocent's Oriental sale in Cirencester on Friday, November 15. 'Everyday' kimonos in cloth or wool could sell for as little as £80, while others - especially the large silk examples - are expected to make up to £800 each. Vendor Masayo Long moved to the UK with her British husband in 1999, bringing her parents' vast collection of kimonos and antiques with her.

The incredible Halloween costumes created by a dedicated mother who handcrafts all of her daughter’s outfits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Siobhan Smith, 25, first created a homemade costume for her daughter Caoimhe Flynn, aged five, in 2015 and has only got more adventurous with her ideas. Her first costume for Caoimhe was a granny followed by a Starbucks paper-style coffee, the Statue of Liberty and a Transformer. This year the inventive mum hilariously dressed the youngster up as Glasgow’s iconic Duke of Wellington statue.

Photographers from around the world celebrated education and learning by submitting their best images to the #Education2019 Photo Contest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Collectively, the photos demonstrate that learning has no boundaries. From babies flipping through their first books to older generations passing their knowledge on to young students, education is a continual journey that lasts our entire lives. Young or old, rich or poor‚ education should be a fundamental right for everyone and, according to the World Bank, we’ve made great strides as a society. It’s estimated that, by 2050, the average length of schooling will reach 10 years.

These incredible pumpkin carvings are the work of the „Pumpkin Freak” Jamie Jones, 36, who spends hundreds of hours creating incredible TV-inspired veg

***EXCLUSIVE*** This pumpkin carver spends hundreds of hours creating incredible TV-inspired veg. Jamie Jones, 36, also known as the „Pumpkin Freak”, spends up to 27 hours on each pumpkin, to create spectacular pieces of art. He manages to create the sculptures without actually breaking the surface of the pumpkins. Instead the dad-of-two shaves ultra-thin layers off the surface of pumpkins allowing varying amounts of light to shine through.

Meet the British boxing twins who COMBINED weigh the same as one Klitschko - and say they would rather do 'rock-paper-scissors' than ever have to fight each other

***EXCLUSIVE*** Born just six minutes apart, Jake and Ben Demmery recently turned pro after successful amateur careers. The super welterweight pair, from Yate, South Glos., are both '1 and 0' after their first bouts. The lads, aged 23, train at the Bristol Boxing Gym and are now hoping to work their way up the ladder. Often compared to boxing's most famous twins, the Klitschkos, Jake and Ben said they'd love to achieve similar success to the beefy Ukrainians. But they both agreed that they would never fight each other - even though they used to scrap every day as kids.

A historic and haunted farmhouse has been put up for sale after being adandoned for more than FIFTY years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Upcott Barton farmhouse in Cornwall was abandoned over 50 years ago and is reputed to be haunted. A historically significant Grade II Listed farmhouse that has been abandoned for over 50 years could soon return to its former glory, after going on the market with planning permission to re-develop it back into a grand country home. However, as well as the stunning rural views, detached former chapel, paddocks and six acres of land, this desirable derelict property is rumoured to come with some of its former residents.

Fulham FC boss Shahid Khan moors his £160m superyacht as long as Big Ben on the Thames next to Tower Bridge

A superyacht belonging to one of the world's richest men has been spotted on the River Thames. The 308-foot Kismet, owned by Pakistani-American billionaire and Fulham FC owner Shahid Khan, was snapped today moored in the shadow of Tower Bridge. The luxury vessel is worth an estimated £160 million, and has in the past hosted stars including singer Beyonce and rapper husband Jay-Z. It can host up to 12 guests in six bedrooms, while on-board facilities include a dedicated spa, a gym room, and a cinema. Its interior is fitted out with a grand spiral staircase, floor-to-ceiling TV screens, and surfaces of marble and gold. On its deck is a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and a fire pit for cooking in the sun.

Designers create sustainable car parks for an eco-responsible generation

A French architecture studio have designed an ecological parking space that rethinks commercial parking areas and transforms it into a more sustainable and humane place. Every year, France uses 66,600 tons of plant protection pesticides for its agriculture and produces 4.5 million tons of plastics, of which only 22% are recycled. Almost 48,000 deaths are attributed to fine particle pollution and automobile activity, and the planet is still expected to endure. In such grave situations, urban developments have become subject to new ecological criteria that focus on finding bio-diverse solutions for both public and private sectors. In compliance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 that aims to find eco-responsible urban solutions, Studio NAB created Car Parks 2.0. To transform the car park into an ecological site, the design studio converted the sterile coated soils into autonomous green spaces, recycling the asphalt areas into natural terrains that reintroduce biodiversity. Designated areas in the proposed project are transformed into an agri-food sector, giving people the ability to rent or sell gardening spaces to buy and produce „zero-packaging” fruits and vegetables. The project ensures eco-responsibility by introducing sustainable means throughout the site. The hypermarket and parking are powered by solar panels installed on site. The surplus of energy produced is resold to the neighbouring houses, generating an additional income and providing the parking’s neighbourhood with sustainable energy. Rainwater is recovered and filtered in natural ground, and the organic waste is recycled.

Student vets strip for naked calendar for mental health

Sydney, Australia: A group of soon-to-be vets have stripped off for a naked calendar and posed with farm animals to raise money for mental health awareness. Both male and female veterinary students from the University of Sydney bared all with strategically-placed pigs, hats and puppies to raise funds for not-for-profit organisation the Black Dog Institute. The daring 2020 edition is the latest calendar for the university's School of Veterinary Science - which has raised almost $100,000 (£52,785) for a range of charities in previous years including drought-stricken farmers. This year also marks the calendar's 10-year anniversary.

Meet the man who loves spending time with his best BUNNY!

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the heart-warming tale of how an abandoned baby rabbit turned a man who had never owned a pet in his life into an animal lover. The rabbit was rescued by Sean Harrison in October 2017 after the poor little bunny was found abandoned in a hutch at the back of an old people’s home in Sean’s hometown of Reading, UK. When Sean found him he was cold, wet and alone but the two were about to change each others lives forever.

Vervet monkeys monkeying around

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two young monkeys playfight and try to pin each other to the floor.  The Vervet monkeys - who are both around a year old - wrestle each other on a dirt track at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Amateur photographer Zhayynn James pictured the pair from just ten metres away after they split off from their troop for their sparring session. The 43-year-old, from Chennai, India, said: "I observed the pair playing around, and knew they would provide some interesting photo opportunities. 

Endangered red panda cubs emerge from den for first time

A pair of endangered red panda cubs at Chester Zoo have been spotted emerging from their den for the first time. The rare twins - named Huo Hu, meaning „Firefox” and Tiang Tang, meaning „Heaven” - were born in June. After staying tucked up in nest boxes for several months - with mum Nima and dad Koda - they have now been photographed exploring their outside habitat at the zoo. Classed by conservationists as endangered in the wild, red pandas are found in the mountainous regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Myanmar and southern China. Their number is estimated at fewer than 10,000 - a 40% decline in just 50 years. Chester Zoo conservationists are part of a Europe-wide breeding programme for the species, aimed at boosting numbers for the species.