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Pregnant woman, 23, only found out she had TWO vaginas, wombs and cervixes when doctors spotted her unusual anatomy on an ultrasound

***EXCLUSIVE*** LINCOLN, UK: AFTER being told her excruciating period pain was normal for years, this mother was shocked to discover she has TWO WOMBS and TWO CERVIXES, when an ultrasound revealed a pregnancy sac IN EACH WOMB. Service advisor, Katie Uzzell (23) from Lincoln, UK, suffered from severe pain since she was 12 years old when her periods started. The debilitating monthly pain made her vomit, she was often unable to walk, and she even fainted on some occasions. Katie often went to her GP over the years to find out if there was any way of decreasing the crippling pain which wreaked havoc each month. When Katie was 19, she had an exploratory laparoscopy to look for endometriosis, which could have been the cause of pain. However, no endometriosis was found but Katie was told that her uterus was misshapen. When Katie was 18, she met her now husband Liam and they married three years later. Having a family of their own was important for them both so Katie stopped receiving the contraceptive injection which stopped her periods and in turn prevented the pain. In November 2018, the couple discovered they were pregnant, and they were delighted by the news, however a scan at four weeks gestation revealed that Katie didn’t have a misshaped uterus as suggested previously, she in fact has a condition called uterus didelphys. Uterus didelphys is the formation of a double uterus with two cervixes. In Katie’s case, she has two wombs, two cervixes and a partial vaginal septum as her birth canal is split in two almost all the way down, making her anatomy one in a million. Katie and Liam’s child was developing in the left womb, but at eight weeks a second sac was discovered in the right womb. At 10 weeks it was confirmed that the pregnancy in the right womb wasn’t viable and the baby had stopped growing – but the left womb baby was thriving. Had the second pregnancy sac been viable, they would have been unidentical twins developing in their own wombs. At 37 weeks, Sienna was born in the evening of July 13, 2019 and weighed 5lb 12oz and Katie returned to the contraceptive injection as soon as she could to avoid pain.

Fans beg 'Vampire' mum to bite them and ask 'what is oral sex like with fangs'

***EXCLUSIVE*** KOTKA, FINLAND: THIS WOMAN spent years researching how to become a REAL-LIFE VAMPIRE before finally getting PERMANENT FANGS FITTED and now says she can SMELL BLOOD from a distance and LOVES THE TASTE – but don’t worry, SHE ‘WON’T BITE’. In 2010, mum of one, Julia Kumpulainen (24) from Kotka, Finland, became fascinated with the vampire lifestyle as she felt she had mutual personality traits as movie vampires. She discovered a company that made temporary costume fangs which she would use daily for the next five years, despite having jaw pain and struggling to eat with them. However, in January 2019, she found a cosmetic dentist who made specialised fangs for her teeth that became a permanent feature which costed her over £430 (€500). She has since received various reactions from strangers with some even asking her to bite them with her fangs. Despite the social perception of vampires, she wants to change the views that all vampires suck blood from people. She can detect the smell of blood and likes the taste, but would never cut herself to drink it, but if she has a blood-exposing would, she would drink it. Julia, who is a mum to Elli (4), says that her daughter loves her fangs and some people even mistake her for a real vampire and run away in fear.

Urban exploring crew Scout Legion are gaining notoriety on the streets of New York and New Jersey for their daring explorations of skyscrapers and abandoned buildings

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of rebels in New York City are gaining cult notoriety for illegally climbing skyscrapers and sneaking into abandoned buildings, a practice known as ‘Urban Exploring.’   The ragtag team of youngsters, who call themselves Scout Legion NYC, have scaled the roofs of numerous multistory buildings, clambered into disused subway tunnels and teetered on ledges high above the Big Apple’s streets.   The crew of six go by nicknames and wear disguises for every mission, living by the urban explorer mantra “no face no case.”  Nineteen-year-old Ninjaoni is one of the founding members of Scout Legion.

Creative newlyweds are so excited for Halloween they've dressed up their first home as a MONSTER to scare trick and treaters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kelsey and Jesse Calise decided to do something "spooky and special" after they bought their first home as a married couple.  Having seen pictures of 'monster houses' online, artist Kelsey, 31, was inspired to make an original design, sketching out a cartoonish set of monster teeth.   She and builder hubbie Jesse, 37, set to work after finding spare plywood at work, and set to - spending seven hours one weekend earlier in October to make the teeth.  Kelsey revealed she coloured in the teeth and gums using interior house paint - and sat back as Jesse screwed the designs into the balcony.  She said that she was "excited to get trick or treaters" after years of never getting dressed-up visitors to her flats in past years.

A 17th Century mansion where a young woman was kept in a cell by her dad and a servant killed himself has been named the UK’s top haunted historic site

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aston Hall, in Birmingham, is home to several spirits including Dick the houseboy who hanged himself after being accused of stealing.  Stunned visitors have also reported seeing a former housekeeper sitting in a chair while wearing a distinctive green dress.  But the most chilling sight at the Jacobean property is ‘the grey ghost’, believed to be Mary Holte, a daughter of the fearsome owner who was locked up in a cell at the property for 16 years after she tried to run away with a servant.   Aston Hall was named the UK’s most haunted heritage site in a list compiled by one of the country’s leading team of paranormal researchers.  Spectrum Paranormal Investigations teamed up with the National Lottery for the Halloween list to celebrate its 25th anniversary of supporting heritage sites.

This incredible picture shows an intrepid explorer on the edge of a massive glacier - that is so large the woman can barely be seen

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Anstey, 27, was on a photoshoot in Iceland and decided to stay on for a few days once the job was finished. He went for a trip down the south coast with his friend Sarah Rodgers, and eventually ended up at Fjallsjökull - an outlet glacier in Vatnajokull National Park, near Skaftafell. Jack, from Leicester, was blown away by the size of the ice field and in the photo Sarah is just a tiny dot of colour against the intimidating glare of the ginormous glacier.

These hilarious surreal pictures capture the moment a red squirrel feasted on a shopping cart filled with NUTS

***EXCLUSIVE*** These hilarious pictures show a red squirrel appearing to feed from a SHOPPING TROLLEY - filled with nuts. Talented photographer Clare Harte, 34, set up a shoot with the unsuspecting critters in the Cairngorms. She packed the metal trolley with hazelnuts, peanuts and sunflower seeds, for the wild red squirrels to feast on. Clare watched in delight as the two squirrels took away two or three hazelnuts to bury in the forest as part of a ‘cache’ to store for the winter.